PS4 vs Xbox 1 vs Xbox 360 Specs Comparison

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Both Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox ONE (Xbox1) have awesome next generation specs and features. Comparison are already drawn between Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 as well as with its older version like Xbox ONE vs Xbox 360. You can also Compare Sony PS3 vs PS4 Specs.

Since both PlayStation and Xbox are established brand in the video gaming markets for year, they both enjoys huge fans base. There user with PS3 or Xbox 360 are not expected not to switch sides.

Most of the new next-gen consoles stock by Sony and Microsoft has already sold on pre-order, so we know a lot of people have already picked their console for Christmas.

This PS4 vs Xbox ONE vs Xbox 360 specs comparison is intended to give an idea of how the new Playstation 4 stands up to the new Xbox ONE as well as its older version, Xbox 360; for our regular readers and holiday shopper who are still wondering to decide which one is better? or which one to buy? Playstation 4, Xbox ONE or Xbox 360?

Playstation 4 vs Xbox ONE vs Xbox 360 Specs Comparison

Everyone looking to buy a gaming console, naturally want to make sure he/she has made the correct choice based on all the information available in accordance with budget and requirements. It can get quite technical if you are fresh to the whole game console machines. We have composed the article in a way that we can read the parts you are most concern with, or skip to check the Specs Chart Summary below.

PS4 vs Xbox ONE vs Xbox 360 Specs Comparison Chart

If you are tired of all the lengthy Xbox ONE vs Playstation 4 comparison, check out our exclusive quick side by side PS4 vs Xbox1 specs comparison chart below to review the three best video game consoles available this holiday season:

PS4 vs Xbox 1 vs Xbox 360 Specs Comparison

Xbox 360 is included in the comparison to show the next generation difference. Additionally, Xbox 360 + Kinney is still a popular console for the new gamers, kids and users looking for budget option. Obviously both next-gen consoles, Microsoft Xbox ONE and Sony Playstation 4 completely beat the Xbox360.

While both consoles make use of an octa-core AMD Jaguar processor, the PS 4 features 1152 GPU cores compared to the Xbox 1 with 768 graphics cores. Sony’s new PS4 console drives 1.84 TFLOPS as a result, compared to the new Xbox ONE at 1.23 TFLOPS. Which means PS4 packs more processing power that Xbox ONE. Older Xbox 360 features an IBM Power PC based custom CPU clocked at 2.3Ghz.

The new PS4 also has an advantage over Xbox 1 when it comes to memory. The PS4 features 8GB of 5500MHz GDDR5 memory compared to the Xbox One with 8GB of 2133MHz DDR3 RAM. Microsoft Xbox 360 has incomparably low 512MB GDDR3 RAM.

An overall analysis of hardware specification for PS4 and Xbox 1 in terms of raw gaming power, shows that Playstation 4 is better than Xbox ONE.

However, Microsoft and Sony appear to have a different approaches towards next generation gaming console development. Microsoft continues to focus on more home entertainment features on top of the Xbox ONE gaming features. While Sony's emphasize on adding more gaming power to continues to its PS4 machine so far, until we embrace the Sony PS5 Release Date.

Xbox ONE and Playstation 4 both will be working on the cloud and both have social interaction capabilities. There are some awesome game titles both with Xbox 1 and PS4, but it all comes down to the feel of the games and which system you feel more comfortable with. Which one are you going to go for?

PS4 vs Xbox ONE Prices

As witnessed the new Xbox1 and PS4 consoles are equal in many areas. But the one big difference is that Microsoft has bundled its motion-capturing Kinect controller with every Xbox One console.

With observing an Xbox 360 price cut, both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 prices are subjected to changes as depending upon their availabilities and demand in the regional markets. The Xbox One price will go around $499 to $399 compared to the PS4 pricing at $399 to $349. These prices of PS4 and Xbox1 gaming consoles are based on market analysis and estimations.
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