Sony PS5 Release Date, PlayStation 5 Console Specs and Price

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Sony PS5 Release Date, PlayStation 5 Price, Specs, graphics, picture and Dualshock 5 controller comparisons; are in rumors soon after the coming out of much hyped next generation gaming consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE.

While most of video game fans might still busy comparing Xbox1 vs PS4, some 'fertile' minds have move to the questions related to the future PS5, PS6, PS7,PS8 and PS9 platforms. Like, is there a PlayStation 5 or 6 on the way? when is the new PS5 coming out? 2015, 2017 or 2020?

While Sony Research and Development wing has undoubtedly moved on to chalking out next generation Playstation5 gaming console, Playstation4 is sure to be the ultimate device for years to come until the 5th generation Sony PS5 Release Date.

Currently there are no much talked about drawbacks with PS4 but with time there is always sure to be some added features that gaming gurus would wish to be added in the next PS5 gaming console.

Sony has essentially given its heart and soul in the production of PS4 which it considers as the ultimate gaming console. The developers that produced Playstation 4 are still in the payroll making it a possibility that they are now working on the next gaming console sure to beat off competition from their close competitors in the future.

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) Release date and Console Specs

Technology is essentially changing with each sunrise. Saying that PS4 is the ultimate gaming console sure to last till eternity will be a big lie.

PS5: PlayStation 5 Release date 2014, 2015, 2017 or 2020?

Please do not expect a Playstation 5 2014 or any PS5 coming out in 2015. There could also be a delay in the Playstation 5 release date as Sony would wish to get as much money as possible with the sale of PS4 which will be making rounds in the markets as from the fourth quarter of the year 2013. Therefore, Sony PS5 PS4 game console release timing will ensure an adequate gap enough to make some good sales out the existing 4th generation of gaming platform.

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, in an interview with CNET, hinted that the new Sony PS5 Console will come out in the beginning of the next decade. He said that PS4 console would have a maximum 10 years lifespan. But its successor PS5 release date could be sooner than expected.
PlayStation 4 is going to be a console that's going to be with you for 10 years," he said, adding "We're not going to ask the consumers to suddenly buy another PlayStation console in five years time, and basically have their investment go by the wayside.
Comparing the lifespan of PlayStation, from PS2, PS3 to PS4; Kaz admitted that there is always an overlap, though he refused to give a direct prediction about the new Playstation 5 launch.

Sony introduced the original Playstation was introduced in 1994, Playstation 2 in 2000, Playstation 3 in 2006 and now we are going to have Playstation 4 in November 2013. It is to be noted that escalating competition with rival gaming console particularly Microsoft Xbox and Nintendio Wii U has forced Sony to cut shot its game console product life cycle, from 6 years to 5 years.

Thus, Kaz Hirai's 10 years gaming console generation lifespan is just a wishful thinking. Sony nor can stay isolated, neither in position to patronizer market trends, in presence of Xbox ONE by Microsoft, a tough competitor known for rapid evolution. Additionally, with more and more player like Nvidia, Apple and Leap; jumping into this console manufacturing game, combined with pressure from existing market factors, we expect Sony to trim Playstation product life cycle one year further.

Sony Playstation 5 console is anticipated to hit our leaving rooms as early as November 2017; this is highly expected as Sony would wish to wait and watch to see what their competitors are up to in terms of their gaming console.

New PS5 Game Console Specs

Some gaming technology expert are of believe that the fifth generation game consoles will be based on the cloud gaming concept. The Play station game players will only have a display screen attached with a PS5 controller and sensors, leaving rest of the entire processing headache to Playstation Network Service.

At the moment, despite of all the so-called Sony PS5 pictures leaked over the internet, there is no concrete information about the new ps5 console specs. Bigger and better are the ultimate words in terms of added features and specification that are sure to make Sony PS5 stand out as compared to PS4.
  1. A bigger and better processor is also sure to be in the PlayStation 5 specs, to guarantee the gaming console is perfect for multitasking and able to offer quality graphics.

  2. It is also anticipated that PlayStation 5 will feature a more dynamic sound proof plastic system.

  3. Sony PS4 has only one motion ball, it will be exciting and efficient to see Sony PS 5 with at least 5 motion balls with each representing the 5 dimensions of length width, 3D movement and virtual reality.

  4. For Playstation 5 to stay as the most competitive gaming console it will need to incorporate a new type of Wi-Fi and also be able to use hard drive and flash memory. If this is the case, then it will be easy to store more data on the Cloud and never stand the risk of losing it.

  5. Sony PS4 currently support full HD gaming at 1080p, as at now there are no better video graphics other than 1080p. It is highly thought that the world is moving to the even clearer 1700p video graphics. If this is the case then Playstation 5 is sure not to miss this feature to make it the ultimate gaming console. Additionally, Playstation 5 is sure to have full HD resolution.

  6. Sony Playstation 3 and Playstation4 gaming console are currently written on 1-2 layered Blue-Ray discs. Next Playstation 5 is expected to roll out into the market with a 4 layered Blue Ray disc to cement its gaming prowess.

  7. With more PlayStation 5 games being developed for the 5th generation console, new PlayStation 5 graphics are expected to have major improvements. Thus better graphics combined with more games is sure to offer more value for the PSN gamers.

  8. Storage capacity is another most sought and talked about feature with many gaming console. For Playstation 5 to stand out, it will have to incorporate a huge storage capacity perfect for storing as many games as one would wish. 16GB or 32 GB worth of storage is possibility as phones are able to come with up to 64GB worth of storage capacity.

Sony Playstation 5 Price

Sony PS5 price is another thing sure to be o the talk of town among gaming fanatics with the release of Sony PS5.

Depending on the cost of production and the market prices of the competitor gaming consoles at that time Playstation 5 launch, is sure to be more expensive as compared to Playstation 4. This is one of the strategies that is usually used to show a high end product in terms of technology and features.

What do you want in the PlayStation 5? or what are you expecting in Sony PS4? please share your next-gen Sony Playstation 5 Wishlist with us!
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