iPhone5C price and specs in USA, UK, India, Pakistan

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Along with iPhone 5s Release Date, Apple cheaper iPhone 5c is coming out to USA, UK as well as Asian markets like China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Korea and Philippine.

Following the steps of Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and htc ONE mini, Apple has finally decided to launch a low-specs and low-budget mini of its own, the new iPhone 5C mini :-)

Apple iPhone5c 2013 might actually does not contain "mini" in its name, but practically this low cost iPhone uses the same strategy of a low-budget low-end model of a premium handset, to further capitalize on the brand.

Cheaper iPhone mini rumors have been doing round for years but it is only now that the news are really going to come true. Apple has scheduled an event for the new iPhone 5s Launch 2013, an upgrade to its iPhone 5 on September 10, an event which may be the budget friendly iPhone 5c release date.

new iPhone 5s AT&T Release Date and Price 2013

iPhone 5c Review of Specs and Features

While new iPhone 5s specs coming as an upgrade to the iPhone 5, the older iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s will be still available as pretty nice cheaper iPhone options.

new iPhone5C Specs

iPhones are high price, mainly because of high quality components and build materials. The aluminum uni body construction of the iPhone 5s might seem elegant and exquisite but it comes with huge cost. Thus a cheap iPhone 5c is going to be covered with low-cost polycarbonate plastic case.

Today, smartphones are already coming out in a range of colors like Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy S4 and recently Motorola Moto X. The cheaper iPhone5c will also be made available in 9 different colors, including the most talked about iPhone 5C Gold, considering the 'C' in iPhone 5 C stands for color and cost.

Cheaper iPhone 5C Specs and Price in USA, UK, India, Pakistan

Apple iPhone 5C features an 8MP rear and 1.9 front camera with A5 chip. The rest of the new iPhone 5C 2013 specs are coming out with more or less the same hardware capabilities of the iPhone 4s 2012.

There are other rumors that suggest a mini iPhone 5C with 10MP camera and 4 inches Retina display. But, since it would put the device in competition with Apple iPhone 5 and new iPhone 5s, we find it unlikely.

The iPhone 5C is rumored to come out in different storage variants like 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. iPhone 5C 2013 specs will also include 1GB RAM, which is essential to run new iOS7 Operating System.

When there is a new version of iOS in the making, Apple likes to launch it with the new edition of iPhone. The iOS 7 is going to arrive soon so it would not be surprising to see the cheaper iPhone 5C to sport the shiny new operating system.

Even if the iOS 7 will be made available on the iPhone 5C, it may not have high-end features like the AirDrop or in-camera filters.

The new iPhone5c will not have the Siri, the voice-assistant feature which was released on the iPhone 4s for the first time and then it become an essential iPhone and iPad features. Below is a iPhone 5c video. This hands-on video showcases the iPhone 5c body and compares to standard iPhone.

Cheaper iPhone 5C Price

The budget iPhone 5c will help Apple increase its market share in some emerging markets, where the current iPhone 5 is considered costly for the public buying.

Experts have anticipated that the new iPhone 5C would be available for 149$ on carrier contract, while there are reports that the iPhone 5c pricing plan will follow the same pricing of Google Nexus 4.

The iPhone 5C will cost between $300 to $400 in US for 16GB factory unlocked model, quite less compared to the price of the flagship iPhone 5s 2013.

The iPhone 5c price in India will be 25,000.Rs which means roughly around 40,000 in Pakistan.

iPhone5C Release Date 2013

When is the cheaper edition of iPhone 5 going to arrive? The big Apple event is slated to go live on September 10. The event is being held to reveal the new flagship device. Even if the iPhone 5C is announced on September 10, user will have to wait for a couple of weeks for it to be available in the market.

Apple usually waits for the following Friday after the unveiling to take pre-orders. So, it may be available for sale from September 20.

There is reports that four major carriers are going to support the new iPhone 5c on their networks, which includes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile with US Cellular might also following the race.
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