Best US Oncology EMR/ EHR Software Products

View Best Oncology EMR/ EHR Software Products in United States, which are HIPPA and CCHIT Certified, have fast adoption, excellent useability and offer Meaningful Use incentives to the Providers and Medical Practices.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for Oncologist, Oncology Physicians and Cancer Care Specialist are mandated with the responsibility of extra feature set, to cover all the challenges of Oncology as a Clinical Specialty.

The features related to Cancer Diagnoses, Cancer Staging, Cancer Prognoses, Regimen Calculation, Chemo Orders and Clinical Research are layered over a state of the art digital documentation system, built in accordance with US Healthcare Regulation Standards and latest EMR Trends.

Oncology Electronic Medical Records Softwares are designed and developed, after years of research and development, to specifically meet the complex and unique needs of Oncologists.

Best US Oncology EMR/ EHR Software Products

Oncology EHR/EMR Systems not only eliminate the human errors that come with the conventional paper charts that were traditionally used, they enable and inspire the Doctors to focus more on the patients who are receiving cancer treat, by saving time and efforts of clerical work.

Oncology EMR/EHR Softwares Features

A comprehensive Oncology EHR/EMR Systems should come with the following standard features at minimum:
  1. Cancer Diagnoses and TNM based Staging.
  2. Cancer Specific Templates based on type of cancer.
  3. Cancer Prognoses and Treatment Plans.
  4. Chemotherapy Automation.
  5. Laboratory and Lab Order Result management.
  6. Flow sheets compatible with work flow
  7. Oncology Medical Billing and Coding components.
  8. Cancer Registry.
  9. Clinical Trial Application with Clinical Research Features.
Automation of Chemotherapy administration is a vital component of the an Oncology EHR/EMR and should must address the following, in addition to above:
  1. Chemotherapy drug orders
  2. Protocol management
  3. Clinical Alerts
  4. Dose calculations
  5. Interactions
  6. Correct Dosing

Best Oncology EMR/EHR Software Products in US

Thus, an Oncology EMR/EHR software product should allow for secure patient access , requests of appointments, medications, refills and access to test results, in general. But an Oncology EHR/EMR software should also have Oncology specific content as well as oncology related work flow Mapping, staging, classification chemotherapy, automation are some of the factors that one ought to be considered before installing any Oncology EHR/EMR Systems.

Any Oncology EHR/EMR Systems should encompass all the key components of Oncology medicine to ensure maximization of benefits. If this is the case efficiency accuracy and quality oncology care is always guaranteed.

Many yardsticks, specifications and trends are available in the market making it difficult to select the right Oncology EMR/EHR software system in this case to use in any kind of Oncology Solutions. However, Research is essential if one is to find the best Oncology system that is sure to come with many benefits. Here under are the few we have found for you:
  1. MedSymEHR v.2.1 formerly HemOncPro is an ONC-ATCB certified Oncology EHR/EMR System that is perfect for all kinds and size of Oncology Practices. This software comes with an expansive note templates that is essential in Oncology Care.

  2. AthenaClinicals is a cloud-based electronic health record service delivers a streamlined EHR workflow that optimizes revenue opportunities without slowing down your physicians. They can spend more time focused on patient care, boosting productivity for your organization.

  3. iKnowMed EHR by McKesson Specialty Health was created specifically for Oncology Speciality. It is an online electronic medical record (EHR) system used by nearly 1,000 providers across the US. It has received 2011/2012 ONC-ATCB certification.

  4. eClinicalWorks has become amain Oncology EMR software after partnership with InteliDose to develop essential Oncology-specific features for e-Prescribing , computerized physician order and charge capture. eClinicalWorks is one of the leaders in Oncology data management .

  5. CureMD Oncology EMR Software supports screening and diagnostic tests including mammograms, ultrasound, MRI, CAT scans, PET scans and a detailed presentation of Cancer staging including clinical stage as well as pathologic stage.

  6. AdvanacedMD Electronic Health and Record management software is one of the most advanced leaders in web based Electronic Health Records and practice management systems. This system offers a range of applications for both small and large organizations involved in all sorts of Oncology form of treatment.

  7. NewsCreationIT Oncology EMR is an EMR software solution that is perfect for cost accessibility features and meeting long-term goals. This software was essentially developed for things like patient registration, scheduling, medical billing, medical records medications prescriptions laboratory orders and reports.

  8. CareCloud Charts Electronic health Record is a web based ONC-ATCB certified Electronic Health Record system that features all kinds of Patient dashboards perfect for all kinds of scheduling reporting and preparation of custom templates . It comes with some of the best communication tools that ensure it is an easy to use system able to work on any browser via Mac or PC.

  9. Meditouch PM Practise Management is software that is geared at improving the revenue cycle management of any Oncology providing center . The system is easy to use and is web based meaning internet connection is a must for it to be operated. MediTouch Pm Practise management software comes with incredibly powerful functionality essential for practice management.

  10. TotalMD is recommended Oncology software for anyone handling large orders for billing and practice management. TotalMD integrates perfectly with other Electronic Health Record Software’s such as Spring Charts, Soapware, Praxis, and many more . It also comes with many more advanced scheduling features.
Any Oncology EHR/EMR Systems should be highly customizable to be able to offer unlimited clinical and administrative forms with custom field data elements able to suit one’s needs. The system should allow one to indicate the features he or she wants to use or do not want to use; it should also allow for drug-drug interaction, allergy, dose and drug effect checking. Its billing system should allow for manual recording of charges.
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