Blackberry 10 Phones Release Dates, Specs and Features

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Learn Blackberry 10 Phones Release Dates in 2013. See also Specs and Features of the latest Blackberry 10 smartphone series by RIM.

RIM, the Blackberry company has over the past been struggling to keep afloat especially with other companies like Apple and Samsung which are making huge sales out of their iPhone and Galaxy smartphone series, respectively.

Blackberry 10 Release Dates

Recent revelations from Research in Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of the once very iconic and popular Blackberry smartphones, indicate that the new blackberry 10 Smartphones 2013 will hit the market as early as January, 30th.

Update: This is an old post about Blackberry 10 Phones 2013. Please check latest updates about Blackberry Vienna Android Phone and BlackBerry Priv Release Date on T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon in USA.

However, will the new Blackberry 10 smartphones be able to stand in competition with 2013 upcoming competitor phones, like Apple iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 and essentially save the struggling blackberry maker? is yet to be seen.

New Blackberry 10 Phones 2013 Release Dates, Specs and Features

Blackberry 10 Phones

New Blackberry 10 Phones 2013 will essentially include L-series and an N-series Smartphones, according to the information available so far.

Blackberry 10 L-series smartphones will come with a higher screen resolution of up to 768x1280 as compared to the N-series with 720x720 display resolution. The pixel per inch for the L-series will stand at 356ppi while that of N-series will stand at 330ppi.

The new Blackberry L-series and the Blackberry N-series will incorporate a QWERTY keyboard that contains both the NFC compliance and two main apps in the name of Focal Point and story Maker.

Blackberry 10 Features

Software upgrade would be a must with this new brand of the Blackberry. The current software in the blackberry is only perfect in mailing and messaging thus making them to be less user friendly when compared the recent versions of Google Android and Apple iOS Smartphones Operating Systems.

RIM is currently focusing at improving Blackberry OS by coming up with an operating systems software mainly redesigned for the touch screen, internet browsing and apps experience so as to compete with other smartphone operating systems.

Blackberry Keyboard
The blackberry 10 will essentially incorporate a new keyboard that perfectly adapts to how one types thus ensuring one is able to type faster and more accurately thus delivering one of a kind experience.

Blackberry Hub and Blackberry Flow
This is another user experience that will be incorporated in the new blackberry 10 that allows smooth navigation across open applications and the blackberry hub. Some of the essential features that one would be able to have smooth access include notifications, feeds, calendar events and all messages.

Blackberry Balance
This is another Blackberry 10 OS feature that will essentially make blackberry stand out while being able to satisfy both corporate and customer needs.

Using Blackberry Balance, with a simple gesture one would be able switch easily between personal matters and work related activities. The work profile is highly secure with full encryption thus highly essential for storing organization data with utmost security.

Blackberry 10 Phones Specs

As per sources a full touch screen device would be the first to be released followed by another one with a physical keyboard. Let have a detailed look at Blackberry 10 Phones specs and features in general:

Blackberry L-series types of blackberry 10 will also vary in terms of the processor chips that they will come with. The chips will come in three options of ‘London', 'Laguna' and 'Lisbon' processing chips. The Lisbon type of processor chip will essentially feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor while the London type will incorporate a TI OMAP4 processor.

Display and Camera
All the three types of new Blackberry gadgets will essentially feature a 4.2inch display with an 8MP rear camera. Two Front facing cameras are also highly rumored to be in the offing.

Memory and Storage
Blackberry L-series type of the new blackberry 10 phones will feature a dual band WIFI with a 2 GB RAM. The internal storage capacity will essentially stand at 16GB a microSD card slot highly essential for anyone wanting to improve the storage capacity.

Battery and 4G LTE
The new blackberries will come with a 2800mAh battery that would ensure ultimate power throughout the day. While some news reports also hints that 4G LTE feature is also a possibility with these new Blackberry 10 phones.

Blackberry 10 Apps
Blackberry 10 so as to be able to compete with other resent products in the market like Apple iPhone 5 will offer a wide listing of Blackberry Apps from across the globe with the inclusion of games, productivity and social lifestyle.
Blackberry 10 Phones 2013

Blackberry 10 is highly thought to be the savior of ailing RIM, after years of losses and with the resent attaining of the FIPS 140-2 certification Blackberry 10 Phones in 2013 are expected to essentially find its way into big government agencies.
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