iPad mini 3 Release Date 2014, Specs and Price for 3rd Generation

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Let review iPad mini 2014 release date, new iPad mini 3 price, iPad mini 3G specs and other recent iPad mini 3rd generation rumors running around.

iPad mini 2013 second generation launch later in the month of November has naturally paved the way for the development of its next generation successor in the name of iPad mini 3 or simply iPad mini 2014.

KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, fueled the iPad mini 2014 rumors, despite the fact that we are just over the iPad mini 2 launch. Kuo, who holds a credible record of predictions about Apple's upcoming products, has suggested that the iPad mini 3rd generation is already in the works and will be coming out in 2014 featuring new Apple iOS 8 mobile operating system.

iPad mini 3 Release Date 2014

Started with first generation iPad mini, back in 2012, the gadgets users' interest to buy an iPad mini tablet is on rise with second generation iPad mini 2 Retina Display launched in 2013. According to recent market forecasts, the demand for iPad mini devices is anticipated to show a upward trend in 2014 too are will remain continued for years to come.

Consumer research amongst consumers in 6 western countries shows that 7.4% of all Americans aged between 10 and 50 are seriously thinking about buying new iPad mini, the mid-size Apple tablet. In Europe, anticipation is slightly lower ranging from 3.5% in the Netherlands to 7.0% in the UK. The relatively low consumer awareness of the iPad Mini of 22% is offset by a high buying intention rate of 36%, resulting in 14.3 million direct potential buyers in the US alone.

The iPad mini device appeals specifically to families, illustrated by the fact that 63% of interested buyers has kids at home or lives with his or her parents. Almost three quarters is older than 20 and 45% is female. These results confirm that this device will compete directly with handheld consoles as well as competitor mid size tablets. You can check out how current iPad mini device compare with other top seller tablet in its class in our iPad mini 2 vs Nexus 7 2 vs Kindle Fire HDX comparison.

iPad mini 3rd Generation Specs and Features 2014

iPad mini 2014 Specs and Features of iPad mini 3rd Generation
The rumor mill is running into overdrive of the kind of features that are sure to make up iPad mini 3.

Apple has already introduced the much rumored Touch ID fingerprint scanner on iPhone 5S and is sure to feature in the next iPad mini 3 to ensure it has the highest level of security. Touch ID feature is mainly designed to make the device safer and can be used for making purchases in the App store and iTunes.

Apple used a dual core A5 chip in its earlier version of the iPad that has continued to receive bad reviews of being extremely slow. Apple will likely make a shift in this case to incorporate a better and powerful chip that will be able to support all the features and tasks of iPad mini 3.

A7 chip has been proposed as the probable processor sure to provide the required processing power. This is a 64 bit app able to support 64 bit apps that have become a common phenomenon in the market. A 64 bit processor is essential for this case as it will ensure the iPad gets to spend less time in accessing low system memory capacities. Improved graphics on the chip means the iPad will have enough power to run the high resolution screen.

iPad mini 2 is set to roll into the market with the same old 5-megapixel iSight camera. Apple will not incorporate the same camera in iPad mini 3 in 2014. The camera is starting to sound old as people continue to yearn for more pixels for that ultimate photography power. It will not be a surprise to see iPad mini 3 rolling into the market with an 8MP camera. Wireless capability is becoming the real thing in the market. Wireless charging is one of the major changes that will make up iPad mini 3.

The new iPad mini 4G LTE feature is also guaranteed to ensure a high download speeds on the internet.

iPad mini 3 Release Date 2014

Apple has always taken a whopping 12 months more or less for the launch of a successor of any product in the market. Apple is expected to keep following its annual iPad mini release cycle.

Apple iPad mini 3 release date can only be in the last quarter of 2014 and most likely the festive season near Christmas holiday where Apple normally record high sales.

The iPad mini 2014 launch keeping up with Apple release schedule will most likely be in November 2014 to give Apple ample time to collect as much as possible from iPad mini 2 in terms of revenue.

new iPad mini 2014 Price

Apple is know to be very consistent in its pricing model for new generation devices. Apple's new iPad mini 3 is expected to come out in three colors; White, Silver and Space Gray with a price tag of $399 for 16GB base model. The new iPad mini 2014 price for 32GB, 64GB and 128GB WiFi only models is expected to be $499, $599 and $699 respectively.

iPad mini 2014 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB Price

Apple iPad mini 3rd generation will be exclusive launched by all four major carrier networks in United States including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobiles.

The new iPad mini 3G/4G LTE support with WiFi will cost around $529 for 16GB base iPad mini cellular model. The 2014 iPad mini 32GB price is estimated to be $629. The high storage iPad mini 2014 64GB and 128GB version will go around $729 to $829.
iPad mini 2014 Price
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