iPod touch 6th Generation Release Date, Price, Features, Specs 2014

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View iPod touch 6th Generation Release Date in 2014; its Price, Features, Specs like display screen, processor, camera, connectivity, battery life, iOS, Siri and new iPod touch colors.

Apple's new iPod touch 6 also known as iPod touch 6G, iPod 6, iTouch 6, iPod touch 6 is the 6th gen of your favorite portable media player gadget

We have been collecting and presenting you each and every bit of information available on iPod touch 6G for last two years and we are thankful to other itouch fans for bearing with us.

From now onward we'll be updating this page every month to give you fresh and upto date information on new iPod touch 2014 release date, specs and price. Please bookmark or share this page to your social media walls to keep in touch with us about the updates till October 2014 when iPod touch 6th gen comes out.

new iPod touch 6th Generation Release Date, Price, Features, Specs 2014

Apple will always remain at the top as one of the best manufacturers of top quality devices. Apple next product lineup for 2014 including much hyped iWatch, iPod Nano 8G, iPod Touch 6, iPad 6, iPad mini 2014 and larger iPhone 6 running new iOS 8 will generate lots of excitement.

The new ipod 6th generation draws its design and hardware cues from iPhone 6 and iPhone 5C, which guarantees that next iPod Touch 6 generation will be a piece of cake device in digital media player class.

While currently tech news and media outlets are chewing high about the much hyped iPhone 6, let's have a sneak peak at the next model of iPhone's "little brother", the new iPod Touch 6.

iPod touch 6th Generation Release Date

Apple iPod touch 5th generation was refreshed in 2013 with an entry-level new iPod touch 5G 16GB model in silver color without rear iSight camera for $229. Yet a next generation iPod touch update remained pending FOR 2014 as per tradition that when iPhone changes its little brother iPod Touch also follow the parade.

Despite of the all the rumors and speculation that Apple would announce a next generation iPod Touch 6 model at a media event in September 2013, We had mentioned that there is no chance for iPod touch 6G coming out in 2013.

However, there are reasons to believe that iTouch project is not shelved and Apple is still working on iPod Touch 6 to refresh it's media player product line, though it low priority compared to other projects. Let's take a closer look upon all iPod Touch 6G rumors and speculation and analyze a bit about the possible iPod Touch 6G features, its cost and release date:

iPod touch 6th Generation Release Date 2014

In October, Apple is used to refresh its iPod gadgets if we track the history records. Apple used to have new iPod touch generation every year till 2010. Then 4th and 5th generations upgrades had 2 years gap between them. This delay between iPod touch 5th generation to iPod touch 6th generation is escalated to 3rd years now as shown below in the iPod touch generations product timeline:
  1. 2007 SEP: iPod Touch 1st generation released
  2. 2008 SEP: iPod Touch 2nd generation released
  3. 2009 SEP: iPod Touch 3rd generation released
  4. 2010 SEP: iPod Touch 4th generation released
  5. 2012 OCT: iPod Touch 5th generation released
  6. 2013 MAY: Apple iPod touch 16 GB introduced without rear camera for $229
  7. 2013 MAY: Apple iPod Touch sales reaches to 100 Million units milestone
  8. 2013 SEP: Apple iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle introduced in space gray colors
  9. 2014 JAN: Tim Cook hinted that iPod is a 'Declining Business'
  10. 2014 JUL: Apple iPod Touch 5 16GB introduced for $199, 32/64GB models price cut to $249/$299
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation update was expected in October 2014
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation price cut is expected in December 2014
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation release date pushed down to 2015 after iWatch launch.

Apple seemed not very keen to come up with a new iPod generation. The simple reason for iPod touch 6G not being launched in 2014 is that its development is not ready yet. However, if we tear down this simple reason, the actual reason are:
  • iPod devices popularity graph in decreasing among teens, who are its original market.
  • Next generation iPod touch media player can cannibalize Apple Watch, the wearable media device.
  • Between Apple Watch and 3 iPad mini devices there is only a slight place for iPod touch.
  • There are pending technical decision on iPod touch 6 development as a redefined media player.

iPod touch 6th Generation Release Date 2015

So what is the future of iPod touch? Is iPod touch gone for good? If Apple has not shelved the product line, when it plans to come up with the an iPod touch 6th generation upgraded?

