Xbox 1 vs PS4 Specs Comparison: Controller, GPU, Price, Games

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Comparison and review of the new Xbox 1 vs PS4 Specs, Controller, GPU, Graphics side by side to learn which game console is better Microsoft Xbox ONE or Sony Playstation 4 in term of hardware, game play, launch titles, prices and public polls.

After all the hype on release dates for the highly anticipated Xbox ONE and Playstation FOUR gaming consoles is over, its time to examine what we have got in Xbox1 vs PS4 bundle.

The race between Xbox ONE and Playstation 4 to be the world's best gaming console is surely heating up as we wait to see which one offers more excitement and emerges as top video gaming console,before we see until Sony PS5 Release Date.

Microsoft has finally listened to consumer feedback and backlash by essentially adjusting its policies accordingly to make its new Xbox ONE console offering more attractive and competitive. After that both XboxONE and PlayStation4 are expected to make new sales records, competing neck to neck. To learn which one is better, Xbox1 or PS4? we have brought and exclusive Xbox1 vs PS4 hardware specification comparison for our reader.

Xbox1 vs Playstation4 Specs Comparison: Controller, GPU, Price, Games

Xbox 1 vs PS4 Comparison of Specs, Controller, GPU

Some power video gamer fans will inevitably buy both Xbox ONE and Sony PS4 this holiday season, but for many gamers it is still hard to decide which one to buy? We have presented Xbox 1 vs PS4 comparison of significant specs and features in form of a chart given below:

Xbox 1 vs PS4 Specs Comparison: Controller, GPU, Price, Games

With both Xbox 1 and Playstation 4 offering the next generation hardware specs and gameplay features, they are tie in most of the areas. For example, the Optical Drive in both consoles feature the Blue-ray /DVD as a standard. Here are some of the key areas where you might wanted to compare PS4 vs Xbox ONE in detail:
  • Xbox 1 vs PS4 Size
    Of the two consoles Xbox one is the bigger, in terms of surface area it is 21% larger than PS4. Xbox One stands at 343 by 263 by 80mm while PS4 comes a second at 275 by 305 by 53mm.

  • Xbox 1 vs PS4 Graphics
    Xbox ONE and Playstation 4 have way better graphics and gameplay features compared to Xbox 360 and PS3. You can also compare PS3 vs PS4 and Xbox 1 vs Xbox 360 specs.

    Xbox 1 vs PS4 differences with older consoles are most noticeable in games that are being released for both next-generation and older consoles, such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs. These some of the Best Video Games of 2013 look much better on next-gen consoles thanks to greater details and more textures.

    Support for high-resolution 4K output for images and movie content is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox ONE but currently they both do not support 4K games output. Sony PS4 has a slight graphical edge out of the box thanks to marginally more visual processing capability.

  • Xbox 1 vs PS4 Controller
    The Xbox 360 arguably had the best controller of any console to date, a likely factor in why it became a preferred choice for many fans of shooters and action games. Xbox one controller is similar to the previous versions with subtle changes such as redesigned D-pad and the thumb stick and vibrating triggers. Another added feature is the new impulse Triggers that is to offer a better feedback.

    Sony PS4 came up with a redesigned improved DualShock 4 controller, which is different than PS3 DualShock 3 as it has a track pad in the middle integrated with the ‘move’ motion control. The new Dualshock 4 controller is slightly bigger and heavier. Its bottom shoulder buttons are also trigger-shaped, which should make it more of a contender for shooter fans. The PS4 also features a touchpad that can be used to add quick commands into games, as well as a miniature speaker through which game audio can play. The PS4 Dualshock 4 also doubles as a motion controller and has a "share" button that lets you quickly upload gameplay screen shots and videos to Facebook and Twitter, or broadcast your game via Twitch or Ustream.

    While both controllers are equal in performance and feel, the Sony Dualshock 4 micro-USB recharging features is an advantage over AA batteries powered Microsoft Xbox 1 controller.

  • Xbox 1 vs PS4 GPU and CPU
    Both Xbox 4 and PS4 GPU are AMD Redeon based. Sony PS4 and Xbox one have essentially gone for AMD as their chip maker with the chip using the (soc) system on a chip technology which perfectly combines the CPU and GPU. This is an x86 64 bit chip with 8 jaguar cores able to clock speeds of up to 1.6GHz.

