iPad 5 Release Date, Price and Specs of 5th Generation

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See new iPad 5 Release Date with expected Apple iPad 5 price and iPad 5th Generation Specs.

Apple's new iPad 5th Generation launch is going to offers some amazing features like WiFi, messaging, email, games, movie watching and a lot more.

According to details, the Apple iPad 5 Specs will be featured with outstanding applications and awesome hardware to set itself apart from other tablets that are scheduled to be launched in 2013.

Keep reading this article to find the Apple iPad 5G Price, Specs and Features.
new iPad 5 Release Date 2013 and Specs with iPad 5th Generation Price

iPad 5 Release Date and Price

According to some reports, Apple is planning an iPad5 launch in October 2013. There are some reports that iPad 5th Generation is coming in March 2013. An early iPad 5G Launch is being tipped by Digitimes and an AppleInsider which quotes Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI securities saying:
Though the iPad mini is expected to be successful, we think launching the lighter, thinner 9.7? iPad as quickly as possible matters more for Apple strategically.
When will the 5th Generation iPad come out? There is an interesting poll at MacRumors about this. Where majority of 45% members think Apple iPad 5G will come out in October 2013, while a second highest 31% voted for March 2013 iPad5 Release Date.

Personally, I think Apple might give an upgrade to the existing iPad 4th Generation with something like iPad 4S, but not an iPad 5. This is because Apple follows a consist annual product releases cycle. There are reasons to believe that the new iPad 5 Release Date in March 2013 is not a possibility, especially when Apple is already struggling with supply issues. In a situation like that, Apple iPad 5th Generation just after the 4 months of Apple iPad 4 launch does not seems to be likely. Because this annual product release gap is necessary to provides Apple time enough to bring out something with valuable offerings.

iPad 5 Price in US

Apple iPad 4 has not increased in price due to the fact that there hasn’t actually been any major upgrades with the design however the next generation iPad 5 Price, equipped with an 8MP camera and much larger internal memory, could raise the new Apple iPad 5 cost up to around the $549 for the entry level model.

According to sources, the new iPad 5 Price was stated to cost around $549 to $699 depending upon the connectivity and storage options. Apple iPad 5 Price in USA does not get better than $549 for the 16GB version which will be only Wi-Fi enabled. The 16GB option with Wi-Fi + 4G LTE cellular data capabilities will ultimately cost $649.
iPad 5G: iPad 5th Generation Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

iPad 5 Features and Specifications

Let have a look at Apple iPad 4th Generation specs and features now:

Thinner and Lighter
The new iPad 5 is being expected to be very light in weight like kindle, thinner than the iPad 4 and super faster. Apple iPad 5G is dreamed to be stunning master piece of engineering and technological breakthroughs from Apple, if it really wants to wend off the pressure from competitors. And Apple is already working on that line.

DigiTimes recently mentions that Apple has been looking into ‘GF Dito’ touch screen technology, which would allow for iPads in particular to be substantially thinner and lighter than current GG (glass-on-glass) touch screen technology.

Faster Processor
The A6X Processor found in iPad 4 is twice as fast as the A5X in the iPad 3. However, in Apple iPad 5Generation a A7 quad-core processor with abilities to keep the iPad 5 from heating up like the iPad 3 does when doing heavy gaming.

Better Connectivity
The LTE in the iPad 4 is almost certainly the same Qualcomm chipset that is in the iPhone 5, so it should be world capable and will run on all the major LTE networks in the US. Next year, we should see some better power efficiency from the next generation of that chipset in the iPad 5.

Apple iPad 5 might also feature support for the recently available 802.11 routers and compatible bridge/home networking devices .

Apple finds current iPad 4 Retina display, resolution and pixel depth good to go with iPad 5Generation too. However, some minor improvements such as better luminosity, outdoor readability and power efficiency are expected be tweaked in next generation iPad 5 display. On the other hand next Apple iPad Mini 2 will surely going to have a retina display in late 2013.

More Storage
The latest iPad is equipped with a Retina display, which provides sharp and high quality graphics such as those on iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, but over a larger area. This feature comes at the cost of large file sizes. The new version of Garage Band, for instance, is much larger in size than its older version. However, iPads are still available from 16 to 64 GB storage. What we expect is more storage in the coming iPad 5.

Near Field Communication
It is our suggestion to Apple to embed NFC (near field communication) to coming iPad not to make it a big aluminum and glass wallet but rather to make iPads able to be used commonly for payments transactions. Moreover, NFC feature in iOS devices will surely boost the improvement in the emergent technology of smartphones and tablets.

Wireless Charging
Apple’s shift towards wireless synchronization has removed the major cause for Thunderbolt, however rumors about fast I/O technology entering iOS still abound, predicting the compatibility of new generation peripherals. To further boost the Apple’s coffers, adapters for legacy kits might be released.

Improved Keyboard Support
Steve Jobs didn’t like the idea of touchscreen computers as this technology sometimes causes outstretched arms to experience discomfort and pain. But touchscreen technology is a major thing associated with the iPads and Bluetooth keyboards. Apple would need to create some extra commands for keyboard integrated with iOS, for instance to provide app switching.

Innovation in Smart Cover
iPad’s Smart Cover needs some innovation in design. It looks quite clever and swish when iPad wakes. Smart Cover also acts as a good stand. However, it is really bad when one is holding his iPad and Smart Cover swing and finally falls down in a slapstick manner. There must be some innovation and improvement in the design of Smart Cover for the iPad 5.

Battery Improvements
Battery usage of ten hours in the latest iPad is quite impressive, but this is the ideal-case scenario. Watch video, play games or listen to some music, and this battery usage figure will come down. Apple should be working to improve and increase the battery usage capacity in the iPad 5.

Stereo Speakers
In music people want much improved and powerful speakers. Like Macbooks, Stereo Speakers are something Apple fans want to have in its coming iPad 5G.

Another really exciting application of iPad is the iBook. Reading books in awesome color display and high resolution is more than a pleasure. One can not merely read books but can actually flip over also to review the book store on its background. Immediate download of a book is also possible by tapping on that book.
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