Apple iPod touch 6 release date has been postponed to initial months in 2015, somewhere near the launch of Apple Watches. Delays in development and testing phase are being cited as the primary reason behind the date shift. Apple is reported to be still mulling over, what should be the best size for a next generation iPod touch, with more votes for iPhone 6 Plus like 5.5 inches display. Apple is also investigating into "bendgate" issue because can cause problems for consumers later.

Apple believes that launching iPod Touch 6 as a conventional media player will not be enough. The users should get a complete entertainment package with HD retina display, Touch ID and compatibility with the Watch to make payment through Apple systems.

Should I buy an iPod touch 5 or wait for 6th generation?
We hear this question quite often. For all our reader with this question, our answer is, please wait! Since, the iTouch device line is not shelved yet, better to wait for the iPod touch 6th generation release date in 2015. Else at-least wait another few weeks, since iPod touch 5 price cut is obvious, bringing its price tag below iPad mini product line, as now we have 3 generations of it. The third option is to go for an iPad mini, though its not portable, within same price tag it offers everything with a bigger screen for browsing, gaming and movies.

iPod Touch 6th generation Features and Specs

Enhanced stylish and modish design is what will essentially make 6th Generation new iPod Touch 6G stand out when compared to other devices and even with its own previous versions.

Apple iPod Touch 5G Review shows some areas which eventually be improvement in next generation iPod Touch 6G. Two of the most probable areas that are going to be improved are screen size and camera; other would be Operating system, Processor and few other minor technical tweaks.
  1. iPod touch 6th Generation Colors
    Choice has also been taken into consideration as it will be available in a wide array colors ranging from blue, green, orange, Pink, Light grey Dark grey and red.

  2. Larger Display 5 Inches
    Apple has always positioned iPod Touch as the best game and music gadget. That's why, new iPod touch 6th Generation features a display bigger from iTouch 5G's 4.0 inches to 5.5 inches HD Retina Display with same size, in order to stay aligned with latest media gadgets trends. The newer iPod Touch 6G will also have a 1280x720 pixels resolution with 440 pixels per inch.

  3. Processor A6 Dual-core 1GHZ
    The 5th generation iTouch was the first iPod Touch generation to feature a dual-core processor. The 6th generation iPod Touch 6G will have the same class energetic A6 Dual-core chip with 1GHZ, found in the iPhone 5. It will make the iTouch 6G real fast and powerful enough than ever.

  4. Camera 8MP, 1.5MP
    New iPod Touch 6G will have an 8 megapixels iSight rear camera with same features like auto-focus, backside illumination, five-element lens, LED flash, face detection, and a hybrid IR filter. The second front camera is going to have 1.5 megapixels with HD video of up to 720p and 30 frames per second.

  5. Memory 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
    The new iPod touch 6th Generation specs will also include its RAM doubled from 5th generation, coming in at 1G RAM.

    Currently, the iPod Touch 5G is available in the 32GB and 64GB storage models. Due to increasing content storage demand, the gadget is expected to go beyond iPod touch 64GB storage limit with an iPod touch 128GB model too.

  6. iPod Touch 6 with NFC
    There are reports that the new iPod Touch could also support Near Field Communication. NFC is a wireless standard that will enable secure wireless communication between mobile devices. Especially when it comes to the mobile phone (or even your iPod) to pay the way, could NFC will play a major role. The PassBoook App gives us already a first impression of what might await us soon.

  7. Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
    iPod 6 is expected to have same connectivity specs of 5th Generation iPod Touch with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth version 4.0.

  8. Longer Battery Power
    If Apple iPhone 6 came out with organic radical battery (ORB) technology, then iPod Touch 6G might feature ORB battery too, otherwise a more powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery is good to go. The iPod Touch 6G battery would be capable of 60 hours music playback time, when fully charged, and around 10 hours for video playback.

  9. iOS 8 and Siri
    Other update for Apple iPod Touch 6G includes iOS 8 with Siri running on A7 processor

iPod Touch 6th Generation Price in US

The new iPod Touch 6th Generation price is another thing worth talking about sixth generation update. An iPod Touch 4G 32GB price tag is $249, iPod Touch 5G 32GB costs $299 and 64GB for $399 respectively. Apple iPod Touch 6G price will be the same as what iPod Touch 5G costs currently, while an iPod touch 5 price drop is inevitable upon iPod Touch 6 launch.

