iPhone 6 Release Date 2014, Specs, Features and Price

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Find iPhone 6 Release Date in 2014, iPhone 6th Generation Features and expected Apple iPhone 6 Price.

iPhone 6 rumors and news are running high after Apple has hinted the launch of multiple smartphones this year, breaking its tradition of annual iPhone launch, probably to stay in competition with upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphones i.e Galaxy S IV and Galaxy Note 3.

Apple iPhone 5 hit the market in October 2012, for many as disappointment, because its was almost just a hardware upgrade brought to bridge the widening hardware specs gap with competitor devices and keep aligned with smartphone trends.

There are reasons to believe that Apple made iPhone 5 a modest update thoughtfully, to keep the more good stuff saved for an intermediate iPhone 5S Release in 2013. While the next 6th Generation iPhone is also slated for launch somewhere in 2014, most probably in last quarter.

Apple iPhone 6th Generation is expected to arrive in the stores worldwide in testing times, when Android phones will be about to sweep the smartphone market. Android is the smartphone operating system by Google, that is already nipping at its heels with 70% smartphone market share by third quarter of 2012, putting Apple on the defensive.

Therefore for Apple, iPhone 6 would not be merely a next generation iPhone, but its bid to win back the mobile market with a champion smartphone. Thus there is absolutely no doubts that Apple iPhone 6 is going to be the next best thing in the smartphone technology industry, this way or that way.

Lets keep reading to find the iPhone 6 Release Date, iPhone 6th Generation Features and Apple iPhone 6 Price:

Apple iPhone 6 Release Date 2014, Features and Price

iPhone 6 Release Date in 2014

There is a lot of speculation related to the Apple iPhone 6 launch all across the web. If we carefully examine the element of truth in these rumors, the upcoming iPhone 6th Generation Release Date could not be somewhere before October 2014.

An October 2014 iPhone 6 Launch predictions, can also be validated by the analysis of product release dates, which shows that Apple sticks to the 343 days rule, before a new iPhone device model launch.

Thus to our humble opinion, consumers across the world would have to wait until October 2014 for Apple iPhone 6 to come out in the market and to whet their appetite for the new iPhone 6 series.

All the escalating rumors of mid 2014 iPhone 6th Generation Release have not much substance in them and are a mere reflection of the Apple fans impatience to see the next version 6th Generation iPhone.

However, it would not be a surprise to see iPhone 5s coming out with a modest 5th Generation update to the current iPhone 5, in the October of 2013.

iPhone 6 2014 Specs and Features

Apple usually try includes something unique and cutting edge technology blended with exquisite sleek look and feel into every iPhone generation. Smudge-proof screen in the iPhone 3G, glass case in the iPhone 4G and 4 inches larger retina display in iPhone 5G are few examples. Here are some possibilities for the sixth generation Apple iPhone 6:
  1. Apple iPhone 6 Design, Size and Shape
    That Apples values elegance is a given. Steve Jobs paid keen attention to the looks of his always products, wanting them to be attractive and elegant. It would come as a surprise that iPhone 6 will come with more attractive with stylish features compared all the versions released so far. Apple had found a brilliant designer in its senior vice president of design, Jonathan Ive. His excellence in design capacity will enhance and make a big difference in the visual and overall appeal of iPhone 6.

    After the embarrassment Apple faced with the iPhone 4s wrap around antennas, they will be looking at major improvement in antenna designs. Though a new antenna system is a dim possibility, Apple will definitely look to improving the current design.

  2. Form factor Improvements
    Apple puts a tremendous amount of emphasis on the sleekness of its products. The iPhone 6 will be no exception, with a modern, lightweight, and thin look. Expect some surprises in terms of shape and, especially, materials, as Apple hopes to push the envelope and fend off attacks from Android hand makers, its largest competition.

  3. iPhone 6 Display
    If the French designer Nak’s words are anything to go by, iPhone will have more height than breadth on the surface. A home screen display with five rows of icons will be possible. The Apple store library is growing on a daily basis, and with the constantly addition of newer applications, Apple may look to accommodate customers and provide more screen space for icon display.

