Microsoft Xbox 720 Console Specs and Xbox 720 Price rumors are running high after Sony Playstation 4 announcement on February 20, 2013 official event.

Staring with Nintendo Wii U launch back in 2012, now followed by the new 2013 Playstation 4 announcement, the expected battle between Next Generation Game Consoles, mainly Microsoft Xbox 720, Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U will remain on until Sony PS5 Release Date.

Xbox 720 Console Expectations

Naturally, video gamer players expectation are very high from next generation Xbox 720 Console, code-named Xbox Infinity or Xbox Loop according to some reports. Microsoft's internal development code name for the new Xbox 720 Console is Xbox Durango according to Sean Tracy of Crytek Game Development.

Microsoft Interactive Entertainment and Devices Division has confirmed that although there is no official Xbox 720 Launch Date decided yet, but the new Xbox 720 Console is under development since 2006.

Recently, some leaked documents hint that the Microsoft's New Xbox 720 will launched as far smaller, cheaper and Kinect-focused Video Game Console. Xbox 720 Features 1080p 3D support, Blu-ray player and a AMD 7000 series multi-GPU. Microsoft is aiming to position its new Xbox 720 Console as a complete living room entertainment device.

Xbox 720 Release Dates 2013, Price and Specs

Xbox 720 Release Dates in US and UK for new Xbox 720 Console

While, some of the wishful gamer players were expecting Microsoft to announce the New Xbox 720 Release Date earlier last year at E3 2012. But as one of the senior EA (Electronic Art) official had already said, the console is still in its developing stages and is not mature yet.

However, since Nintendo Wii U has already released with better graphical capabilities and a new controller that boasts a 6.2 inch touch screen. And Sony also is set to release its new Sony PS4 console this year, Microsoft could not afford to stay out of competition any longer.

There are some signals that Microsoft is preparing new Xbox 720 console launch for Christmas 2013. Microsoft for a moment affirmed that the new Xbox 720 console is coming up, in an interview with the Verge prior to suddenly taking a U-turn and issuing a sort of awkward refutation.

Xbox 720 rumors of pre-Christmas 2013 launch are also backed by Bloomberg report in November 2012, which quotes sources at Microsoft and that claimed Xbox 720 Release at June E3 2013.

A sooner Xbox 720 console launch rumors get further weight, if we look at Microsoft job advert which signals that a new Xbox launch is around the corner.

As the saying is, "Lead, Follow or Get Out". Either Microsoft have to follow the new gaming consoles race or lose those customers, that can easily be attracted towards promotional campaign hypes and new features offered by the competitor's newly launched devices.

Xbox 720 Release Dates 2013

Still, I personally believe that the new Xbox 720 Release earlier than 2014 will be a surprise by Microsoft. The more probable, reasonable and rational expectation would be to see the preview and announcement of new Xbox 720 (or whatever Microsoft will names it) in June 2013 during E3 2013 Expo at Los Angeles.

Xbox 720 Release Dates 2014

And as its obvious that Microsoft would not be unwise to delay it long once the preview is out. Therefor the new Xbox 720 Release Date could go around 6-10 months later after the E3 2013 Microsoft Official New Xbox 720 Console demo at E3 2013, which becomes around Jan 2014 to April 2014, the Q1 2014.

Xbox 720 Specs and Features of New Xbox 720 Controller

While you can checkout our anticipated Xbox 720 vs PS4 vs Wii U for Future Video Game Console releases review. Multiple sources has been reporting that the new Xbox 720 console will be powered with AMD Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Chip that supports DirectX 11 technology, multi-display, 3D and a plenty of other modern features. Similar to Lionhead game developing franchise, we see a lot of game development studios has been recently found posting job advertisements for game developers having background in DirectX 11. There are enough evidence to guess and gauge that game atleast some development studio are already on the new Xbox 720 Games development projects to make new Xbox 720 Games titles available in the market when it is launched. Because like new Sony PlayStation Orbis or PS4, old Xbox 360 game titles will not be playable at new Xbox 720 new console.

It is believed that an improved and enhanced Microsoft Kinect gesture-control system will be integrated into the new Xbox 720 gadget. As Mark Rein, Vice President Epic Games, the award wining developer of Gears of War and Unreal Tournament series, disclosed that the new Xbox 720 console will have motion sensor technologies like Microsoft Kinect into it. However he was unsure about the backward compatibility to run previous Xbox 360 Games titles on the new Xbox 720 device.

