Top VideoGames of 2013 PC, PS3, Xbox 360

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List of top 20 best video games of 2013 coming to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox ONE platforms.

There is an armada of new top videogames coming out to make year 2013 a milestone in the history of video gaming. Some of the big games includes GTA 5, WatchDogs, AC4 Black Flag, CoD Ghosts and FIFA 2014.

Year 2013 brings a huge lineup of videogames compared to the games launched in 2012. Our top videogames of 2013 list contains the very exciting video game titles lineup of the most anticipated videogames of 2013, which mostly includes popular game series, most awaited titles and the new best games of 2013.

Top VideoGames of 2013 PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Here are some of the most awesome games of 2013:
  1. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

    Arguably the biggest game on this list and easily the heaviest hitter in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V is also the most ambitious game Rockstar have attempted to date. Set in a massive open-world map based on the city of Los Angeles, the action here is split between three protagonists who team up for multiple heist jobs. Expect a ton of vehicles, weapons, missions, characters and - if past history is anything to go by - a gripping narrative to tie them all together.

    Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

  2. Watch Dogs 2013

    One of the belle's of E3's ball last year, Watch Dogs is a brand new IP from Ubisoft that puts players in the shoes of a hacker in an vast open city, who is set on taking down a media mogul who framed him for murder. Here, fisticuffs and gunplay are augmented by the player's ability to hack into the central network running through the city and use any device tied to the city's OS as a weapon. Expect an enticing cocktail of intrigue and action.

    Watch Dogs 2013

  3. Assassin's creed 4: Black Flag (AC4 2013)

    In a surprise move, Ubisoft has revealed that Assassin’s Creed 4 that contains a substantial naval warfare component. Native American protagonist Connor can commandeer his own ship, sending it into battle against the redcoats by trading cannonballs and even launching a boarding party. Dynamic weather lends a cinematic air to the battle, and there should be plenty of secrets to uncover as you explore these hostile waters.

    Assassin's creed 4: Black Flag (AC4 2013)

  4. Call of Duty: Ghost (CoD Ghost 2013)

    Activision's world-conquering shooter series is gearing up for another iteration, although on the evidence presented at E3, Call of Duty: Ghosts looks as though it may be a quieter entry than its predecessors. Set 10 years after the collapse of the USA as a superpower, Ghosts follows the fortunes of several spec ops soldiers as they pick their way through the wreckage of the West. Developed by the Modern Warfare creators, Infinity Ward, with a script from the writer behind the movie Traffic, Stephen Gaghan, Ghosts is likely to top the 'most wanted' list of shooter fans come this year end.

    Call of Duty: Ghost (CoD Ghost 2013)

  5. Saints Row 4 2013

    Like Saint Row 3, Saints Row IV is an open world game that continues the story of the Third Street Saints by elevating their status to the highest level - the leaders of the free world. After a catastrophic alien invasion occurs where the aliens transport the Saints to a bizarre Steel port simulation, you must fight to free humanity from alien grandaddy Zinyak's mental grasp by utilizing gargantuan superpowers. Escape the simulation that's trapped the Saints crew, or die trying.

    Saints Row 4 2013

  6. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (MGRR 2013)

    Metal Gear Revengeance may bare the moniker of Hideo Kojima's celebrated stealth series, but the idea of sneaking about in this game was dumped at inception. Instead, players should prepare themselves for eye-watering combos, brutal melee combat and action that's so over the top it's already in orbit.

    Metal Gear Solid Rising (MGS Rising 2013)

  7. Battlefield 4

    DICE's shooter looks more like a COD killer with each successive reveal. The new Frostbite 3 engine makes all the action in the campaign look like an action movie shot from the perspective of the leading man, and the game's online competitive mode features landscape-altering destruction.

    Battlefield 4

  8. Bioshock Infinite 2013

    Given the popularity of the previous Bio shock titles, expectations were through the roof for Infinite, and on the whole it more than lived up to them, delivering arguably the best game of the franchise, and certainly the most ambitious and stylistically audacious. The floating city of Columbia provides Infinite with an aesthetic like gaming has never seen before, and is without question one of the more memorable locales for any game in recent years; every aspect of its architecture is honed to a startling degree.

    Bioshock Infinite 2013

  9. Crysis 3

    Upholding the expectation that every game in the Crysis franchise has to be an absolute visual knockout, Crysis 3 is without question one of the best-looking games in the history of the medium. While the previous games each had distinct environments, the third game opted for diversity, giving us both the flora and fauna of the first game, and the urbanized locales of the second, while an increase in the array of weaponry – such as an exciting selection of new arrow types for the Predator Bow – allowed the game to promote a freedom of approach in excess of the prior titles.

