iPod Touch 5G Price and Review of 5th Generation iPod 5G

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Learn iPod Touch 5G Price, Specs and Features in our exclusive iPod Touch 5G Review.

Apple 5th Generation iPod 5G has essentially taken over as the champion of the iPod brand with unique and exquisite features and specs that are sure to provide utmost fascination and excitement to the iPod Touch users.

iPod Touch 5th Generation as per the standards it has set is considered as the champion of gaming experience due to the number of unique and cheap games available in its app store.

Multimedia, Gaming and Apps angle has given 5th Generation iPod Touch that extra touch of a must have device. The Apple iPhone 3GS style design curves in the other version of the iPod have essentially been replaced with elongated rectangular edges which are fundamentally iPhone 4S inspired and are essentially considered as the thinnest iPod standing at 6.1mm.

iPod Touch 5G Price and Review of 5th Generation iPod 5G

Before discussing Apple iPod Touch 5G Price scheme, let have a look at iPod Touch 5G Review of 5th generation iPod Touch features and specification:

iPod Touch 5G: Review of 5th Generation iPod 5G

Apple iPod Touch 5G takes most of the best features of iPhone 5 compressing them into a one of a kind brand.

Thinnest and Lightest
Apple iPod Touch 5G is thinnest and its best when it comes to dimensions and weight at 6.1mm, a height of 4.86 inches and a width of 2.31 inches. It is quite light only weighing astonishing 88 grams.

Retina Display (4 inches with 640x1136 ppi)
Coming with a 4 inches screen; clarity and vividness in its Display, iPod Touch 5th Generation is at its best especially with the 640x1136 pixel per inches resolution with a a multi-touch IPS technology. The new and glamorous 5th generation iPod Touch does incorporate an aspect ratio of 16:9 the same as the one found in iPhone 5 thus able to solidify and justify its gaming prowess and essentially perfect for media viewing.

Superior Design
iPod Touch 5G comes with a super thin aluminum body that adds that magnificent touch when you hold it in your hands. In its own design, software and hardware, it is a worthy upgrade for anyone looking for a one of a kind handset which is able to provide utmost comfort with its slightly rounded edges.

Light Weight
The material used to make iPod 5G essentially makes it to be the lightest iPod ever at only 88 grams the same weight as 9 pound coins. This makes it to be quite light such that you might not know if it is there unless you are holding it in your hands or listening to music.

iPod 5G Push Button
Apple has decided to add a small push button at its back that would essentially allow one to tether a wrist strap on it. The downside of the button is that it feels cheap and feels like it could break or bend after extensive usage.
iPod Touch 5G Price and Review of 5th Generation iPod 5G
Camera with 5MP iSight and 1080p HD video
The camera is one of the other features that would essentially add to the fascination of this one of a kind brand of the iPod. iPod Touch 5G iSight camera is able to support Full HD 1080p video recording and comes with an LED flash that makes taking pictures easier and fun. A front 1.2MP camera is also in the offing which incorporates the 720p HD capability that is essentially designed for video chatting and Face time while enabling tings like Skype chatting.

The added features in its camera include things like backside illumination, hybrid IR filter and a sapphire crystal that is able to provide stability when taking photos.

Apple iPod Touch 5G comes in two options the 32 and 64GB thus able to provide ample maximum storage capacity for things like videos music and photos

Dual-core Processor
iPod 5G processor is also worth talking about as it is embedded in the fine dual-core A5 chip thus giving it twice the processing speed as compared to the 4th generation iPod Touch 4G. iPod Touch 5G also comes with a graphics chip that is able to deliver high processing speeds with 7x faster graphics than the fourth generation of the iPod.

Connectivity with WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0
iPod touch 5th generation being a predecessor of the 4th generation of the iPod comes with a 4.0 Bluetooth and a dual band Wi-Fi thus guaranteeing ultimate speeds during connectivity. It also comes with a lightning connector with a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with built in speakers and a microphone. The headphone pin is still on the bottom of the device as in the previous versions; it also incorporates a lightning port at the bottom.

iOS 6 Features
The glamorous iPod touch 5th generation come with the iOS 6 operating software that adds new features like airplay mirroring, shared photo streams via iCloud and imessage. Siri is also highly enabled in the new iPod touch 5th generation for the first time thus providing the abilities like updating Facebook. The iOS 6 operating software comes with over 200 new features that would essentially make work easier in anything you do on a daily basis.

Siri Virtual Assistant
iPod Touch 5G features includes Siri as one of the features that was not in the other previous version of the iPod but highly incorporated in the new 5th generation of the iPod Touch.

Game Center
iPod Touch 5th generation in terms of gaming this is essentially the chip to ensure swiftness and high reliability of greater speeds and good graphics.

If you are a game fanatic then iPod touch 5th generation is essentially designed for you as it comes with a game center feature that is sure to take the gaming experience to another level. The game center allows you to play games with other people and be friends; it comes with a multiplayer capability that is online enhanced. The sensors incorporated in this one of a kind gadget include the three axis gyro and an accelerometer.

The new iPod 5G with iOS 6 is also able to bring into play the Panorama effect when taking photos. The panorama mode is also incorporated thus ensuring you are able to take great snaps.

More Apps
Running on the new and able Apple iOS 6 software it is sure to be highly compatible with many Apps that are sure to add to the excitement on a day to day basis.

Battery Life
The touch comes with an in built rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is able to guarantee up to 40 hours of music play back when fully charged. With a fast charge in 2hours you would be guaranteed up to 80% of power with a video playback time of about 8 hours.

iPod Touch 5th Generation Colors

A number of user are interested to know about iPod Touch 5th Generation Colors.

Apple iPod Touch 5th generation with new processor, cameras, big screens and some sweet new colors. Once again, the iPod Touch 5G comes in impresses colors, which makes it not just a gadgets but a fashion accessory. Apple iPod Touch 5G comes in 5 colors so far that are as follows:
  1. White
  2. Slate
  3. Pink
  4. Yellow
  5. Cyan
iPod Touch 5th Generation Colors

iPod Touch 5G: Price of 5th Generation iPod 5G

The only thing that iPod touch cannot be able to do is make calls but this is essentially replaced by its other unique one of a kind features. For as little as $299 you would be on the road to owning your own 32GB iPod Touch 5G. 5th Generation iPod Touch 64GB on the other hand would essentially require you to part ways with $399. Even though it is quite expensive than its predecessor which goes for $199, iPod touch 5th generation is worth it.

iPod Touch 5G Review and Price Verdict

As compared to the previous version iPod Touch 5G is quite expensive but worth the price especially for one looking for a highly portable media device. This is enhanced by its thin body that is sure to shrug competition from other similar devices.
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