EGM magazine in an interview with Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division's head, Peter Moore, asked about the New Xbox 720 Release Date and would Microsoft drop support for the Xbox 360 like they did with the original Xbox. To which Peter Moore replied:
Microsoft will support Xbox 360 as long as it sold, and the console is still selling well despite of six years to its development in 2005.
The production team from the Xbox 360 is working on the next Xbox game console, and they are looking into what kind of CPUs will be available in the market next year, in 2012.
The Inquirer newspaper, In late 2008, had reported on speculation from industry insiders that Intel is trying to get its high-performance, new architecture GPU Larrabee chipset into the next-gen Xbox 720. Please bear in mind that both Xbox 720 and Larrabee are just code names of the upcoming device, the original brand name can get changed at launch time for Legal or Marketing requirements.

Xbox 720 Price in US

Some recently leaked documents reveal a $299 (£190) Xbox 720 price tag for Microsoft new game console, which looks so much pushy to us. Because, we do not expect the new Xbox 720 controller costs lowered down to this price level. But presuming the Sony PS4 announcement and coming launch, we expect some competitive pricing, at the same time.

The Xbox 360 was available upon launch in two different configurations, $299 for the Core model and $399 for the Premium model, later on the Elite launched for $479, currently you can by the new smaller Xbox 360 250 GB for just $299, so how much will Microsoft ask for the Xbox 720 is a big question.

I guess, seeing the competition, the next Microsoft console Xbox 720 (name subjected to change) price would be $300 to $400 USD. Microsoft probably will be releasing in two or more version with varying degree of specifications and price ranging from $300 to $400 USD.

  1. Anonymous
  2. If they did release it in 2012 then it would obviously be in December 2012, they would make the most money during the holidays, especially with a low price for base versions

  3. Anonymous
  4. Aw man. I love my 360. I feel like they're manufacturing the 720 too early.I know it's been 7 years but still...Well, lets just prepare for the ultimate console war in gaming history. I hope the PS4 wont evern compare against the Xbox 720. I wonder what kind of games the 720 will have in store for us? Most likely Halo 4/5/6,Dead Rising 3, MW4,Skyrim 6,Battlefield 4,Fable 4,the list goes on. Lets just man our battle stations for the war.

    P.S. Xbox 720>PS4>Wii U

  5. Anonymous
  6. Too many pricing levels spoil the meal. One great platform with all the goodies, at a reasonable price should do better with less paperwork to keep track of it all.

  7. Anonymous
  8. The Xbox 720 needs to be 2x more powerful than a super computer for gaming. Graphics even better than Avatar!

  9. Anonymous
  10. i see poor people and maxed out creditcards

  11. Anonymous
  12. Well theirs not going to be halo 5/6 they might make updated version, xbox is still supreme, everytime Sony places new system Microsoft beats them.

  13. Anonymous
  14. i was a ps man untill the 360, after that i never looked back to ps. i will be waiting to buy the new xbox until the bugs are worked out. maybe 2gen or 3rd

  15. Anonymous
  16. Man nintendos fucked up the a hole they better pull some thing better than the wii out thier ass becuase microsoft and sony are about to light s bag of shit on nintendos door step.

  17. Anonymous

  19. Anonymous
  20. I would be suprised to see the console coming out this year, or so early next year for that matter. The multiple version launch is feasible as it has worked in the past, and now with Kinect being so strong for Microsoft (as a peripheral with a lot of potential), they will have more ways to market different versions. I will be purchasing the next Xbox when it comes out, but I don't believe that it will launch until after Q3 2013. A preview or announcement would be exciting, though.

  21. Anonymous
  22. gosh my 360 cant read my games and it keeps saying disc unclean something like that and i thought it was my xbox so i don't know if i should get the blk 360 now or w8 for the new 720 :S nervous ,so i don't know what to do? buy now or w8 because my member ship is still going till it done on apirl.

  23. Anonymous
  24. I figure that as soon as I buy a new 360 bc mines broke ATM, the new one will be released... Oh well tired of not playing.

  25. Anonymous
  26. Are you kidding? I will stand by Xbox forever. Microsoft is a top notch company and will not be beat by either manufacturers. Keep em coming. I'll buy em. Xbox for life.

  27. the new xbox 720 involves most dedicated tools like touch screen controleers and bluray disc player and most likely will neeed internet acess at all times is the least cool of them all in 2013 when comes out i hope you enjoy im and microsft voluntary and i will inform on most recent news.

