iWatch Release Date, Price, Features and Specs 2014

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Apple iWatch Price and iWatch Release Date in USA, UK and India is being highly rumored for 2014 last quarter.

Apple iWatch rumors surged last week after New York Times news that, Apple is working on a smart watch launch made from curved glass.

It is no secret that Apple has been mulling over various Apple iWatch concepts since 2008, that can connect with other iOS devices.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, five years back, in an interview with Telegraph, predicted that within next few year, people would have had enough with their iPhones and iPods. He further foreseen, that user trends will shift back towards new generation wrist watch gadget, the Apple iPhone Watch or simply the Apple iWatch.

The smartphone smartwatch idea, once dropped by Apple because Steve Jobs was not in its favor, seems to have finally got some investment and making its way to the market.

Apple iWatch 2014 Release Date, Price and Features

After making a lot of fortune from the iPhone, iPad and iPod series Apple is now moving into a new niche of smart watches. According to the sources, new Apple iWatch will be a Bluetooth enabled Smart Watch running iOS, that will essentially allow it to connect with other Apple devices.

iWatch Release Date 2014

There are no official word on iWatch Release Date by Apple, but multiple sources have hinted an iWatch release date in the last quarter of 2014, most probably in November 2014 along with new models of Apple gadgets i.e iPhone 6, iPod Touch 6G and iPod Nano 8G.

Apple iWatch Release Date, Price and Features

iWatch Price in USA, UK, India and Pakistan

Apple iWatch Price in USA is expected to be around $149 to $165 USD price tag, which is the same price tag as what an Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation costs currently.

This competitive and reachable Apple iWatch Price will essentially help it to fan off some competition by Pebble Watch that costs $150 with 144x168 pixels 1.26 LCD display and Bluetooth enabled iOS devices integrated MetaWatch starting at $179 as well as from Android SmartWatches

The Pebble Watch can be pre-ordered in jet black, Arctic white, cherry red, orange. Cookoo Bluetooth watch is another competitor smartwatch, announced at CES 2013, selling at $129, compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Overall, Apple iWatch Priced at $165 sound quite reasonable in comparison to competitor devices available in the market and the iconic brand value, product quality, features and finishing that Apple offers. However, there are reports that the new Apple iWatch 2014 Price may rise up if Siri and some other features are on board. That's why some websites are
reporting rumors of an iWatch price tag from $400 to $500 dollars and Rs.28,000 iWatch 2014 price in India, which we do not expect, keeping on view the market competition. Here is our price estimations:
  • Apple iWatch Price in USA is $165 USD
  • Apple iWatch Price in UK is £106 GBP
  • Apple iWatch Price in India is 9,000 IND Rupees
  • Apple iWatch Price in Pakistan is 16,000 PKR

Apple iWatch Features and Specs

Apple iWatch 2014 claimed to be the smallest wrist wearable music player in the market. Apple iWatch Features are similar to the iPod and iPhone with multi-touch screen, which allows more than one finger to be used on the screen at once.
Apple iWatch Features and Specs

Apple iWatch 2014 Features and Specs seems to be overlapping with other iGadgets. Therefore, there is still a question that is Apple iWatch a replacement to iPod nano or will they both go side by side? Lets have a detailed look at all the Apple iWatch rumors and expected features:
  1. Display and Body
    Apple iWatch will come packed with a 1.5-inch PMOLED Curved Glass Display made by RiTDisplays and protected by Indium tin oxide transparent conductive (ITO) coated glass and an aluminum body.

  2. Willow Curved Glass
    Apple iWatch Curved glass is provided by Gorilla Glass-maker Corning. The company had recently revealed it has successfully create strong but bendable glass named "Willow Glass", after 10 years effort. Corning's CTO, Pete Bocko, told that the newly invented Willow Glass can be wrap around a cylindrical objects including wrist.

    Apple iWatch will be probably the first device to make use of Corning Flexible Glass, but the wider display of the screen will essentially mean that Apple will need to incorporate more pixel to support higher resolution so as to preserve the perfect aspect ratio of the the screen display. A wider display is most of the time known to affect the pixel per inch rating of the display. Therefore, a larger display does not seem to be a possibility.

  3. Muti Touch
    The iWatch, the latest addition to the iPod family, boasts a clock face which appears with the flick of a button but still allows users to view pictures and track your movements.

  4. Live Gaming
    Gamers will be happy with the release of new iPhone software which allows for live competition gaming with other iPod and iPhone users worldwide.

  5. Apple iOS 8
    Apple iWatch is heard to be coming with iOS 8, the next generation Apple smartphones operating system, set to get the mark with Apple 6th Generation iPhone 6.

  6. Connectivity
    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for data transferring with integrated RSS reader and features to access iCloud media contents. Apple iWatch 2014 can be connected to iPhone and iPod via a low power Bluetooth connection to make phone calls.

  7. iWatch Phone functions
    There are news reports about Apple iWatch Phone features like answering calls, reading text messages, emails and social networking notifications. The iWatch Phone features will come through iWatch iPhone Bluetooth integration.

  8. Siri, Maps, Passbook and Health Monitor
    A lot of websites and blogs are speculating that the iWatch features will include Siri (Speech Initiation Response Interface), the personal assistant software by Apple. A GPS Maps App to get directions on the street is also rumored to be on board with iWatch. Other rumored features includes a health monitor, Apple Passbook to make mobile payments, Bilton adds. Honestly speaking, these all appears to be an educated guesswork rather than some solid information to be believed.
However, Apple is not the market leader in smart watch niche. Some Google patient gives hints that the big G is also interested in bringing a Google Watch. After tasting camera market with Pureview devices, Nokia is also mulling over a wearable smartwatch phone. Sony already has a Smartwatch that pairs well with Android devices.

Thus, if Apple is to come to the smartwatch market, it really have to bring something wonderful with its Apple iWatch, to fend off a heavy competition from Pebble Watches, MetaWatches, Sony SmartWatches, Android Smartwatches and several other jumping into the smart watch market world wide.
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