LG G5 Release Date, Price, Specs Rumors Review

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LG G5 release date, price, specs rumors review has been started to be discussed widely. Although it is mostly still wild rumors and wishes. LG, as one of the leading electronic companies in the world, has started to develop its smartphone products to compete with other popular smartphone brands from big companies such as Samsung with its Samsung Galaxy series and Apple iPhone series.

It has not even been one year after the announcement of LG G3 in May 2014 and its release to the market in June 2014, but LG is releasing its updated version of LG G4. As LG G4 will soon be released to the market, people are already looking forward to LG G5.

LG looks to create yet another amazing smartphone in 2016 as the fifth installment called the LG G5 aims to impress. The LG G series selling smartphones have been voted as fan favorites year after year, and with the upcoming release of the G5, LG looks to continue the trend. With some amazing changes in store for us, the LG G5 release is expected to be yet another return as one of the year's best.

LG G5 Release Date, Price, Specs Rumors Review

We compiled a list of the G5's top specs and features. Note that these are all rumors for now and official news from LG is yet to be announced. Read on to find out more about what people discuss about in LG G5 release date, price, specs rumors review.

LG G5 Release Date, Price, Specs Rumors Review

Let's start our LG G5 release date, price, specs rumors review from smartphone's specifications:
  1. LG G5 Display

    Nevertheless, sapphire display screen is not the only thing that makes LG G5 might have such a high price. The display screen will also be 5.6 inch 4K with 4096 x 2160 screen resolution (545 ppi). That means, the images seen on the LG G5’s screen will be awesome.

  2. LG G5 Camera

    If we discuss LG G5 Camera camera specs, there are some rumors hinting that the LG G5 front camera will be 20 MP, while others say that the front camera will be 23 MP. Whichever it is, it promises to produce high quality photos. The rear camera of LG G5 is rumored to be 5 MP. In addition, the camera of LG G5 will also be 3D with Auto Focus, Dual LED, and Digital Image Stabilization to help the users take high quality photos.

  3. LG G5 Processor

    There are bright chances that we finally get 8 cores processing chip working with LG G5. The processor of LG G5 will be Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 Chipset 2.9 GHz Octa-Core.

  4. LG G5 RAM

    People also hope that 2016 will finally be the year when 5 GB RAM in smartphones is possible. Yet LG G5 RAM is expected to be 4GB RAM. That means, LG G5 will be able to run applications more smoothly.

  5. LG G5 Memory

    LG G5 is also expected to be available in 3 choices of internal storage, 16, 32, 64 GB, and can be equipped with external micro SD card that can be expanded up to 128 GB.

  6. LG G5 5G Connectivity

    The features of a 4G connectivity common in the latest handsets can do wonders in download speeds and in a gadget's performance. So it's pretty obvious that the G5 coming in the rumored 5G connectivity would provide better aspects in wireless technology.

  7. LG G5 Battery

    The battery of LG G5 is rumored to be 4100 mAh. That means, LG G5 will likely have a long life battery.

  8. LG G5 Software

    In the operating system department, LG G5 is predicted to have Android version higher than the current version (Android 5.0 Lollipop).

  9. LG G5 Features

    Other LG G5 features that are expected to be equipped in LG G5 include heart rate monitor, thermometer, barometer, compass, etc. It is also a great possibility that the device will be designed to be water resistant, dust resistant, and shockproof. That means, the device will still be okay if it fell into the water until certain depth, or if it fell to the floor or hard surface from certain height.

  10. LG G5 Colors

    The new LG G5 phone is expected to be available in various colors, not only in the colors of the previous versions which are black, white, gold, copper, and blue.

LG G5 Release Date

Seeing as Google usually releases a new version of Android annually in the months near the end of the year, and LG tends to release a new LG G smartphone around the middle of the year, LG G5’s operating system will likely be the next Android version after Lollipop (quite possibly its name is started with the letter "M") that is predicted to be released by Google in the months near the end of 2015. However, giving two updates in a year is least expected.

If we look at the history, LG G2 was announced in August 2013 and released in September 2013. LG G3 was announced in May 2014 and released in June 2014, LG G4 coming out on the same schedule, May-June 2015. The fact is, unlike other smartphone companies, LG still doesn't follow a regular schedule concerning the release date of LG G products. But generally, we can expect LG G5 to be available in the market around the middle months of 2016.

LG G5 Price in USA

Price is final thing that is discussed in LG G5 release date, price, specs rumors review. For instance, the screen of LG G5 is rumored to be made from sapphire, the third hardest material in the world that will most likely make LG G5’s screen scratch resistant. It will also make the device’s price become high.

LG G3 price is around $500. There are a lot of rumors that say that LG G4 price is around $600. It is too early to predict anything near accurate for the LG G5’s price. Some rumors say that LG G5’s price will be around $700, but others say that the price will be as high as around $900. Quite surprising huh? But if we review the rumors of LG G5’s specs, the prediction of the high price might come true after all.

People have high expectation for LG G5, and with the crazily fast advancement of technology, anything is possible. As the time gets closer to the predicted release date, the rumors about LG G5 will also become closer to the truth. So, stay tune here on the LG G5 release date, price, specs rumors review.

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