PS4, Xbox 1 Release Dates in UK with Prices and Specs

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View Sony PS4 and Xbox 1 release dates and prices in UK with detailed side by side comparison of Xbox 1 vs PS4 Specs.

You can also compare Xbox ONE vs Xbox 360 and PS4 vs PS3, to understand what improvements or advantage the next generation games consoles do have over the previous gaming machines.

The race for the best video game console has already began with the Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox ONE pre-orders. So far PS4 is running ahead in opinion polls and pre-orders but Xbox1 is expected to catch it soon.

Overall, the gaming consoles competition between Microsoft and Sony are getting into an interesting stage and the battle will remain heated till we see the next Xbox or Sony PS5 Release Date.

Despite of whoever wins this game machine war, AMD stands the ultimate winner in the precessing chip, as Xbox 1 and PS4 both has AMD Redeon based GPU. The Octa-Core 64-bit x86 AMD Jaguar chip makes use of (SOC) system to combine the CPU and GPU.

Sony PS4, Xbox 1 Release Dates in UK with Prices and Specs

Experts believe that Sony Playstation 4 packs more power than Xbox ONE when it comes to hardware specs. On the other hand Xbox 1 + Kinnect 2.0 stand at clear advantage over the PS4 when it comes to features. To compare them further, you can checkout the detailed one to one PS4 vs Xbox 1 Comparison Chart.

Xbox ONE Release Date in UK

If you have been anxiously waiting for the new Xbox, the good news is that your wait is over, as the next-gen Xbox ONE is coming out in UK on Friday November 22, 2013.

Sony PS4 Release Date in UK

Surprisingly, to get your hands on new PS4 console, UK gamers are required to wait a week further till the Friday November 29, 2013; which is the official Sony PS4 release date in UK. The new PS4 console will go on sale in United Kingdom at midnight at various store across the England.

Xbox ONE Price in UK

The two consoles PS4 and Xbox 1 are more or less equal in several areas of hardware specifications and capabilities. Yet, every Microsoft Xbox ONE bundle the Kinnect 2.0 motion and gesture controller is included as package, which in turn make it cost more than the Sony Playstation 4. With Kinnect controller included the new Xbox 1 Price in UK is £429.

Sony PS4 Price in UK

Since PS4 Eye motion camera sensor is optional for $60. Sony PS4 Price in UK remains at £349, which essentially means Sony Playstation 4 is £80 cheaper than Microsoft Xbox 1.

Buying game console is a 5 year investment, so picking one merely on price is probably not a good idea. To select a gaming console based on the features you love most and requirements you need most, below is a details specification chart between the two:

Xbox 1 vs PS4 Specs Comparison: Controller, GPU, Price, Games

Most stock is already sold on pre-order, so we know a lot of people have already picked their console for Christmas; but both companies have stated that some devices will be available for those happy to queue and so you can still buy either this year.
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