iPod nano 8th Generation Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors

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View new iPad nano 8th Generation Release date, Price, Specs, Features and rumors review.

Apple's new iPod Nano 8G release date in 2014 along with iWatch, iPod Touch 6G and iPhone 6 is sure to bring glamorous features and and epic glitz with the one of a kind piece of magnificent technology.

Apple iPod nano 8 and iPod Touch 6 gen might not the most popular gadget to come, but it is still important from consumer point of view who are waiting for next iPad Nano generation for more than year.

Apple iPod Nano 2014 update is the successor of Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation and it would not be a surprise that iPod Nano 8th generation features set would bring some of the exquisite things from the new splendid iPod Nano gadget including extra power, 32GB memory, longer battery, Bluetooth support, new Wristband, iOS 8, Facetime and Siri features.

iPod nano is the world's top digital media player designed and marketed by Apple. With FM radio, pedometer, 39.1 mm (1.54 inches) size and 240×240 multitouch interface; first generation iPod Nano was introduced in 2005 to replacement Apple iPod Mini. Since than it has observed 6 iPad nano updates so far.

According to Apple Insider referring to an Apple patent titled ‘Environment Sensitive Display Tag’ published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, this time Apple is planning to add new sensors for a camera and new software features.
iPod Nano 8G Release Date  2014, Price, Specs and Features

It is also being rumored that new iPod Nano 8G will get bigger screen this time too with 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage models. Many times, Apple has redesign iPod Nano in the past couple of years. To get a more focused insight on what future design and features improvements we may see in Apple's new iPod Nano 2014, please checkout iPod Nano 8th Generation Review.

iPod Nano 8th Generation Release Date 2014

There are some iPod nano 2014 rumors and reports running around over the internet that suggest that iPod Nano 8G is coming out in early 2014.

Well, no one know other than Apple that when the iPod nano 8 Gen is releasing, but we do not expect iPod Nano 8th generation coming out before fall 2014.

The iPod Nano first generation was introduced by Apple in year 2005 as a replacement for the Apple iPod Mini. Apple iPod Nano has witnessed six generations launches successfully since its launch.

Now Apple plans for 8th Generation iPod Nano Release in fall 2014. New iPod Nano 8th Generation Release Date is evident from the gadget upgrade pattern Apple follows for its devices new models.

Apple iPod Nano 6G was released in September 2010. Then Apple skipped the 2011 and with an iPod Nano 7th Generation launch in 2012.

Apple is is going to follow the same pattern for iPad Nano 8G Release Date that it skipped the 2013 and we are directly going to see new iPod Nano 8G launch in October 2014 with or soon after Apple iPhone 6 release.

iPod nano 8G 2014 Price in US

It not hard to forecast how much iPod nano 8th generation costs. Lets check out what will be iPod Nano 8th generation price when it comes out in fall 2014.

Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation Price at the time of launch was around $149. Which was bit expensive in comparison to competitor devices available in the market. But to Apple fans this price tag sounds quite reasonable for the iconic beauty, brand value, product quality and features Apple iPod nano offers.

Apple is the technology company that stays consistent in its pricing. Apple is known to bring next generation gadgets under almost the same pricing tag. Therefore we are expecting the new iPod nano 8G price to be same of iPod nano 7th generation at $149, despite of the reports that the iPod Nano 8th generation Price may rise up especially with Siri and other features on board.

iPod Nano 2014 Release Date, Price and Features

iPod Nano 8G Specs and Features

Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation was the best iPod nano ever made. iPod Nano 7G was a complete redesign at 2.5 inches display that perfectly fits widescreen video. Apple iPod Nano 7G released in 2012 has several new features like FM Radio, Bluetooth, built-in Pedometer and Nike+ support. iPod Nano 7th generation had 30 hours of audio playback and 3.5 hours of video.

iPod nano 8G is not the most talked about product update to come, but for both customers and Apple it still plays a key role in the iDevice lineup.

Apple have essentially decided to go on an overdrive to improve new iPod Nano 2014 8th Generation by incorporating new features like a camera, sensors and games so that it is not perceived just like any other gadget but a worthy companion in terms of removing any boredom in its compact nature and utmost reliability.
  • iPod Nano 8G with Camera
    There are reports that Apple has finally decided to make an improvement on the new iPod Nano 8G by incorporating a camera in it to curtail this most widely known cons the device.

    Apple preparing an iPad Nano 2014 featuring a modified version of the 5 megapixel camera, this will be both upgraded and significantly cheaper. Moving on from this a source close to Apples Asian supply chain has now gone on to tell us exclusively that they are also testing the possibility of this cheaper camera going in other devices, such as the next iPod nano. Although wanting to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the source of the information is close to Apple’s operations and has provided accurate tip offs in the past.

    Lack of Camera was one of the many downfalls of the previous versions of the iPod Nano such as the 6th and 7th generation which did not come with this modern essential feature. A camera is highly essentially in the modern world as it enables one to capture those epic moments that only come only ones or in a glitz of a second. Apple also wanted to cater for the needs of those people who love to take videos.

  • iPod Nano 8G Facetime, Siri and More Apps
    The new Apple iPod Nano would essentially live to the hype if Apple go that extra mile and incorporate unique apps in it. The hype of any electronic gadget nowadays depends on it’s on its ability to allow apps that essentially transform life into an exciting experience that is free of any boredom. If Apple iPod Nano rolls into the market with apps such as Siri and Facetime then it will essentially stand out as a must have.

  • iPod Nano 2014 Bluetooth Wristband
    iPod nano 8G rumors running around clearly show that the new Apple iPod Nano 8G would come with a Bluetooth wrist thus the reason why it would be a must buy one of a kind iPod. This has essentially been attributed to the huge demand of the iPod Nano wrist watch. Controls are the other features that Apple is thought to be considering making an improvement on the 8th generation. The watch is another exquisite feature that the new Apple iPod Nano will essentially come with making it a must have gadget. A modish clock is also on the offing that is sure to complement its utmost beauty.

  • iPod Nano 8th Generation Storage
    Storage is highly important as it enables one to have his or her files at the touch of a button with ease without having to store them in huge devices. It is highly rumored that the new epic Apple iPod Nano 8G would come with a memory capacity of up to 32GB. With these kind of storage capacity one would be able to store all sorts of videos photos and music without having to worry much about space. This is essentially an important improvement as compared to the early versions of the iPod which had limited storage capacity of 8GB.

  • iPod Nano 8G Battery Life
    Battery life is another aspect that apple seem to give a closer look so as to make Apple iPod Nano 8G highly marketable. Nano 6G is notably known to consume up to 24hours when fully charged while playing music while Nano 7G is known to consume 25.5 hours while performing the same task. It would be no surprise that the new glamorous Apple iPod Nano will incorporate a more efficient and long lasting battery.

  • iPod Nano 8G 2014 in 9 colors
    Apple's new iPod Nano 8G is coming out in 2014 in nine different candy colors, that includes black, silver, purple, teal, green, yellow, pink, purple and red.
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