    On GPU and processing power front Sony Playstation 4 is slightly more powerful, as it features 1152 cores compared to 768 found in Microsoft Xbox ONE.

  • Xbox1 vs PS4 RAM
    PS4 and Xbox One seem to perfectly match in terms of RAM as both of them will feature an 8GB RAM. Marginal win is handed to Sony as it will use a faster GDR5 memory chip compared to the GDR3 offered by Xbox One. Xbox One counter attacks this myth by embedding a 32MB eSRAM that will be used by developers as a cache.

  • Xbox1 vs PS4 Storage
    Both consoles will be available in the market with a storage capacity totaling 500GB. On Sony Playstation 4 400GB space will be available to user as 100GB will be reserved for the system use. The only difference being the upper hand of PS4 which will allow users to upgrade their storage capacity in case one needs additional space.

    Lack of Xbox ONE Storage Upgrade features is a drawback. The only way you will be able to add more space on Xbox 1 is by connecting an external hard drive via a USB. It is not yet known whether with PS4 you will be able to connect an external hard drive for more space.

  • Xbox1 vs PS4 Connectivity and Configuration
    Xbox One and PS4 seem to share spoils in terms of connectivity with both of them offering Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Optical out and USB 3.0 connectivity. The only difference lies on the fact that PS4 adds Bluetooth 2.1 that Xbox one does not have.

Xbox1 vs PS4 Used Games Option

It was rumored that Microsoft was planning to block the option of using the used games on Xbox ONE, but after backlash from users they have dropped the idea. Xbox 1 used game policy will be the same as that of Xbox 360. PS4 will also maintain the same policy as that of PS3 thereby allowing publishers the option of using Online Passes. Both PS4 and Xbox 1 consoles will not block the used game discs all together.

Xbox 1 vs PS4 Launch Titles

Microsoft Xbox One enjoys the core gamers who will be the main buyers of the new consoles this holiday season. The Xbox ONE Launch Titles list covers a large variety of games.

Sony PS4 games at launch are relatively less compared to Xbox 1. Playstation 4 launch titles includes "Killzone: Shadowfall" that is a shooter, "Knack" that is a comical golem more suitable for kids. Sony is promising 20 exclusives in the first year of the PS4, with 12 of those being entirely new franchises. But the advantage in launch titles goes to Xbox 1.

PSN Plus vs Xbox LIVE Gold

Both the Xbox One and PS4 offer game and video downloads, with Sony also throwing its Music Unlimited streaming service in. Sony has taken some heat this year for nixing free online multiplayer gaming and making it part of its paid PS Plus service, but there's actually some good news in that.

For one thing, PS Plus offers up a host of free games, around 60 were made available for the PS3 over the past year at $50/year. Which means Sony PS Plus is still $10 cheaper than Microsoft Xbox Live Gold service.

Xbox1 vs PS4 Price Comparison

Since Sony PS4 has made Eye motion-sensing camera optional for $60. Microsoft received criticism upon announcing its voice, motion and gesture sensing peripheral "Kinect" to be a mandatory part of Xbox ONE bundle adding an extra $100 cost.

Although Kinnect has a great value attached to it for hardcore gamers, household and kids; at-least some of the potential gaming console buyers will find themselves titled toward the Sony PS4 priced at $399 over the Microsoft Xbox 1 priced at $499 ($399 Xbox ONE + $100 Kinnect) as a result.

Xbox 1 vs PS4 Poll and Votes

Market Experts expect an even sales of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE in the US this holiday season. However, the PS4 has an edge over the Xbox 1 in terms of interest among United States shoppers, according to an opinion poll by Reuters. This could be due to Sony PS4's benefits of a week earlier launch and $100 cheaper price.

It could also be the due to the confusion, Microsoft policies and their consequent u-turn has created. Although Microsoft has eliminated those policies (DRM, always-connected system, Kinect required). With PS4 pre-order leading at GameStop and other retailers, Microsoft Xbox 1 is undoubtedly going to rise up.
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