Sony PS3 vs PS4 Specs Comparison: Graphics, Controller, Games, Price Differences

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View Sony PS3 vs PS4 Specs Comparison to learn differences between new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 features, Graphics, Controller, CPU, Power, Size, Games, Gameplay and Price.

PlayStation 3 was unveiled back on E3 2005 as multimedia entertainment hub machine. Over the years, Sony PS3 has offered users a new game playing experience and with capability of viewing photos, browsing internet and watching Blue-Ray discs in 1080p.

Sony PS4 gaming console, on the other hand brings the next generation features to classic play station gaming. Until the Sony PS5 Release Date, PlayStation 4 is obviously going to be a much more powerful system than its predecessor.

Sony PS4 hardware is sure to give Sony an enormous leap into the future with some features perceived to be better than those in original PS3 specs. But, does PS4 better than PS3 in other facets of the system beyond just graphics comparison? Let's look at that in our PS4 vs PS3 comparison:

Sony PS3 vs PS4 Specs Comparison: Graphics, Controller, Games, Price Differences

Along-with PS4 super slim size, the PlayStation 4 has much to offer to video games, not just in terms of social functions as Sony likes to hype, but in terms of how gamers think it should matter—in graphics and gameplay.

Sony PS3 vs PS4 Specs Comparison Side by Side

Below is the PS3 vs PS4 side by side spec comparison to take a high level look at what the PS4 specs mean for you compared to the old PS3 Console:

Sony PS3 vs PS4 Specs Comparison: Graphics, Controller, Games, Price Differences

PS3 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

The PlayStation 4 will be a huge leap in visuals compared to the previous generation console. But how big of a leap is it? Checkout the below video that compares the previous consoles to the new PlayStation 4 for games like Killzone 2 vs Killzone: Shadowfall on PS3 and PS4:

On the left, there's Killzone: Shadowfall rendered in real time and fully playable at Sony's event. On the right is Sony's infamous E3 2005 tech demo of Killzone 2, which was not rendered in real time and was instead pre-rendered for the event. It was, in other words, CGI. It's worth noting that the PS4 is capable of outputting superior visuals in real time.

PS3 vs PS4 Controller: DualShock 4 vs DualShock 3

The 610amAh dual shock found in PS3 controller has been upgraded with added functionality that should make it quite exciting when playing games. Some of the added features include a touch pad and Move inspired motion controls.

Dualshock 4 comes with a heftier battery as it will consume more power when playing games. Its battery capacity is 60% greater than the one in Dualshock 3, the increased capacity has only resulted in significant increase in weight of only O.6 ounces.

PlayStation 4 D4 gamepad Controller is more comfortable than its predecessor because it has slightly larger handles that are more ergonomic. Take a PS3 controller in your hand and you'll notice that gripping it can be a tense experience. PS4 controller feels much relaxing in this department.

PS4 vs PS3 CPU Power

Optimization issues have been sorted, PS4 as it will feature a more powerful eight core 64 bit processor able to guarantee the much needed processing power. PS3 processor had issues as it was based on IBM’s cell processor. PS4 has sorted this issue by going for an X86 technology that is a standard in the PC gaming technology. The processor upgrade will ensure PS4 is 16 times faster than PS3 .

PS4 vs PS3 RAM

PlayStation 4 packs a whooping eight Gigabytes in terms of GDDR5 RAM as compared to 256MB XDR main RAM in PS3. The RAM in PS4 will ensure PS4 provides 16 times more RAW memory than PS3 with high quality graphics able to push 1.84 TFLOPS.

PS3 vs PS4 WiFi Download Speed

Although every PS3 includes Wi-Fi built-in, it is notoriously slow. Try plugging in your PS3 directly, and you'll see download speeds more than double. Sony's upgraded the network support in PS4 by providing a card that not only supports the 802.11 b and g standards, but the new n standard as well. This should result in significantly greater speed and range for those that opt to use PS4 wirelessly.

Playstation 3 vs 4 Blueray Drive

The slow 2X Blue ray drive found in PS3 has received a major boost in PS4. Users will in PS4 not struggle with the 9MB/Sec transfer speed in PS3 as higher transfer rates are expected to be the real deal. PS4 comes with a 6X drive thus considerably reducing the lengthy mandatory install screens that users have been grappling with.

Playstation 3 vs PS4 USB 3.0

When PS3 was launched in 2005 it lacked USB 3.0 ports which have been made available in PS4. Higher transfer speeds able to clock up to 4.8Gbps will be the real deal with the installed USB 3.0. Users will have the benefit of reliably using external hard drives to expand the console capacity. The USB 3.0 in PS4 comes with a transfer capability of 80% for power, useful for USB-powered accessories.
Wireless network

PS3 is still able to provide higher download speeds with its in Built Wi-Fi. Sony has essentially done an upgrade in the network by adding a card that not only supports the 802.11b and g standards but also the n standards. As a result if you opt to use PS4 wirelessly you are sure to enjoy even greater speeds.

Playstation 4 vs PS3 USB Bluetooth

PS3 features Bluetooth 2.0 compared to PS4 Bluetooth 2.1 which should offer improved functionality making it extremely easy to pair with other devices. Bluetooth 2.1 allows easy pairing of devices Via NFC.

PS3 vs PS4 Games

Sony promised over a 140 games in the first years life cycle of the Playstation 4, even though we didn't see close to that amount at E3. the exclusive titles we did see, were DriveClub, Destiny, Infamous: Second Son, and KillZone 4: Shadow Fall

The Playstation 3 has been in circulation for seven years, and has a large amount of great games available, including titles like. Heavy Rain, The Show 13, MLB, Gran Turismo 5, The God of War series. Uncharted 2, and recent titles like, Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Turismo 6 the Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls.

It's also worth bearing in mind that most of the Playstation 4 games we did see at E3 2013 will also be making their way to the Playstation 3 also. Games like: Fifa 14, Watch Dogs, Madden 25, and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

PS3 vs PS4 Price Comparison

The Playstation 4 standard package will be retailing for $399 on release date, this would only include the DualShock 4 controller.

The PlayStation 3 currently retails for $299 with a number of bundles thrown into the mix to make the price more appealing. PS3 bundles at Gamestop including 3 games and a single controller, and 60 days on PS Plus subscription which gives gamers access to a lot more free games online.
Sony PS4 Specs: Graphics, Controller, Games, Price Differences
Verdict: Sony PS4 will have an inbuilt Hard disk drive just like PS3 with users given the ability to recharge the controller with any USB charger. Sony has put all its effort in incorporating tech advanced features in PS4 that will make it extremely faster and connected compared to PS3.
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