Best iPhone Health and Fitness Apps

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This article guides you through some of the top best 5 iPhone health Apps to help in your heath and fitness care needs and to make your life better.

The world of widespread usage of smartphones essentially means they can be helpful in health care. Things have changed in a short period of time as apps have been developed, to be as helpful as a gym instructor, in giving the best advice on how to loose excess fat in the body.

A new survey by Pew Research Center, shows that only 10% Americans have downloaded health related applications on their smartphones. A lot of phone users are still unaware that there are iPhone health apps that can be used positively for to improve their health and fitness.

Apple iPhone being one of the most popular smartphone with all the health apps and sensors built into it can prove remarkably useful health and fitness tools. We shall review some of the best iPhone health and fitness apps can be used from losing little extra weight to saving life.

top best iPhone Health and Fitness Apps

iTechWhiz has been exclusively covering health and education topics from Oncology EMR Softwares to Apple iOS Healthcare Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6C running Apple iOS 8 features buit-in health application on the name of Healthbook App. You can also check out this stunning iWatch Design expected to hit the market soon packed with health and fitness features.

Best iPhone Health and Fitness Apps

There are hundreds of apps in the App Store that are sure to guide one in the right direction in the correct path of losing excess body weight. Below are some of the Apps that are sure to work well with your iPhone in guiding you through essential activities sure to be helpful in the process of burning excess body fat.
  1. iFitness - (Free)
    Hiring a professional health and fitness coach can be quite expensive and very few people can afford it. However iPhone's health application iFitness is a perfect alternative that shows you how to exercise better. If you want to improve on your gym performance iFitness is the ideal application that helps you to do that. This health application has a lot of video exercises that you can watch and learn how to become fit safely and affordability.

    iFitness iPhone Health and Fitness App

  2. Nike Training Club - (Free)
    Nike Training Club is a free health and fitness app developed by Nike. Its pretty cool iPhone health app and you can customize your workouts, have proper exercise plan developed by the professional. You can view your training progress, how many calories you lost and the time it take it. Definitely Recommend it.

    iFitness iPhone Health and Fitness App

  3. Yoga Studio - ($2.99)
    Yoga Studio iPhone fitness app does a good job of helping you out with advice and instructions for over 280 poses. But not only does Yoga Studio teach you the basics, it also includes 30 yoga classes with HD video and lets you easily create custom classes.
    So whether you're a beginner or have been practicing yoga for years, Yoga Studio can help.

    iFitness iPhone Health and Fitness App

  4. Fitness Buddy - (Free)
    Fitness Buddy is an excellent iPhone fitness app for gym and exercise with a calendar and different body part workouts that you can add to it. It will also create a workout for you with different levels and also allows you to create your own workout selections. It has your music playlist on it too and lots of other features.

    iFitness iPhone Health and Fitness App

  5. Charity Miles - (Free)
    Charity Miles kick starts the list of the top iPhone fitness apps sure to be beneficial in burning extra fat in the body. Charity Miles is that kind of app that allows you to earn corporate sponsorships for every mile you walk run or bike. Walkers and runners using this app are guaranteed to earn up to 25 cents while burning excess fat through this vital aerobic exercises.

    Charity Miles iPhone Health and Fitness App

  6. Fleetly - (Free)
    Fleetly is another iPhone fitness app that will assist you in getting out to work out on various exercises. The best thing about this Fleetly app is that it can track your mileage while also suggesting the best workouts to undertake depending on the part of the body that you would wish to address the most in terms of shedding excess fat. With this app, you can track your progress while also being able to challenge yourself through pre made challenges. For each fully completed challenge one always stands a chance to win a badge or a medal.

  7. Lose IT - (Free)
    One of the best ways to maintain a healthy body weight is by simply tracing food intake as well as fitness activities. Lose It! app allows you to do this on a touch of a button. By simply starting the app, you will prompt it to ask you simple questions such as your height, weight, age and the amount of weight you would wish to lose. The App will then recommend the net calorie intake that you should take to achieve your weight targets.

    Lose IT iPhone Health and Fitness App

  8. Restaurant Nutrition - (Free)
    Many apps in App store are great for tracking calories and finesses but will never tell you how much calories you are consuming depending on the type of food you are taking. Restaurant Nutrition has a comprehensive list of all the fast food and chain restaurants diets, the app is thus able to calculate the amount of calories you ingest depending on the diet you consume. This app will thus be helpful when you are eating out.

  9. Runkeeper - (Free)
    Runkeeper utilizes the GPS on your iPhone Map to provide extensive details about speed and distance depending on the runs you make. The App can also give you audio updates during run ins’ giving you time and distance. The App also comes with a playlist that allows you to listen to music while running.

    Runkeeper iPhone Health and Fitness App

  10. Endomondo - (Free)
    Endomondo is a kind of fitness app that gives one extra motivation while also providing detailed info on speed distance and a dozen of other metrics. The app comes with all bells and whistles that come with other tracker apps. The app also gives one the opportunity to race against oneself while getting pep talks from friends.

    Endomondo iPhone Health and Fitness App
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