iWatch Concept Design, Rumors and Features

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This is an amazing iWatch Concept Design, the best ever so far with rumors roundup about Apple iWatch Features and its release date in 2014.

iFans are very excited to get the first look of this wearable device, since the time we heard rumors about Apple expanding its product line in the smartwatch market.

Although there is no official announcement from Apple but tech enthusiasts are coming up with unique and innovative iWatch design concepts every day.

But according to unofficial news report, the new wearable computing device, iWatch is still in-development and will release in September 2014. It is the time when Apple refreshes its products line including new iPhone 6, iPhone 6C, iPad Pro, iPad mini 2014, iPod touch 6, this fall.

Samsung on their part have decided to go earlier with Samsung GEAR 2 and Samsung GEAR fit smartwatch, to avoid competition from its fierce rival.

iWatch Concept Design, Rumors and Features

A new iWatch concept has been unveiled by FuseChicken, showing off the rumored smartwatch in action. The concept appears to combine a Nike and Apple design, resulting in a great-looking, slim device. Apple hired one of Nike's top designers, Ben Schaffer, to work on wearable products in September. While at Nike, Schaffer was the Studio Director of Innovation Kitchen, which is the company's research and development lab that produced the Nike Fuel Band, a wristband that allows users to keep track of personal fitness habits.

iWatch Concept Design, Rumors and Features

A new Apple iWatch concept design offers a glimpse at how the iWatch might look if Apple ever decides to create it. Considering the company’s close relationship with Nike (Apple CEO Tim Cook is on Nike’s board of directors and wears a Fuelband regularly), this concept design is not so far-fetched.

Apple iWatch Concept Video

This iWatch animation image shows a Nike+ Fuelband-style device with a display that cycles through the time and date, an iTunes-style music player, and a menu featuring the icons for Apple’s iMessage and Calendar apps. The mockup also includes a Nike+ Fuelband app.

This iWatch Concept video is created by Thomas Bogner at Germany’s Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, the concept device was inspired by his desire to have a Nike+ Fuelband with more features.

iWatch Features

The iWatch has been on the cards for a LONG TIME now, and while Apple’s tight security has lapsed somewhat over the years. Apple has experienced some difficulties in getting the iWatch off the ground. Problems have included the screen technology, battery power and other corporate problems.

The LA Times reports that the latest patent granted to Apple shows that the company is making a curved screen iWatch, following in the footsteps of of Samsung and LG.

KoreaHerald, also reported on LG's apparent deal with Apple and quotes an anonymous source saying:
LG Display has been in talks over flexible organic light-emitting diode panels for quite a while and it looks like it will be sealing the deal with Apple.
As per previous rumour, Apple is thought to still be in a prototype testing phase and has multiple models with different sized screens in testing. These are said to inlcude a 1.4-inch model, a 1.5-inch model and a 1.6-inch model.

The Chosun Ilbo, citing unnamed “industry sources”, reports that Apple is currently working with three design prototypes with flexible plastic OLED screens. One such prototype with a 1.5-inch flexible OLED panel appears to have been given a limited production run, presumably for test units, while the other two with 1.3-inch and 1.4-inch screens are still being worked on.

HealthBook App is undoubtedly one of the most exciting iWatch feature that has attracted maximum attention. It keeps check on the vital statistics of the wearer. This app is rumored to be a part of iOS 8 Features.

iWatch Rumors

The iWatch can be synchronized through Bluetooth low energy. iOS 8 is predicted to come with support for a new app called Healthbook that will monitor your health parameters like steps taken, calories burned, weight lost and track vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate and other blood-related parameters like glucose levels. All this data would likely be obtained by the sensors on the iWatch. It’s safe to assume that the iWatch will sync data with the Healthbook app to provide up to date information on the user’s health.

Yesterday, a report claimed that Apple will launch iWatch in Q3 2014, which goes well in line with this new revelation as well. We will hope to learn more about this new wearable from Apple in the coming days.

Stay tuned for more updates on iWatch and do share with us your expectations.
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