    The most visible and important change in iPhone 6 will be the edge to edge screen, in a bid to accommodate larger display. Apple iPhone has been coming with smaller screens compared to that of competitors, before iPhone 5. In iPhone 6th Generation, Apple may go in for a even bigger screen than 4 inches. As expected, the home button may be removed in the next version.

  4. Magic Morphing Chassis
    The sixth generation iPhone will come with a seamless design where none of the components, such as sensors and the camera, will be visible on the handset surface. The current iPhone 5 sports an aluminum and glass body, which gets interrupted by the camera and flash on the back, while on the front there is unsightly light sensor and front-facing camera.

    Apple is about to hide these hideous blemishes, with the help of new set of technology patents called 'Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal' (PDLC) window, a surface with the ability to change opacity. An electric current is used to change the opacity of the window, making it transparent while camera lens (and flash) or Fingerprint scanner i in use. Otherwise the new iPhone 6 will look like one continuous slab of uninterrupted beauty.

  5. Better Camera
    Apple iPhone 6 might be the first iPhone to cross the 12MP threshold with its camera, unsurprising as high-resolution images have always been a hallmark of Apple's products.

  6. Power Up
    Along with addition of newer technology to existing ones, Apple constant and current focus is on energy generation. iPhone 6th Generation may incorporate appropriate energy creation technology like fuel or solar cells, motion generation. Apple currently holds patent s for solar and fuel cells while the U.S Navy holds the patent for motion power generation.

  7. Near Field Communication
    This technology, with its advantages for daily life activities, was not utilized in iPhone 5. For one, iPhone users could have used their phones to make payment, for items purchased, at stores checkouts. This technology can be an invasion of privacy given it heavy reliance on data related to personal identification. The user does have the option of deactivate the NFC chip when not in use or when they do not want to use it.

  8. Voice Service Hotspots
    Losing a signal is a regular occurrence with any brand of phones and the iPhones are no exceptions. This may be a less of a problem for future iPhone users what with T-mobile supposedly getting ready to stick together the ranks of all the other carriers currently selling iPhones in the U.S, Ideally the iPhone 6 should come with ability to connect in secret with another phone of a similar make whenever a user experiences problems in involving to the voice network. If Apple goes ahead and introduces the energy generation technology in the latest version, battery depletion will not be a matter a concern.

  9. Apple iOS 7 on A7 Processor
    Apple iOS 7 will also debut around the same time, and with each successive Apple mobile operating system, increased complexity and added features create strains on the processor. Am A7 processing chip, faster than the ubiquitous Quard-core processors will rolled out with sixth generation iPhones.

  10. More Memory
    The iPhone app store shows no signs of abating in popularity, and without SD card memory expansion in Android phones, Apple will up the phone storage options available. Expect 64GB and 128GB variants.

  11. Better Battery Technology
    The iPhone 6 might be the first to use the organic radical battery (ORB) technology developed by Japan's NEC, which is more environmentally-friendly than current lithium ion batteries that have dangerous heavy metals. ORB also boasts an absurdly fast recharge time (about 30 seconds) and higher energy density (will be able to pack more power into a smaller battery).

2014 iPhone 6 Price in US

2014 iPhone 6 Price is expected to cost around $649 and $849 for a factory unlocked iPhone 6th Generation device, depending on the amount of memory space, and white and black versions of the smartphone.

Apple, as usual will offer the unlocked version of iPhone 6 in the U.S. after the device launched with the various carriers. Consumers looking for a factory unlocked iPhone 6 with not carrier contract strings attached, have to not only wait further but also spend extra money as upfront to get the unlocked version.

Apple is never known to make low cost gadgets, but in a world increasing influenced by Quality Budget Android Smartphones, iPhone look even costly. There's no doubt that some people pay extra for the make, materials, fit and finish of Apple iPhone that they love.

But not everyone might thinks like this, especially in the presence of other quality alternative gadgets in the form of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3. Let's wait what year 2014 brings and don't forget to share your thoughts in comments..!
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