Samsung YOUM Release Date and Specs of Flexible Display Phones

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Samsung YOUM are Flexible Display Phone. View Samsung YOUM Phone Specs, Release Date, expected Price and all about it.

The concepts of Wearable Phones, Flexible Phones or Bendable Phones are not new. But Samsung YOUM Phone with Flexible OLED display is the first of a kind product in this direction, that has been announced by the world's top smartphone and display manufacturer from Korea.

Samsung were able to show off a handful of devices which were curved or bent to perfectly highlight the new YOUM technology while still displaying images and videos. There was also a prototype that featured slanted edges.

YOUM is the name of a new technology developed by Samsung that incorporates bendable organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays. Samsung claims that the Youm displays will be nearly unbreakable.

Samsung YOUM Release Date and Specs of Flexible Display Phones

Samsung gave a brief glimpse of what can be expected from its YOUM Future Flexible Display Phones. Samsung YOUM Flexible Display technology was demonstrated at CES 2013 closing keynote. It is highly anticipated that the Samsung's new technology is sure not to be short of a perfect eye popping.

Samsung YOUM Release Date

It often takes several years to move new technology along to the point where it’s ready to show to the customer. Then you have to figure a way to get it mass produced, so even if Samsung does have something to show in 2013, customers probably won’t get to enjoy the benefits immediately.

Samsung YOUM Phone Release Date still have not been officially announced. But Wall Street Journal reported that the sources within the Samsung have revealed that the Samsung YOUM flexible phones will be on shelves in the first quarter of 2014.

Samsung YOUM Phone Specifications and Features

The Samsung YOUM prototype was not a true phone as it lacked a radio operating software and a camera. The prototype was essentially more like a touch capable digital picture that utilized a low power processor to cycle through the images.

During the CES 2013 keynote address, Samsung used a handful of demo to show the press what the new YOUM Phone technology is all about. Lets have a lot at what Samsung YOUM has in term of Specs and Features that the new technology phones are coming with:
  1. Samsung YOUM Flexible Unbreakable Design

    The new OLED display is made from extremely thin plastic instead of glass, making it more durable and shatterproof. The new technology is highly suited for all sort of displays shapes and sizes aimed at making displays unbreakable at all costs. A plastic based AMOLED will also be lighter, thinner, consume less power, and provide better color.

    Samsung YOUM Flexible OLED Unbreakable Design

  2. Samsung YOUM Phone Screen

    Samsung YOUM device screen wraps around the side edges able to display information like messages and other alerts without necessarily having to view the entire display. Samsung YOUM features a screen that falls off towards the rear edge of the device on the right side able to display landscape oriented notifications along the edge. With this kind of technology you will still be able to read text messages stock tickers and other notifications from the side even If the case is covering the screen.

    With this kind of technology you will be able view notifications without necessarily having to open the phone as it displays text notifications in a marquee scrolling style.

    Samsung YOUM Phone Screen

  3. Samsung Flexible Display Resolution

    Samsung YOUM Phone is coming out with a 5 inches OLED display with 720 resolution and an aspect ratio of 16:9, this is sure to guarantee high levels of clarity. Samsung Youm OLED display is given a deeper black and higher overall contrast ratio, to be able to offer better power efficiency than the traditional LCD displays.

  4. Samsung Foldable, Bendable and Flexible Phones

    Samsung already uses HD Super AMOLED displays in its Galaxy smartphones, thus OLED display is not a new thing. Samsung Youm OLED display technology make quite thin plastic display screens that is able to be folded like a sheet. However, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 were not possible to be the flexible display phones because the rest of their components are rigid.

    Samsung is close but still working to make flexible circuit board and batteries using Fluid Electronics techniques, which make use of an ultra-thin sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a lattice to build flexible electronics.

    Therefore, you must understand that an absolute flexible and bendable smartphone might not come out all at once very soon. Instead the first generation Samsung YOUM device might come out with a bended or foldable display, with a gradual transition toward a complete flexible phone over the course of few years.

    Samsung Foldable, Bendable and Flexible Phones
The main advantage of this technology is that Smartphone’s will be quite smaller as compared to the previous Smartphone’s. Instead of inserting them in your pocket as a bigger screen you will be able to insert them in storage medium sizes.

With YOUM kind of displays, it essentially means that days are coming when one will be able to fold up hefty handsets or tablets. Samsung is not new to this experience as it had demonstrated flexible displays at CES 2011.

It is for this reason that it shed more light on their aim to carry the new technology to their upcoming devices. The thing that will make YOUM kind of displays to withstand the changing times is their ability to offer better form factors and higher improved pixel displays. The race for bendable technology is gaining pace with companies like LG, Philips, Sharp, Sony, and Nokia also working on bendable phones and tablets.
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