Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, Specs and Price

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See Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date along with expected Specs, Features and Price of Microsoft Windows based Surface Smartphones.

Surface Smartphones will be the first phones from Microsoft featuring its latest windows operating system software, which is already in competition with BlackBerry 10 for third position after Google Android and Apple iOS.

After Microsoft Surface Tablet launch last year, it is definitely not a secret that Microsoft wants to venture even deeper in the Smartphone industry.

Microsoft branded Windows Phone handset news are coming out by several sources including Wall Street Journal, The Verge, TechRadar and recently by All Things Digital which reports that even Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop fears that 'Microsoft Surface Phone Could Screw Us':
Microsoft may make strategic decisions or changes that may be detrimental to us. For example, in addition to the Surface tablet, Microsoft may broaden its strategy to sell other mobile devices under its own brand, including smartphones. This could lead Microsoft to focus more on their own devices and less on mobile devices of other manufacturers that operate on the Windows Phone platform, including Nokia.
Microsoft Nokia Partnership is a software hardware smartphone manufacturing partnership, back in 2011, to compete Apple and Android device. A Microsoft Phone release could certainly deliver a fatal blow to Nokia, that has put all its cards on Microsoft Windows Phone software and ditched its own software and Symbian operating system phones in favor of WP OS.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, Specs and Price

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date

Wall Street Journal states that Microsoft is testing Surface Phones with some Asian partners, and although it is not known when these handsets would come to production, its is estimated to be in late 2013.

However, since Microsoft is busy in with next windows codenamed Windows Blue and next Xbox codenamed Xbox 720, we do not expect a Microsoft Surface Phone release date before late next year, around September-October 2014. This is mainly aimed at attracting the impulse buying that usually comes with the festive season.

A lot seems yet to come so the wait for the release of this one of a kind Smartphone continues. In the meanwhile let have a look at the leaked Surface Phone specs and features:

Surface Phone Features and Specs

Microsoft Surface Phone design is inspired by surface tablet from the sides to the ports, speakers and overlook. The device will feature a smooth cover worth holding in the hands. Surface Smartphone rectangular elegant block technology is sure to attract a lot of passion in comparison to the Apple iPhone.
  1. Display
    Microsoft will essentially feature an improved display that is sure to be the talk of town. A 5 inch Super AMOLED HD display is rumored to be on the cards from Microsoft. Better and improved screen resolution is also a must to ensure it has the highest levels of clarity and vividness. This will ensure it is perfect for any form of video streaming. Its pixel resolution will essentially stand at 1280 X 720.

  2. Processor
    Processors are nowadays the talk with the release of any new Smartphone, this is essentially because smart phones are becoming small laptops required to perform multiple tasks without any hang ups. It is for this reason that Microsoft surface Smartphone will feature a quad core snapdragon processor. This is sure to ensure higher levels of multitasking at any given time

  3. Camera
    The camera is to be given an uplift in comparison to the already released Smartphone’s in the market; this is to ensure it is able to shrug off competition in terms of photography. A 12 megapixel camera is in the offing which will essentially make it standout in comparison to iPhone 5. The camera will feature an ultra bright flash that will ensure one is able to take good pictures even in the minimal of light. Its camera will also feature a kickass kickstand.

  4. Skype Integrated
    Surface Smartphone is also rumored to feature a special Skype camera on board, activated by the double press of the camera key on the device, to instantly start video chatting.

  5. RAM
    RAM plays an important role in ensuring a phone is able to carry out many functions at high speeds without any hang-ups. Microsoft surface phone will essentially transform the Smartphone world by featuring a powerful 2GB RAM. With this kind of power you will not need to worry about playing games accessing the internet or streaming videos. Other already released Smartphone are known to feature RAM’s lower than 2GB

  6. Storage
    Microsoft surface phone will come with two storage option depending on what one is willing to pay and the need for space. It will be available in both 32 and 64GB options. This is sure to provide the ultimate storage space. Rumors on a microSd slot space have not yet surfaced for additional storage space for those in need.

  7. Battery
    For improved battery life, depending on what one will be doing with this Smartphone; it will essentially feature a 2500mAh battery able to guarantee longer battery life.

  8. Connectivity
    Microsoft Surface phone will feature the 4G LTE connectivity able to guarantee improved speeds of downloading videos and music. The device will also feature the latest brand of Bluetooth connectivity able to guarantee fast transfer of files and documents.

  9. Operating software
    Microsoft already preparing Windows 9 Launch, Microsoft surface phone will essentially run on an OS that is hybrid between Microsoft Windows 9 and WP9 as it was mainly developed for this kind of devices. Microsoft is trying to bring unanimous operating system software experience for PC, Tablet and Smartphone platforms, which will not only essentially make them easily interoperable with each other but with next generation Microsoft Xbox 720 as well. According to reliable sources it seems surface phone may bypass carriers and essentially rely on software updates from Microsoft directly.
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