Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 US Release Date, Price and Specs Review

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View Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 Release Date and Price for USA along with its specs compared with rival media player devices like Apple iPod Touch 4G and recent 5th Generation Apple iPod Touch 5G.

Galaxy Player 5.8 is new update to Samsung Galaxy Player lineup, an Android-based competitor of Apple iPod Touch line. This new media gadget features 5.8 qHD Display Screen with 960x540 resolution. It runs Samsung TouchWiz interface over Android 4.0 ICS operating system. Samsung's new player has dual stereo speakers one on top and other on bottom. It has internal storage capacity of 16GB and 32GB along with a MicroSD slot for storage expansion.

Baggy pants are what you will need for the new exquisite product from Samsung Galaxy player 5.8. Bigger and better is the word that perfectly masters the new gaming player that is sure to bring lots of excitement in the already competitive handset industry.

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 US Release Date, Price and Specs

Galaxy Player 5.8 Release Date in USA

Galaxy Player 5.8 has been launched for Korea only yet. Galaxy Player 5.8 Release Date for USA and other countries would be officially announced at MWC 2013.

Galaxy Player 5.8 Price in USA

It will be interesting to see what price tag Samsung attaches to the new Galaxy Player 5.8 on its launch in USA. If it costs more than $250 (Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 costs $200), then the Galaxy Player 5.8 will not be a success in competition to Sony Walkman and Apple iPod Touch for the user looking for a media player.
For a price tag exceeding $250 Google Nexus 7 tablet is a far better choice with bigger 7-inches higher resolution display, more suited for media watching and priced at $300 for the 32GB model.

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 Review of Specs and Features

Samsung galaxy player 5.8 is considered as a learning device as it will feature a learning portal called “learning Hub”. This learning hub will mainly feature educational content. Here under is a quick overview of the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 Specs and following a detailed features review:
  • 5.8 inches qHD display with 560×940 pixel resolution
  • 1GHz dual core processor
  • 3 Megapixel camera rear camera and VGA front-facing camera
  • Dual Stereo speakers
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity
  • 16 and 32 GB internal storage with microSD card expansion slot
  • 2500 mAh battery
Size and Weight
Samsung galaxy 5.8 stands at 6.53inches in length by 3.38inches in width and 43inches in thickness coming with a portrait orientation. Compared to other Smartphone’s it will be extremely light standing at 233g of super light weight. Samsung galaxy player 5.8 will essentially stand out as one of the lightest media player at this weight capacity. Its design looks to be a cross of SIII and Galaxy Note 10.1.

Design, Look and Feel
A classy and stylish look is what the new design of galaxy 5.8 will be all about with its 10.8mm thickness. A glossy finish with perfect curves compliments the exterior design. The device will feature a physical button with two capacitive buttons. This design resembles Galaxy SIII in terms of grilles and the menu button.

Display Screen and Resolution
Samsung Galaxy player 5.8 will roll into the market with a 5.8inch 960X540 LCD displays that is sure to guarantee utmost clarity and vividness. A 5.8 screen is sure to give Galaxy SIII a run for its money especially for people who cherish big gadgets. Galaxy 5.8 player stands on the bigger side of the PMP arena and comes with a speaker grill addition on the front that perfectly distinguishes it from SIII. It provides 960x540 screen resolution for utmost clarity. It has a pixel per inch of190 just enough for the screen size. Its screen is rumored to be highly flexible able to withstand high shock levels.

Dual Cameras
Brace yourself for two cameras both the front and rear. The front camera will be beneficial for video chatting such as Skype while the rear camera will stand at 3MP for a perfect photo shot. This will also be the first media player to feature Touch wiz interface.

Processor and Memory
It is rumoured that the new Samsung product will run on a dual core processor clocked at 1 GHz. It will also feature a 1GB RAM that is sure to guarantee higher levels of multitasking.

Internal and External Storage
Galaxy player will feature two invariants internal storage capacity of 16GB and 32GB; it will also be available in black and white variants of colors. A MicroSD slot is available for enhancing the storage capacity. This memory capacity is sure to ensure one has the ultimate space for storing videos music and photos without any second thoughts.

Longer Battery
Longer battery life is what the new product from Samsung is sure to guarantee. Users will be entitled to a 2500mAh high powered battery that is perfect for wireless transfer of files.

FM Radio, WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity
This player will also feature 4.0 Bluetooth and able to use the Mobile digital Natural Engine Technology. It will also feature an in built Radio FM. This magnificent gadget will come with Wi-Fi capability essential for Wi-Fi internet connectivity with the Wi-Fi tethering option. HDMI connectivity options and micro USB ports are the other eccentric features that this player is sure to come with to signify its prowess.

Android 4.0 ICS Operating software
Samsung galaxy player 5.8 will essentially run on the new and lovely Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich operating system, considered as the best in UI. Android 4.0 ice creams is the talk of town with minimalistic user interface able to guarantee more features. Some of the best features that one stands to enjoy include; face unlock feature and data management.

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