    Crysis 3

  10. The Last of Us

    The Last of Us is Naughty Dog’s impeccable post-apocalyptic survival horror The Last of Us. No game this year has proven as decisively the artistic credibility of the medium, that it has the potential to engross us just as much as the very best movies and books. What this game has that so many lack is a potent sense of humanity; the protagonists are both extremely well fleshed-out, and as such, we care when they’re placed in mortal danger. The breadth and depth of the world and those within it is staggering from start to finish; from the exceptional visuals to the unprecedented quality of the voice acting, this is a mesmerizing experience and one that will endure as likely one of the best games ever made.

    The Last of Us

  11. Need for speed: Rivals (N4F Rivals 2013)

    PES 2014 menu presentation is simple but noble. FIFA 2014 game menu is like its predecessor, but all with a slight new fresh look and feel. Overall FIFA2014 has a slight advantage in this area.

    Need for speed: Rivals (N4F Rivals 2013)

  12. FIFA 2014

    FIFA 14 has tried to mould itself much closer into a more modern representation of the game putting the emphasis on simulation more than it has ever before. The tweaks and improved game engine mechanics feel more substantial and noticeable than they have done in the last few FIFA games and while it should make it a tougher game to master, it should still offer that same satisfying football feeling.

    FIFA 2014

  13. Rainbow 6: Patriots

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots revolves around a dynamic single-player storyline that allows players to experience the reality of modern-day terrorism from multiple perspectives.

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots

  14. Tomb Raider 2013

    Tomb Raiders 2013 is definitely one of the games to watch in the coming year. The game combines the beautiful outdoor exploration and puzzle-solving than previous games in the series with adrenaline action film made Uncharted games made so popular. Restart explores the roots of Lara Croft and tells the story of how he experienced adventurer. Developers are many new and exciting changes to the game, such as adding RPG elements and a new revised combat system, improved gameplay that made the kernel. With all the improvements and additions shown Tomb Raider definitely an experience of players in 2013.

    Tomb Raider 2013

  15. Hitman Absolution 2013

    Finally, a look at some traditional Hitman gameplay. Hitman Absolution seriously impressive crowd technology. More dense and lively than Assassin’s Creed’s population, the crowd offers a manner of disguise by losing your enemies h the hustle and bustle. And with ten different ways to assassinate the level’s target, our interest in Absolution has just beer reinvigorated.

    Hitman Absolution 2013

  16. Batman: Arkham Origins 2013

    Built using the in-game engine from Batman: Arkham City, Arkham Origins keeps most of the same gameplay as its predecessor, but bolts a brand new story and environment on. In Origins, the villain Black Mask has placed a $50m bounty on the Dark Knight's head, attracting every bounty hunter and assassin in Gotham to hunt Batman through the streets.

    Batman: Arkham Origins 2013

  17. WWE 2K14

    WWE 2K14 is and authentic and comprehensive WWE videogame experience and the first release in the flagship WWE videogame franchise for 2K Sports.

    WWE 2K14

  18. Splinter Cell Blacklist

    With Ubisoft Splinter Cell Blacklist, Sam Fisher is back, though he seems to be younger, more athletic and lacking the gruff demeanour of Michael Ironside. However, he’s no longer on the run, having returned to the government’s service to stop a global terror network that, of course, threatens the United States. Conviction’s Mark and Execute mechanic remains and has been expanded.

    Splinter Cell Conviction

  19. Devil May Cry (DMC 2013)

    Devil May Cry is also in 2013 favorite list, because half-demon, half-human protagonist of the game, Dante makes a comeback sporting a new look. With a new developer (Ninja Theory) at the top of this legendary series remains to be seen whether the legions of fans of this radical change in the face of their favorite character, or deny it is reasonable to assume. Some trailer released, we know the same action of adrenaline series.

    Devil May Cry (DMC 2013)

  20. Gears of War: Judgment (GoW 2013)

    Gears of War: Judgment is the next entry of mega popular franchise and is a prequel to the original trilogy. Senior Producer of the game, Alan Van SLYKE, has promised that the game will offer a more powerful experience with new types of enemies. The smart solution ROE (S3), which means that if a player is visiting a new area there are different kinds of enemy forces equipped, making for replay value. Multiplayer has also increased to new types of games, such as excessive and free for all. With all the additions to the single-player campaign and multiplayer, it seems, is one of the best games of 2013 will be.

    Gears of War: Judgment (GoW 2013)
Its finally the last quarter of year 2013 and we have witnessed some of the most brilliant, awesome and amazing action packed video games this year 2013. There are generally the best video games of 2013 by popularity in game lovers, rest it might depend entirely upon you own taste.
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