Account Recovery: Reset Windows Live Mail/Hotmail Hacked Password

Account Hacked: Windows Live Mail/Hotmail Password RecoveryDid you just Forget Password for your Windows Live Mail aka Hotmail Account or your are one of the thousands victim of a Hotmail Hacking, hijacking, Identity theft or phishing?

If your answer is yes, iTechWhiz can guess and gauge your anxious feeling at the moment. But please don't be panic, relax your nerves (stress is not good for your heath) and read the following carefully.

Yesterday one of my friends, MD by professional has got her Hotmail Account Hacked. She has created the account a decade ago, didn't set any Alternate Email Address and worst, she do not remember the answer to The Secret Question. Adding insult to the injury, the ill-natured "hacker" was setting inappropriate emails to all her contact to defame and damage her personal as well as professional presence.

Significant Importance of Email Account

Email Accounts, as we now realize, are actually something of very significantly vital personal importance, as they may contain private personal, professional or business information enough to damage us heavily.

Imagine that you not only lost your years old identity but you are the one going to have the hassle you'd have to go through to inform all your contacts and the Subscribed Services (bank statements, credit card statements, utility bills, stock trading account, social networking accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc) about this identity theft.

Please keep in mind that loosing your main Email Account may compromise all your other subscribed services accounts too because they too have password reset services which sends password reset information to your main email account!

Windows Live Mail/Hotmail Lost or Hacked Account Password Recovery Options

Without going into details why it happened, we are listing you down step to cope with a situation like that. Contrary to the forums on the internet which mostly complaint about the quality of Customer Support Service at Microsoft Live Team, the issue can be resolved within 24 to 72 hours, if you provide them right information at right channel. Approaching the wrong channel in Microsoft wont help, for example if you have went to MSN Help Center, they will simply ignore you because it was not the right channel for these issue.

So if you have a compromised Hotmail account, here is what you do:
  1. Read
  2. Run this free Malicious Software Removal Tool for a Malware Scan on the computers you use to access the account. If there is something like a keylogger, it will steal your recovered passwords too.
  3. Try Password Recovery first. If you have Alternate Email set, that would be the fastest.
  4. If above fails, try the Password Recovery with Secret Question option or Windows Live ID Validation.
  5. If are still locked out of the account, read this Support Article to reset password (
  6. If that does not work, you have forgotten or the person who hacked your account changed the Secret Question, the the only choice you are left with is go and Fill out and Submit a Windows Live ID Validation form
  7. If you used that account as the verification for other online accounts, such as eBay, consider proactively resetting those passwords now.

Windows Live ID Validation Form Password Recovery Procedure

For Windows Live ID Validation Form, as a last resort Account Recovery option, you will be asked for another email address, which Microsoft Live staff will use to keep in touch with you for the recovery process. After you have provided that, a form will be presented with all information they need from you in order for them to validate your ownership and expedite your recovery process. Here is a list of information to prepare:
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country tell them which country it was created in
  • State tell them which state it was created in
  • Zipcode
  • The secret answer to your question
  • Your alternate e-mail address
  • Your IP address
  • Your Internet service provider
  • Last successful signed in date/time
  • Name a few folder you have created in your hotmail
  • Name a few contacts in your hotmail address book
  • Subjects of any old email in your hotmail folders
  • Name of contacts on your messenger contact list ignore this if you do not use messenger
  • Messenger display nickname ignore this if you do not use messenger
At the end, you will have a free text box to provide additional information regarding your account. Write as much as you can remember from your account that will help them verify your rightful ownership of the account. After you have completed the form and click submit, you will be presented with a PIN Number, note it down on paper. An email will be sent to you with the private forum link for your issue which will require this PIN to see for further procedure.

Upon successful validation, you will get a reply from Microsoft Live Team with a link to reset the password, with will looks like this:

You recently asked to reset your Windows Live ID password by e-mail. Follow the instructions below to reset your password, or to cancel your password reset request.


1. Select and copy the following Internet address.

2. Open a browser, paste the link in the address bar, then press Enter or Return on your keyboard.


1. Select and copy the following Internet address.

2. Open a browser, paste the link in the address bar, then press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

Thank you,

Windows Live Team
If you receive this email, that means your password recovery process was successful and you can go ahead and reclaim your Hotmail Account. If you do not receive any feedback after 24 hours, check back on the forum to see if any staff has left a message for you to follow up.

After getting your account back immediately change your Password, Security Question Answer and Alternate Email Address.

Report Microsoft Windows Live Mail/Hotmail Hacked Account Misuse

You can also e-mail to [email address] and [email address] if someone else has control of your account. The Hotmail Customer Service Phone number is +1.800.386.5550, the computerized exchange at Microsoft Office will put you through and IVR option menu, however I am affarid they will not provide on call customer support for Free Subscribers.
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