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Learn how to View Private Facebook Profiles, Pictures, Albums, Posts or Page with best tips, tricks and tools.

We are living in a complex cyber social world, with increasing privacy and security concerns. Plenty of Facebook users run into situation where they needs to know how to view private facebook profile of someone who is not added into their contacts. And sometimes it carries a justifiable reason behind Facebook user's consent to view Private Facebook Profile, other than negative intentions.

Someone might be checking on a vindictive ex who is ganging up against. Maybe some private investigator needs to View Private Facebook Profiles of a potential suspect to get a clue to a case. It could some worried parents trying to make sure their thirteen year kid is having right people around.

Well, with 'How to View Private Facebook Profile without being friend?' remains one of the most asked question of the year, here under we bring a comprehensive tutorial for it.

But before we move towards the actual tricks on viewing Private Facebook Photos, we would like to please go through our disclaimer in the following:

View Private Facebook Profiles, Albums, Pictures, Wall

Warning! iTechWhiz don't offer any service or help to Hack on Facebook Account.
It is highly advised to respect Facebook Terms of Services and its users online Privacy Rights, in your own interest. Any serious violation of Facebook terms of use may result in your Facebook account to be banned temporarily or permanently, along-with other possible legal penalties, for which bear no responsibility what so ever.
Spying Facebook Private Profiles is all about finding technical loopholes in Facebook application security and usibility. But its getting harder and harder to find those loopholes that do not last long, due to Facebook security resilient technical team and their Facebook Bug Bounty program, which is always ready to pay massive bounties from $500 to millions dollars for bug finders.

By the time this article has been written and last updated, the following methods has been tested and found working successfully:

View Private Facebook Profiles, Albums, Pictures, Wall

Since Facebook is very vigilant of security and plugs any security whole resiliently. The best available tricks to View Private Facebook Pictures might go useless as soon as it has been identified. Facebook also keeps changing its user interface, usability features and layout design at regular interval, rendering most of 'How to View Private Facebook Photos' tutorials irrelevant or out dated.

Having said that let move forward towards some of the best tricks on how to View Private Facebook Pictures/Photos/Profiles:

View Private Facebook Pictures with JavaScript Hack

  1. Please log into your Facebook account.
  2. Open up the use profile whose pictures you want to see.
  3. Copy and Paste the following code in your browser address bar:
    javascript:(function(){CSS.removeClass(document.body,%20'profile_two_columns’); tab_controller.changePage(“photos”);})().
  4. Press Enter button and bingo!

View Facebook Private Albums or Pictures

  1. Please log into your Facebook account.
  2. Goto Facebook user profile whose private Photos needs to viewed.
  3. Copy the Facebook User-ID from the URL as highlighted in the following examples:
  4. Open the Windows Notepad and Paste there obtained User-ID in it.
  5. Now Copy and Paste the following URL in Notepad on the next line:
  6. Replace the User-ID in the string on both place with the one you obtained.
  7. Paste the final URL string in your browser address bar and hit Enter.
  8. Facebook Private Photos will be open in the very next page load.

View Private Facebook Profiles and Wall with Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a psychology technique, where one tends to make someone comply to ones objectives. You proke the person start talking to you and in turn allow you to access their profile. This can be one tips on how to view private Facebook profiles without being a friend. In this technique, all you need to do is just send a simple message. You see, when you open a person’s private profile, you can see their image and on the opposite side you can see three options:
  1. Add as Friend
  2. Send a Message
  3. View Friends
The second options is what we may use to be able to view private Facebook profiles with social engineering. Send the person a message: "Hi, I am John. I think we had met at Cafe D'Rock last week. If yes, please message me back’. If by chance, the person does reply, politely or rudely whatever, you will be able to access their limited private profile.

Spying on Facebook Profiles with Developer API

Back in June 2012, Oliver Yeh, an MIT graduate has developed a sensational app, Stalkbook that allows one to see personal information of Facebook user that's not a friend.

The Facebook app collects user data as a third party developer app via the Facebook API. The Stalkbook App could show information of a stranger's Facebook Profile even if its private.

See Private Facebook Profiles, Photo and Albums using Fake FB Account

Though it is not ethically and legally advisable, one can always see others Private Facebook Profiles, Photo and Albums with by creating and Fake facebook account, using following methods:

View Private Facebook Profiles using Mutual Friend feature
  1. Suppose the victim do not have an identifiable facebook default profile picture.
  2. Someone creates a fake account of him/her on facebook with the exact same name.
  3. Once account a new fake account is created, add about 20 of victims friends.
  4. When any on them adds victim's fake account in friends, he/she will become mutual friends with both victim account and his/her fake account, that has been created with the purpose of spying on his/her Private Facebook Profiles, Photo and Albums.
  5. Now due to mutual friends there will be some right to access and interact further with the target account.
See her Facebook Profile by faking as Friend
  1. Suppose you want to see private profile where you can see its friends as show below, you can try this method which works 8 out of 10 times:

    View Private Facebook Profiles

  2. You will require to pretend to be one of the friends who had their account hacked and is trying to re-add everyone on the list into new account. Choose one of her friends and click on the friend’s profile. But don't choose one of her friends that pop up on the main page because that may be friends she chooses to always display and they’ll know her very well. Instead, click See All, scroll down the friend list and pick someone, as show below:

    View Private Facebook Friends List

  3. Now its time to view her profile and save her profile picture to use for your new fake account profile picture.

  4. In the next step, create a new Facebook account with a separate email using her friend name and profile picture that you just saved. Go to the privacy options of the profile and turn everything thing private except the profile picture and gender.

  5. Finally, log into the newly created fake FB profile, find the private Facebook profile you want to view. Add the person as a friend. But the trick is, with your friend request, please don't forget to write a personal message like here under:

    View Private Facebook Photo Albums

  6. After you have done all these steps, there are 80% chances that the person let you in, when she finds your message. And you can view her once private Facebook profile.

Spying Facebook Account by Poking them

Spying Facebook Account by Poking them is a better technique to see a facebook users profile. All one will need to do is to Poke the others account.

When you Poke someone on facebook, Facebook technically send them a message. But it has the repercussions that most users have no clue what poking actually does, so they may not know that you can see their limited profile. However, they will still know that you are thinking about them or that you know they have a facebook profile.

Facebook Profile Viewer Apps

As we discussed due to Facebook security, accessibility and usability changes sometimes these tricks not work properly. There are some third party tools available view or hack someones facebook in order to view private profile, albums, pictures and wall. But most of these facebook hacks are outdated, scams or malicious programs that do not work the way they claim and instead are loaded with other deceitful instruction that can harm not only your Facebook account but your computer.

Stalkbook, Facebook Stalking App

Stalkbook was Facebook stalking application, instantly got popular some years ago. Using it one can get access to the photos of people one wants to see via facebook without having them added as a friend. Fortunately or unfortunately, Stalkbook apps is no longer working in 2016.

Therefore, we do not recommend the use of any third party Facebook Hacking Software or Online Facebook Hacking Tools like 'Private Facebook Profile Viewers', 'Private Facebook Picture Viewer' and websites like '' to view the private Facebook pictures.
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  8. Well, it seems that the security and usability changes made in Facebook application layer recently, has successfully plugged few loop holes that were previously possible to be exploited, to View Private Facebook Pictures/ Photos/ Profiles.


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