iPad Mini 2 Release Date 2013, Price and Specs with Retina Display

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View iPad Mini 2 Release Date 2013, Apple iPad Mini 2 Price and new iPadmini Specs that features Retina Display.

Beside iPad 5th Generation, Apple is rumored to be preparing an iPad Mini 2nd Generation launch. The 7.9 inches smaller iPad tablet feature Retina display with 2048x1536 pixels 326ppi resolution, powered by an A6X processor, which means an iPad Mini 2013 with specs same as iPad 4th Generation but in half the weight and half the price as current iPad 4.

New iPads rumors indicates that Apple will hit the market with next generations tablets having some attractive designs and technology specifications. However, the first generation Apple iPad Mini was not a huge success, in competition with Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Apple iPad Mini 2 Release Date, Price and Specs with Retina Display

Apple iPad Mini 2 Release Date, Price and Specs

Let’s go through the iPad Mini 2 Release Date, expected Price and upcoming specs and features.

iPad Mini 2 Release Date 2013

According to the Chinese website Zol, iPad Mini 2 release date is in March 2013, which is hard to believe, at least for us.

Apple, rather than making huge technological leaps, have been following a policy of fewer product refreshes, focusing on more gradual evolution and milking maximum profit in the meanwhile. Therefore, despite the fact that iFans are anxiously waiting for new iPad Mini 2 tablet, Apple itself seems pretty much unenthusiastic about shortening its yearly product release cycle, in favore of a iPad Mini 2 March 2013 release date.

There were reports that the price of original iPad Mini was high due to the display manufacturing complexities. The new GF DITO technology used in Apple iPad Mini touch screen technology was making a lot of hurdles in production stages. The display manufacturing complexities are expected to get even worse with iPad Mini 2 Retina Display, ultimately making an early release out of possibility.

According to sources, the new display for iPad Mini 2, will enter large number of shipments in second half of 2013, which means iPad mini 2nd generation is not expected to ship until Q4 2013. The information stands inline with AppleInsider leaks that Apple iPad Mini 2 is coming out in the market by November 2013.

Thus, keeping in view the Apple release schedule for other iDevices like iPhone 5S, iPod Touch 6G and iPad 5, we do not see an iPad Mini 2 release date, before November 2013 on its first birthday.

However, every company carries its plans according to the demand in the market, so situation needs to be watched out for the further announcements.

iPad Mini 2 Price in US, UK

So if, you are planning to purchase this medium size tablet, lets look towards new iPad Mini 2 Price. As you know Apple use to have consistent pricing scheme. Therefore, we already have an idea of how much this one is going to cost.

To give you closer information about its iPad Mini 2 price, the iPad Mini 2nd generation does not cost far from the first generation. Apple iPad Mini 2 Price in US for 16GB version will be $269 while the 32 GB version is will cost $349. Isn’t it worthy to have a 64GB model for $429?

The gadget you want in your entire life will be out in the market the soonest possible time. Therefore, if you plan to buy other brand, you must wait for the launching of iPad Mini 2. When you look the prices closely, well, it is definitely worth it price. Come to think of it, buy only the gadgets that will give new high standards of specifications.

Apple iPad Mini 2013 Specs and Features

When you talk about Apple iPad Mini 2013 Specs its includes a 7.9 inches Retina Display with 2048x1536 pixels 326ppi resolution. In other words, it fits more closely on screen. Its processor is dual-core Apple A6X which it is a faster graphic processor. While rest of hardware specs are same as first generation iPad Mini.

However, if Apple felt threatened in the medium size tablet market, then we might see an overpowered iPad Mini 2 with same above mentioned price tags, which would be a good way of steeling the charm from the competitors.
Apple iPad Mini 2 Release Date, Price and Specs with Retina Display
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