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Google Smart Glasses Release Date, features, colors, rumors, and all the information you need to know about this new upcoming class of personal gadgets.

Google Goggles, the eye wearable gadgets, are likely to be coming out in the market, by the end of the year 2013, worldwide.

While you might be in waiting for the upcoming Nexus 5, Galaxy Note 3, iWatch or iPhone 6, the big G is seeing things differently, through its Google Project Glass Glasses, truly an eye Phone.

Google eyePhones are aimed to outperform, out fashion and outshine all the gadgets, we currently have in hand, on the name of SmartPhones and SmartWatches.

Google Smart Glasses Goggles Eye Phone Release Date Information

Google Smart Glasses Release Date 2013, Features and Price

Google Glass Glasses, formally known as "Google Project Glass" is a voice-activated device designed to be worn like a pair of spectacles. Google Glass is currently available to application developers and selective individuals only. Google SmartGlasses will be available in the market for purchase at the end of the year 2013 for less than $1500.

Google Goggles allows one to see navigation directions, reply emails, and take pictures. Google Smart Glasses are totally a new form of personal gadgets, with the full potential of becoming a complete game-changer.

Google Project Glass Glasses at I/O 2013

Google has steadily been ramping up promotion for the headset/eyewear since it first issued $1,500 pre-orders of Glass last June for Google I/O attendees. Google is expected to share more information about Google Smart Glasses Release Date, Features, and Price at Google I/O 2013 developer conference.

Google Glasses Youtube Demo Video

Smart glasses are a bigger technological leap as compared to new Smartphone or even a smartwatch. It is a wearable solution that features smart glass with a heads up display that allows it to perfectly blend with the virtual worlds of smartphones and computers in the real world.

Google glasses are highly suitable for technology like social networking calling and texting, it also allows for calling texting and interaction in real time between people's places and things. Project glass is essentially a technology that allows the creation of meta-reality and smart reality.

Hereunder is the Google Glasses Youtube Demo Video that shows Google Glass in action, including the interface which only appears in the user's line of sight.

Google Smart Glasses Features

Google Glass features a metal frame that goes around the ears with small glass over the eye that shows the HUD. There is a video from Google that shows how the product would look like in the end. This project is aimed at allowing people to share and explore the world in the most precise way.

Once you put the Google Glasses on the HUD, sensors are activated showing the various icons and applications for a brief moment. The Google Goggles user will be able to see applications for a date, time, and temperature as well as for calling, text, music, and social media sharing.
  1. Google Smart Glasses Eye Tracking

    Google eye-tracking software, plays a key role in the new Google SmartGlasses gadget, which tracks, detects, and takes input from the user, which application the user wants to launch.

  2. Google Smart Glasses Voice Signs

    The wearer will need to give OK or CANCEL signal invoice, for example, say ‘hm' which is like a sign language that system will be programmed to take as OK the user have selected the choice. When a user receives a notification such as a message, he/she will again need to say ‘hm to open it. Similarly, to respond, one will need to say ‘um’ to begin a recording feature.

  3. Google Smart Glasses Location Tracking

    Google Glass will also take advantage of a newly announced service Google now. This service is able to give users exact information about their location. For example, if you are close to a substation you will see a full schedule of trains. This feature also comes with directions that will be to guide you whenever you wish to go taking the shortest route as possible.

  4. Google Glasses Foursquare Friend Tracking

    One of the major benefits of Google Glass is that it is able to pinpoint if your friend is closing to your area using a feature known as foursquare. in this case by asking it, it will give you the exact distance between you and your friend.

  5. Google Goggles Reminders

    Google glass also comes with the provision of allowing one to set reminders for visual cues, just by looking at an object and saying remind me. You will be able to set a reminder.

  6. Google Smart Glasses Camera Sci-Fi Fans Features

    Project glass features a camera-like feature called sci-fi fans. If you happen to come across a picturesque scene that you would wish to take a picture of, you will not need to fumble for a camera. By simply wearing the camera you will only need to say ‘Take a picture of this’ and your Google glass automatically becomes a camera lens.

  7. Google Smart Glasses Augmented Reality Goggles

    Google Smart Glasses features an Apple iOS SIRI (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) like an Android-based program that goes even extra mile to make further use of Augmented Reality to present information inquired. Augmented Reality is a computerized way of explaining and organizing generated information about and object or scenario. For example, wearing Google Glass, if you look at the "White House" and information about it, then the Google Glass will gather all the information about it from the internet and will present the information on your SmartGlasses in a comprehensive and organized way through Augmented Reality.

Google Smart Glasses Design and Colors

Google smart glasses will come in five colors i.e Black, White, Grey, Blue, Red, and White with removable shades. Google is working with Warby Parker which is an eCommerce company that sells trendy eyeglasses to design for its trendy and fashionable frames. The glasses are being designed in a way that they become less obstructive but highly stylish.

Google Glasses Disadvantages and Drawbacks

The biggest drawback of Google Glasses, know so far, is its shorter battery life. If the manufacturing sources are to be believed, Google SmartGlasses is coming out with a battery that is likely to store power for only 6 hours. This is likely to reduce one's ability to enjoy the glass for a full day on a full charge, consequently unable to replace the use of SmartPhone with SmartGlasses, entirely.

The other even worrisome form of Google Glasses disadvantages and drawbacks are the security and privacy concerns this new wave of personal gadgets is going to create. Legislation to bring a ban SmartGlass, while driving is already under consideration. The gadget has the potential to become a dangerous weapon against personal privacy, due to its abilities to spy or recording others stealthy.
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