Sony PS4 Morpheus VR headset Price, Release Date and Specs

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Checkout Sony PS4 Morpheus, the Virtual Reality (VR) Headset Price, Release Date and Specs.

The new Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Glasses development has been announced by the Japanese tech giant under project name Morpheus. The PS4 VR helmet will come out as an add-on for the next gen PlayStation 4 game console.

The Sony VR glasses will cover 90 degrees of player’s field of view. The glasses are still considered to be a prototype, and there isn’t much useful data when about the project Morpehus, but it is expected that Sony is about to bring a kind of revolution to world of gaming.

Sony has said that it defined the development of the VR glasses into six basic principles which are eyesight, sound, motion detection, control, gameplay and content.

Sony PS4 Morpheus enables developers to create experiences that deliver a sense of presence – where players feel as though they are physically inside the virtual world of a game. Presence is like a window into another world that heightens the emotions gamers experience as they play.

Sony PS4 Morpheus VR headset Price, Release Date and Specs

Sony PS4 Morpheus VR helmet is the result of three years of research and development, according to manufacturer. Sony President was very proud of this achievement saying:
Nothing gives a better sense of immersion better than Virtual Reality. It was the dream of many gamers since the invention of computers. Many of us have dreamed of PlayStation Virtual Reality and what it could mean for the community of gamers.
In PS4 Virtual Reality Supported Games, the player can use a PlayStation Move (PS Move) Motion Controller as an object, such as a sword. Morpheus will reproduce the player’s hands and sword within the game so the player feels like they are physically fighting off enemies with their sword in the virtual world.

Sony VR Glasses Compatibility with PC, Xbox and Smartphones
It is unclear whether the Sony VR Glasses will work with PC, Xbox ONE or other consoles or not. As the VR glasses are originally made for the next gen console PlayStation 4. However, we can not rule out the possibility that the japan manufacturer will allow other companies to connect this device with personal computers and other IT devices, such as smartphones.

Sony Morpheus VR headset Compatibility with other Controller and Games
Sony also promised compatibility with other add-ons including PS4 camera, DualShock 4 gamepad and Move controller. When it comes to compatibility with video games, Sony has demonstrated a demo version of the game The Deep, while support is also announced for the new installment in the Thief series and a new Sony exclusive EVE Valkyrie. It has also been said, that many other titles will receive support for Morpheus.

PS4 Morpheus VR headset Release Date

There is no official words available on when we can expect the Sony PS4 Morpheus VR headset Release Date.

Sony has given their VR device to game developers, to make sure that when the VR goggles comes out there are enough of VR compatible game title are available. Those game developers are busy developing virtual reality compatible PS4 games to make future video games more enjoyable.

Evolution Studios being one of them, is currently working with the device to simulate a cockpit view on its PS4 title "Drive Club". Their sources see a Sony Morpheus VR headset coming out this December 2014.

However, Shuhei Yoshida, PlayStation president of Worldwide Studios ruled out Sony PS4 Morpheus VR headset release date in 2014 while talking to Gamespot. According to him, Sony engineers are still improving the device and it will require some time before they have a final feature complete version ready for the shipping to the market.

There are chances that Yoshida has strategically played bluff to pretend against competitors project like Oculus Rift and Microsoft IllumiRoom. However, if the product is really not mature then we see Sony PS4 Morpheus VR headset launch date not before December 2015. Because unlike Microsoft, Sony prefer to be late than launching a buggy product.

PS4 Morpheus VR headset Price/Cost

As far as Sony PS4 Morpheus VR headset Price is concerned, its too early to speculate. Although Mr. Shuhei Yoshida has ruled out a hefty $1000 price tag for the device. Looking at the heavy R&D cost involved, the Sony PS4 Morpheus VR headset will cost not less than $499 in US.

PS4 Morpheus VR headset Specs and Features

Sony showed the VR display to a select number of developers at E3 and Gamescom. Sony PS4 Morpheus VR headset features a visor style head-mounted display and works seamlessly with PlayStation camera to deliver a unique VR experience right before the player’s eyes. Inertial sensors built into the head mount unit and PlayStation camera accurately track head orientation and movement so as the player’s head rotates, the image of the virtual world rotates naturally and intuitively in real-time.

Sony Virtual Reality Glasses will make use of wireless technology. The announced PS4 Morpheus VR headset specs features full HD display with view angle of 90 degrees. Below is the complete Sony Morpheus VR headset specs chart:

Component Processing unit, headset unit
Panel 5 inches
Display LCD
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (960 x 1080 per eye) RGB
View 90 degrees
Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Features 3D Audio, Social Screen
Connectivity HDMI + USB

In the gaming GDC 2014 fair, the Project Morpheus was announced. At Sony's booth on Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Kirk Hamilton of Kotaku was lucky to get a hands on experience of Sony PS4 Morpheus VR headset. Below the two video of that:

Except for video gaming, Sony has plans to use this VR technology and glasses in other areas. It has already announced that Sony and NASA are planning to sign a partnership, which will consist of using Sony VR glasses for simulation of walking on surface of Mars.
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