iPod Touch vs iPhone 5 Specs Review

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View iPod Touch vs iPhone 5 specs Comparison and review, exclusively for our readers who are planing to latest 5th generation Buy iPod Touch or new Apple iPhone 5.

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There is no doubt that of all the products Apple has introduced, iPhone 5 is the star and attract the most attention, but at same time iPod Touch 5G too stands out from the crowd in its class and selling like hot cake.

Apple iPod Touch vs iPhone 5 Specs Review
Life at its best is what you are sure to enjoy from iPod touch and the new glamorous iPhone 5 as they are considered as the modern pieces of utmost technology and the best brands to come from Apple store. Most notably the gaming prowess of this one of kind handset gadgets is what essentially makes them standout. They also do posses a wide range of top class and up to date specs with features that are sure to shrug off competition from other similar gadgets.

iPod Touch vs iPhone 5 Specs Review

Apple iPod touch was released just a few months after the iPhone in 2007 as multitouch device. It was kids Gaming and Media play that has brought iPod Touch gadgets to height of fame, though the gadget is almost on par with the iPhone, especially after the long awaited 5th generation hardware specs and features update in the form of Apple iPod Touch 5G, the detail of which is available in iPod Touch 5G Price and Review.

But how does the new iPod Touch 5G compare to its big brother, the iPhone 5? Lets have a look at that:

These two devices considerably vary in terms of size. iPod touch stands at a height of 4.86inches a width of 2.31inches and a depth of o.24inches. It weighs 88 grams thus highly portable. On the other hand iPhone 5 incorporates a slim sleek design that is still able to make room for a larger display. iPhone 5 essentially comes with a height of 4.81inch a width of 2.31inch with a depth of 0.30inch. iPhone 5 is slightly heavier than iPod touch in as it weighs 112gramms.

iPod touch comes with a 4inch retina widescreen that incorporates the highly able Multi-touch IPS technology. Its display is able to accommodate up to 1136 by 640 pixel resolution thus granting utmost clarity and vividness on the screen with up to 326 pixels per inch. Its contrast ratio essentially stands at 800:1 with an e/m2 max brightness. It is also worth noting that iPod touch essentially comes with the fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating. iPhone 5 comes with a 4inch multi-touch display with an 1136 by 640pixel resolution. Just like iPod touch it is able to offer 326 pixels per inch and also the fingerprint resistant Oleophobic coating.

iPhone 5 comes with an 8 megapixel Panorama iSight camera that has five element lenses with a 2.4 aperture; it also comes with a backside illuminated sensor. The lens of iPhone 5 is highly protected by a sapphire crystal which apple clearly say is highly durable. Its video capabilities have highly been improved in that it is able to record up to 1080p of HD videos. A 5MP panorama camera is what is essentially incorporated in iPod touch thus a great downside as compared to iPhone 5; it also comes with a 1.2MP Facetime HD camera that is able to offer 720p of HD video with 30 frames per second just like iPhone 5. These two devices also come with an improved stabilization that is able to shun away shaky videos.

iPod touch comes with an in built rechargeable lithium ion battery that is able to guarantee a music playback time of up to 40 hours when fully charged , its video playback time is up to 8 hours when fully charged . its battery can essentially be charged via a comp when connected with a USB cable and mainly designed for the environment. iPhone 5 also comes with a similar lithium ion battery that is able to guarantee up to 8 hours of talk time on 3G while a stand time of up to 225 hours , its video playback time is10 hours.

Apple iPhone 5 uses the new and efficient A6 chip processor thus able to provide the ultimate prowess in things like gaming. iPod Touch 5G on the other hand relies on the A5 chip that has enhanced graphics processing unit. iPhone 5 in terms of the processor is given a thumps high as the A6 chip is considered to be twice faster than the A5 chip.

Capacity and Connectivity
iPhone 5 and iPod touch greatly differ in terms of storage capacity. iPhone 5 is mainly available on the 16, 32 and 64 GB while iPod touch comes with the 32 and 64 GB options thus iPhone 5 is able to give one a good variety to choose from.
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  1. ilove the i pod 5 and im looking forward to getting it i m saving up for a while and in 14 weeks i will beable to get it yay! i loved this review


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