  28. Anonymous
  29. Xbox 720 will beat anything anyone else buts out.

  30. Anonymous
  31. To be completely honest, microsoft can keep coming out with new systems and consoles and sony wont be able to match it. Nintendo doesnt even compare to microsoft.

  32. Anonymous
  33. No Xbox will ever match the power and graphics of a good pc. Just saying but then again building and buying the right stuff for a pc is for smart people. Simpletons better stick with xbox!

  34. Anonymous
  35. i will be getting the xbox 720 after it comes out but might wait as someone else has said till the 2nd or 3rd gen so that all the bugs have been fixed

  36. collins
  37. well i just hope tht it is promising like everyone is talkin about.. ive had my 360 for 5 years an dont plan on retiring it anytime soon i hope that Microsoft doesnt throw down the 360 when they release the 720 hopefully all will be well an not to hi-tech because the 360 still kicks ass an there still making a bunch knew games for it like halo 4 crisis 3 still showin very good promise

  38. @fanboys
  39. there is no rational thinking here only fan boys I have al the 3 consoles at the moment en al platforms have there value Nintendo is a more creative developer they always trying new ways of gaming xbox is mostly for xbox live the online gaming and sony for the core gamer adult games of good kwality al consoles have good and bad sides the reason wy people choice for one of the consoles Is the way they like to game I you want full online experience youle get a xbox if you want casual or family games you wil get a wii and if you want core gaming and a little of online and creative gaming you play on safe and get a playstation

  40. Anonymous
  41. Ps is so much better than xbox runs a lot faster

  42. Anonymous
  43. I think the Xbox 720 will be a fun game when it comes out at 2013 plus the PS4 will be alot of fun better then the PS1, PS2 and PS3 and also the Wii 2 will be why more better then the Wii. So I'll wait until the PS4, the Xbox 720 and the Wii 2omes out. Later!!

  44. Anonymous
  45. playstation 4 will kill off xbox720

  46. Anonymous
  47. you are wrong xbox will be better than ps4

  48. Anonymous
  49. I wanted to get the xbox holiday bundle w kinnect for my 6 yr old for his room...figure he loves his wii which is in our family room but the xbox plays blu rays so instead of buying a seperate dvd player can just invest in an all in one. Now with the new talk of the 720....thinkimg of saving some of his xmas money and some of his bday money and wait for the 720. ????

  50. Anonymous
  51. The last I heard the price was going to be $300 with the kinect 2. They already knew that ps4 was rushing to beat the xbox 720 release date because they knew that was the only way that they would make sales. Microsoft wants to try and work out as many bugs as they can before releasing the xbox 720 unlike the ps4 where the first generation users were going to find the bugs and sony would fix them after the fact.

  52. Anonymous
  53. Sorry Guys I game on both concoles and Xbox is the system that is behind the curve. BlueRay, paying for online gaming, cartoonish bubble gum dashboard. s paperweight for a controller. I have my favorite games on Xbox but when it comes down to bugs, lag and problems the Xbox has been a pain in my ass. I am on my third 360. still using my 1st gen PS3. The only area Xbox has surpassed PS is with the kinect being completely controllerless. However the controllerless games are more of a novelty rather than a real item for competition. The games are fun however I play my FSPs and RPGs much more than Dance Dance revolution. Keep it real PS is the Cadillac for big boy gamers and Xbox is for everyone else. All you who love the Xbox try the PS3 for a while adjust to the controller and you will find you suck not the counsel.

  54. Anonymous

  56. Anonymous
  57. So true! Xbox for life!

  58. Anonymous
  59. My xbox 360 is messing up so if it stops im gonna wait and get xbox 720.

  60. Anonymous
  61. I am not so sure,that I like the idea that you will not be able to play old xbox 360 games on the new console or that you will not be able to play any newer games meant for the new console on the 360 console. what i see here is most of the newer games will be more geared for the new xbox and not the old 360 console. Leading me to believe that the good old 360 console will just be weeded out basical forcing it's customer to buy the new console. I guess the big question here is WHY????.
    Improve and update yes and great, but do not change it so much that you have to re-buy the older games we/you enjoyed playing just to be able to play them on the new console. I will not be interested in purchasing the new console. I smell greed here in some way. Perhaps play station 3 or 4 will be the route i take.

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