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Click for Therap Login help if you are having trouble signing into your Therap Services account.

Therap is the leading industry solution provider in electronic records and documentation, with its protective services for people with intel problems and developing disabilities. Therap solution was design to produce a comprehensive answers to the arrangement, documentation, reporting and communication needs for the organizations that supports and helps the people with intellectual problems and developmental disabilities.

Therap Services LLC is a web-based Electronic Documentation for I/DD service organization that provides an integrated solution for documentation, reporting and communication needs of agencies providing support to people with developmental disabilities. Therap claims to be the industry leader in providing electronic records and documentation in long-term care services for people with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities.

Therap Services are highly rated and of good quality thus why it is growing with a perfect speed,they are focused on helping more and more people worldwide.

The top level domain is also owned by Therap Services LLC United States (US) and redirected to the main website However, the domain is about "The Rap", a site for rap music, history and fans. Therefore, you must not confuse it with Therap Services website.

If you are wondering how to log into the, it is pretty simple and straight forward. All you need to do is to follow this simple steps and you will successfully log in to therap.

Please find below the detailed help instructions on Therap login system:

Therap Login - Therap Services

To login into your Therap Services profile, please follow the steps below:
  • Open your browser and go to the website of
  • The official therap services website with orange, yellowish brown and white color background will open up, as shown in the next step.
  • On the website, click on the Secure Login at the top right corner.

    Therap Login -
  • After clicking the therap secure login button will take you to the with English, Espanol and Romanian Language Selection options. Click on the language if your want to change it.
  • Now enter the Therap login name, password, provider code of your agency in the login area to get and hit Login button to start with therap system.

    therap services login
  • Once you are successfully logged in, you will be automatically redirected to user dashboard to use therap

Therap Services Features

By following the above steps you will eventually logged in to therap and you will again be able to get the following benefits.
  1. Enhanced risk analysis which is good for you,people get to know the risk that goes by with people with having developmental disabilities and Intel problems.
  2. While using therap services, you will be notified in real time for security and health purposes of every human being.
  3. The therap also helps in measuring health outcomes of every individual that is affected by disabilities and intellectual problems.
  4. It also tracks the outcome and performance to ensure that there is some development in people they are attending to.
  5. You can also access there web at anywhere anytime in the world making the most leading industry which has a functional easy web .
  6. The therap also has a secure type of communication and also they offer a good sharing services to the people.
  7. Therefore, therap is the best thing for you,aside from those services they also offer some nursing and family courses for behavior and health like,behavior plans,health tracking and many other courses Reset Password

It's unfortunately not possible to reset your own password. If you can't remember your password or would like to change it for whatever reason, you need to contact the administrator of your organisation.
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