New AIDS Vaccine and Cure predicts HIV Treatment and Control

With new AIDS Vaccine, treatment and clinical AIDS cure therapy, the dream of defeating Human Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and success of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) control program seems to be coming true.

Recently, there is a good news from scientist associated with AIDS research foundation, who have discovered an AIDS vaccine that may completely treat and clear the traces of HIV infection from patient's body.

However, despite of the discoveries of new drug agents affective against AIDS Virus, the complete eradication of the HIV fromthe world will still take one and half decade.

Luis Loures, a top UN official and Deputy Executive Director of UNAIDS, the United Nation's agency for the fight against HIV/AIDS, has said the global AIDS epidemic threat will be completely over by 2030 thanks to some AIDS treatment breakthroughs
I think that 2030 is a viable target to say that we have reached the end of this epidemic. HIV will continue existing as a case but not at the epidemic level we have today. We can get to the end of the epidemic because we have treatments and ways to control the infection. We are making progress, without a doubt.
About 3 million new HIV infections are reported each year and the disease is responsible for killing 1.7 million people a year.

New AIDS Vaccine and Cure predicts HIV Treatment and Control

Scientists have discovered that Ciclopiroxa a common topical anti-fungal drug used to treat nail fungus in feet may permanently eradicate the deadly HIV from the body. Ciclopiroxa is found to be an affective blocker of mitochondria in infected cells. Unlike current anti-HIV drugs, Ciclopirox completely eradicates infectious HIV from cell cultures, with no rebound of virus when the drug is stopped, according to researchers at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

Notably, the treatment of HIV patients advanced with the advent of combination anti-retroviral drugs. Although these drugs help in keeping HIV at bay, the patients are required to take them for the lifetime as they fail to eliminate the infection completely.

The treatment in the field has witnessed a significant improvement with cheaper and better medical facilities. Two decades ago the average annual cost of treatment per person with HIV was $19,000 while today it is $150 in United States, thanks to research and development of new drugs.

Moreover, people with HIV are getting treatment earlier, which retards the disease’s development. According to UNAIDS, the annual incidence of new infections has fallen 20 percent over the past decade, and in 25 countries, including 13 in sub-Saharan Africa, it has fallen by 50 percent.

An HIV positive pregnant women can give birth to an HIV free baby. Almost 98% of mother to child HIV transmission incidents are preventable. Still more than 1000 babies are born every day with HIV and half of them will die before their second birthday.
UN AIDS control program in coordination and with other Government and NGOs regional AIDS control programs, trying to fight and end this menace.

But the efforts need to be doubled as the beginning of the end of AIDS starts with its awareness.
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