Call of Duty (CoD) Ghosts Trailer Video, Release Date and MW4

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Activision teases next Call of Duty (CoD) game trailer video, putting an end to Modern Warfare 4 (MW4) Rumors.

Call of Duty: Ghosts release date is November 05, 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360 as well as next generation video game consoles like Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox 720.

The new CoD 4 is being developed by Infinity Ward, the game studio that created the original Call of Duty and Modern Warfare games.

More CoD Ghosts details are expected on May 21 at next generation Xbox 720 announcement event by the Microsoft that has a long association with Activision.

Call of Duty: Ghosts began showing up in advertisements for UK retailer Tesco and US retailer Target, thus leading fans to the conclusion that Activision was going to create a brand-new title in the series, rather than create Modern Warfare 4, as was rumored.
Call of Duty (CoD) Ghosts Trailer Video, Release Date and MW4
Mark Rubin, Infinity Ward Executive Producer said:
Everyone was expecting us to make Modern Warfare 4, which would have been the safe thing to do. But we're not resting on our laurels. We saw the console transition as the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter for Call of Duty. So we're building a new sub-brand, a new engine, and a lot of new ideas and experiences for our players. We can't wait to share them with our community.

Call of Duty (CoD) Ghosts Trailer Video

CoD Ghosts Trailer Video itself does not show much about the CoD 4 gameplay. Instead it show a collection of modern and ancient warriors all wearing masks, among them Spartans, Vikings and samurai. After praising the glories of mask wearing warriors for a while. CoD Ghosts trailer ends with a special ops fighters and a canine squad member donning the famous black skull ski mask.

CoD Ghosts Trailer Video ends with the voice over saying that "there are those who wear masks to protect themselves" and "There are those who wear masks to protect us all".

For Call of Duty teaser trailer, its actually a cool idea, given that the marketing team was allowed to show no gameplay footage or even hint at the central story.

May is traditionally the time that the company announces their new Call of Duty game for the year. E3, set for June 9-11, may also be a time in which more information about Ghosts is released.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be an all-new story in an original Call of Duty universe with new characters. The IGN poster states that those who pre-order the game will receive a limited edition poster. More about the game will be revealed at the May 21 Xbox: The Next Generation event on, Xbox Live and Spike TV.
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  1. this is one of the most anticipated game of the year. I hope it lives up to the hype . I enjoyed pretty much every COD game releases for the last 3 years that is why I am very optimistic on this one nice very nice post keep it


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