Apple really needs to launch an iPod touch 6 upgrade, as its charm is fading among kids, teens and gulls. You can look at how does iPod 5 compares in iPod Touch vs iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5 vs iPhone 5 comparisons. A lot of i touch users are migrating towards iPad Mini.

While others who do not want to pay $100 to $200 extra for device upgrade are turning towards Android devices like Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 that give extra fun within same $300 price tag. You can also compare iPod Touch 4 vs Galaxy Player 5.8 and iPod Touch 5G vs iPod Touch 4G to learn size, screen and camera differences.
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  1. This info is really interesting... Cant wait!

  2. cant wait! didn't but the ipod 5.. Will definitely buy this!!

  3. I was going to buy the ipod 5G, but now I don't know anymore!!!

  4. I was going to buy the Ipod touch 5 then I decied to look up to see if their making a sixth one and I am glad I did because I want that one now and it will give me time to save up money to buy it.

  5. It probably will cost 350 for the 32 gb

  6. 5g and 6g IPod touch seem very alike... I dunno which one to buy!

  7. I don't think the ipod 6g is different than the ipod 5g. Besides, the ipod 5g has 1080 hd recording! I bet the 6g will be more pricey though. I'd rather buy a 5g (which i'm getting prob in September with my birthday money and more that I earn.) Hopefully the prices will drop a little. But further more it's perfect the way it is and I think future versions will be useless unless they put anything good and new in it. But we have apps, haha. SO I recommend buying 5g! :)


  8. If the Itouch 6 truly comes with an A6 processor,1GB Ram,increased screan size (hopefully they remove the loop feature), and obviously it shall be able to run iOS8..then I'll save my money :)

  9. All the iTouch 6 needs is more memory, better battery life, 8mp rear camera and an HD FaceTime camera and a better chip. The size isn't really an issue, it's a good size (for me anyway. I have small fingers so the keyboard is nice.). I honestly think that it should be able to run at least ios 8 and ios 9 (if it comes out).

  10. omg cant wait totally gonna buy one

  11. Are yall updating this page every month like you said?

    1. Yes, we have an eagle eye on all the iPod touch 6 related updates. The new iPod touch 6 coming out in Apple's October 2014 event. We'll post all the details of it on Monday September 08, 2014.

    2. It's Monday the 8th, what time will you release the new info.

    3. @Nick I respect your feelings. But Apple iPod Touch update is overdue for two years. Apple iPhones 6 and iWatch launching event is scheduled for today. You might have to wait few more weeks for iPod touch 6G release date, as it is not being launched in today's Apple event. The new iPod touch 2014 is coming out in an October in a separate event. Keep in touch, we'll post the details here shortly.

    4. Thanks. got a little over excited, sorry if my last reply sounded rude.

  12. I really hope the ipod has a A7 or A8 chip but apple will probally have the A6
    but the A6 is probally going to last to about ios 9

  13. Bad news guys. IPOD TOUCH 6TH GEN. Wasn't announced! I'm so dismayed! [-(

  14. It is not near the end of November, and the iPod Touch 6G still isn't out yet...any new updates about the product yet?

    1. @Amir Sejdic, there is not any iPod touch 6th generation release date on 2014 calender now. Apple has delayed the iPod touch 6 release date to April 2015, due to iPhone 6 and iPad Mini supply engagement.

  15. the reason the iPod touch is declining is because it doesn't get much support. You can't release a product already a year behind on release In terms of speed and then wait 2 years and expect people to buy a product that's 3 years behind. They either release and iPod with the same processor as the iPhone then wait 2 years to release another one or release an iPod every year but have it be one year behind with it's processor. It's all about the speed and how long it's going to last and with the the terrible specs and the 2 year gap in between a lot of people don't even bother buying one. Now if you were able to downgrade to any firmware you'd like then that would be a different story. Hopefully the 6th generation comes with an A7 or an A8. An A6 is unacceptable.

  16. Ipod touch 6 will it look like Iphone6?

  17. Updates when the ipod touch 6th gen will be released? I'm really excited. :)

  18. Any updates about this? I'm so confused whether I should get the 5th gen again (bc i lost it) or wait for the 6th gen to be released :'(


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