Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Features and Price

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Apple iPhone 8 release date, Price, Specs and Features discussion about iPhone 8G predictions and rumors, apparently seems to be a far future debate.

Apple itself as a company might be unsure about iPhone 7, iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S release dates. But its investors, analysts, fans and followers are sure not going to rest for the rest of their life :)

Apple iPhone 8th Generation is already under discussion from social media like Facebook and Youtube to technology forums like MacRumors and AppleInsider.

Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is Powerful than Intelligence". Steve Jobs was one of those capable of visioning what is invisible to others, conceive future technology ideas like iPhone 7G and iPhone 8G to create marvels from divine imagination, innovation and creativity. He was the one who knows what humans want before they want.

Steve Jobs must have already been working on the ideas of future iPhone generations for the fact that Apple like all other technology companies, works on a 5 years advance Research and Development road-map, followed by the actual iPhone products life-cycle in the market.
Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Features and Price
Despite Jobs herculean enthusiasm to create an iPhone Prototype Model with a next generation magical user interface beyond Siri, he would have realized there was only one place where he could see his amazing idea in action: heaven or in his case iHeaven. For in heaven, as you think, so you create. If Jobs thinks of the next iPhone, the next iPhone appears in his hand in the extraordinary dimensions he would dream, the incredible features, the beautiful color and the most phenomenal user interface that would be the holy grail for smartphones

After the departure of Apple's legendary CEO, Tim Cook took the charge, with a lot of Apple investors, user and fans, curious to know about the future road-map of the organization. Its natural for some of the iPhone fans to start getting interested to know about upcoming Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 generations.

The problem is, Apple has not revealed any information or road-map towards future iPhones so far and there is very few information available at the moment, on coming iPhone generations.

Still, without going into fantasies and by staying realistic and sensible, iTechWhiz has tried to bring you some information on the topic, which we hope will serve the purpose as basic food for thoughts.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

If we have a look at Apple iPhone product life cycle and release schedule history, an Apple iPhone 8 Release date is expected in last quarter of 2015, exactly three years after the iPhone 5 release date, which was launched in October 2012.

Apple iPhone 8 Features and Specs

It is really hard to guess what kind of features iPhone 8 will have as we don’t know what kind of technology Apple will develop and apply in 2 years from now. But one thing is for sure that iPhone 8 is going to be better then iPhone 4, 5, and 6. Apple keeps on improving it’s products by bringing latest technology and innovation.

You are definitely welcome to add a few of yours. But here are some areas where we think, constantly and continuously improved features and specifications by Apple are inevitable:
  1. iPhone 8 Next Generation Technology

    With the use of latest technology Apple iPhone 8 would be most advance iPhone ever launched. Next generation smartphone processors, display screens and other technology component will make Apple iPhone 8 features much more enjoyable to the users. There would be Better Signal and recording audio quality, Improved Retina Display, a less glitching FaceTime over 4G in Apple iPhone 8.

  2. Better Display Screen

    You can surely expect screen of Apple iPhone 8 to be much better then iPhone Retina Display, as we know it today. Apple is working on next generation display technology that is be bendable and flexible. The company is evaluating and researching a number of patents in this account, including one of Flexible OLED display.

  3. iPhone 8 powered by A9 Processor and 4GB memory

    Apple iPhone 8 will also feature a powerful A9 processing chip, more powerful than 8-core processors, supported by 4Gb RAM to guarantee higher levels of multitasking at higher speeds.

  4. iPhone 8G with 512GB model

    iPhone 8G is expected to be available in models with 256GB and 512GB storage capacity. Increase in storage will enable iPhone 8th generation to provide enough space to increased disk demand by new iOS 10 operating system software. Larger storage will also allow more storage of HD videos, photos and music.

  5. Next Gen iPhone with 32MP Camera

    Apple iPhone is rumored to feature a 32 MP rear camera with 1080 pixel HD video recording and a next generation Apple. Current generation of iPhone packs 8 mega pixel rear cameras . Additional features in this camera are sure to be a must to ensure it is able to shrug off competition from already released products. iPhone 8 specs also include an 8MP front facing camera.

  6. Apple iPhone 8 with 5G

    With the release of any new Apple device new features and functions has always been the end result and this is sure to be with iPhone 8. Apple iPhone 8 is sure to include the 5G network both on AT&T and Spirit networks.

  7. iPhone 8 File Transfer

    File sharing is another patent that Apple has recently filed, it is unique and one of a kind as it involves physical motion pouring or flicking so as to transfer files and information between any iOS devices. This will make it possible for iPhone 8 to copy a file from an iPhone 8 to other iPhone or iPads by simply making a pouring motion with the phone. Flicking of files to people near you will also be a possible.

  8. iPhone Wireless Charging Support

    Wireless charging is another feature that is making lots of airwaves in the tech world of which iPhone 8 will surely feature. Wireless charging works by electromagnets charging the battery without any plugging from the source of power.

  9. iPhone hybrid battery

    In 2015-2016 when the next generation iPhone 8 is released, there will not be any need to charge it in the conventional way we do now days. Steve Jobs had already figured out in his life, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries are not an efficient source of power. He was thinking on the concepts of an iPhone 8 with renewable energy. Solar cells printed on paper and sensors that store kinetic energy for an Apple-patented renewable energy charging feature were his candidate ideas. So the future iPhone 8 is going to have one of these energy sources or may be a hybrid of both.

  10. Apple iOS 10 with More Applications

    iPhone 8 will run on new Apple iOS 10 operating software rumored, running on powerful A9 processors and 4GB RAM, to ensure the device is able to carry out various activities with utmost speeds and reliability.

  11. iPhone 8 with JIRI, the next generation SIRI

    Jiri will be the next generation Siri in iOS9/10, which is technological transition from GUI and VUI to MUI. Apple SIRI, introduced with iPhone 4S Siri was the first effective Voice User Interface (VUI), a paradigm shift usability transformation from typical touch based Graphical User Interface (GUI). But the next generation usability is to bridge the remaining distance to the mind, with a Mind User Interface (MUI).

    Jiri is the technology that combined with Apple iGlass and iWatch has potential to beat Augmented Reality based Google Glass with huge margin.

    With the pace where technology is evolving so rapidly, there no reason an device could not be invented with a revolutionary MUI. Our thoughts would control the super-responsive virtual assistant embedded within the exciting iPhone 8. If you thought “What can I get my wife for her anniversary present?”, JIRI (Jobs Intuitive Recognition Interface) would immediately offer suggestions like Tiffany jewelry, a romantic restaurant and flowers delivered based on your last buying patterns and the data mining results of your spouse’s profile.

    Have you heard that in Heaven all your wishes will come true as soon as you think in mind. This is the "Jiri", an ultimate UI idea from the Steve Jobs concepts of iHeaven.

  12. Green iPhone 8 Technology

    iPhone 8 will be a for sure greener solution. The time, cost and energy it will save by eliminating the need for you to go window shopping from store to store or buying a special gift at the 11th hour. The elegant MUI will enable you to save fuel, reduce carbon emissions and eliminate waste in innumerable ways.

iPhone 8G Price Estimation

Apple is the company know to keep its cards close to the chest, therefore here are no official words on iPhone 8 Price or release schedule so far, and we expected them to keep their lips sealed till the 11th hour. However, financial costing analysts and retailers estimate iPhone 8 price tag to go range from $599 to $899 in United States, depending upon the storage model.
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