Apple iPhone: Flexible Display Screen Phone is coming!

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Apple iPhone with Flexible Display Screen as well as an OLED Flexible display iPad is under prototype testing.

Although, Apple Flexible Display products are confirmed to be coming out, there are no official release date or name available at the moment. It could be Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or an entirely separate iDevice line.

Following Samsung YOUM, Apple Flexible Display product line release dates are not being made public to milk maximum money from current generation Retina display technology, before next generation technology of Flexible OLED Display Screens finally rolls out.

It is also highly rumored in many cycles that apple along with Google Glasses like Augmented Reality based Apple iGlasses, is also working on Apple iWatch. Apple iWatch is flexible wrist worn gadget which is described as a wearable accessory device. The wrist worn gadget features a bi-stable spring with a flexible display.

Reports suggest that Apple is developing the new flexible OLED screens for use in its future iPads, iPhones and iPods.
Apple iPhone 6 Flexible Display Screen Phone is coming
Thanks to the huge user interest in Samsung YOUM, Nokia, LG, Sony and Phillips have also announced to jump into the Flexible Display Screen arena. Now Apple is also being highly rumored to be join the party and coming with Flexible Display Phones and Flexible tablets.

Last year, Apple purchased $8 billion worth of Samsung LCD chips and is now though to turn their attention to the flexible displays too.

The likelihood of Apple shifting its attention to flexible displays has further been enhanced by the confirmation by Samsung plant in Tangjeong, confirming of producing 960,000 flexible OLED displays. As revealed by an investment bank involved in the matter.

iPhone 6 Flexible Display Screen Phone Rumors

There are rumors that Apple 6th Generation iPhone 6 is coming out with a bended or flexible display screen. Apple iPhone 6 Flexible Screen rumors are fueled by the revelation of a new patent by Apple clearly indicating a new development in the search of a flexible screen for Smartphones and tablets. The company has patented a new display technology that allows curved screens on future Apple devices.

But, before you begin to dream of folding an iPhone 6 up or warping it around your wrist, let us caution you that its not going to be likely.

Thanks to advancement in fluid elections, Flexible Displays will come out surely. But, we do not expect Flexible Display Phones to be coming out anytime soon in the market by Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony or anyone else. Because the technology, innovation and market stakes involved, require time, at-least another couple of years, till 2015.

After all technology companies and their related accessories partners have invested heavily in the current generation smartphones and tablets. They would like to milk maximum profit from current generation of device.

Apple Flexible Display Patent

If not for iPhone 6 Flexible display, then what was Apple flexible display patent is all about? Well, the Apple patent, registered with US Patent and Trademarks Office is about a wrap-around form factor for electronic devices. Which hint a curved iPhone coming sometime in future.
Apple Flexible Display Patent
The new flexible display can be bent into a concave or convex shape as clearly shown in its patent drawing. Its flexibility is more than aesthetics; specific areas of the screen can be made to vibrate differently able to replicate the properties of a speaker.

The patent features a display with lasers underneath that acts as microphones able to capture the slightest of sounds. Being a patent technology on the side of Apple clearly indicates its ambition to utilize the technology in the near future.

Apple Flexible Screen Display Features

The most interesting feature of the new Apple screen is the fact that it has tiny placing of actuators underneath it that allows the screen to rise up and bend into physical buttons. This is perfect for activities such as composing emails and dialing numbers. This technology seems to trace back to the older physical keys mobile while maintaining a totally flat and bent screen.

It was the touch screen that disrupted and revolutionized the cellular landscape but now, it seems the highly flexible display is ready to take over. If the OLED flexible display materializes into reality, then it will provide brighter and more vivid colors with lower power consumption as compared to the LCD displays.

Greater durability is another major benefit with this new technology. There’s no actual telling when the technology will be a full reality but when it does it is sure to make the world of Smartphone’s even more exciting and intriguing depending on designs.

This technology could allow for a future iPhone, iPad, iPod that can be fold into a wrist watch. A tactile keyboard is part of the new flexible keyboard that will be able to provide a good resistance to each press of the fingers. The display will also feature a surround sound system to add to its enormous features with each integrated speaker able to work individually.

The new flexible keyboard from apple will have in built mics able to capture the slightest of sounds. The biggest advantage of this flexible technology lies on the fact that devices will be unbreakable thus requiring very few service sessions with every serious fall. The price of a bendable iPhone could significantly increase as compared to the normal Smartphone’s since the materials used to produce them are still quite expensive.

The flexible display screens in Apple will essentially lead to a reduction in the number holes ports and other breaks in the external casing.
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