When is new iOS8 update coming out for iPhone 5S and iPad

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Learn when is new iOS8 update coming out for iPhone 5S/5/4S/4, iPad 3/4/5, iPad mini and iPod touch 5.

Operating system software (OS) is the heart and souls of the phone and tablet today. Apple iOS, the mobile platform developed and used by Apple’s range of smartphone has been always providing the users not only with an exceptional usability experience, but also with trend setting new features.

Apple iOS 7 had come up in October 2013 with some major overhauls in features, look and feel. But there were some areas which still have much room for improvement and changes. The need for next generation features in iOS 8 is more than it ever was, aimed at tough completion expected from Android 5 and WP9.

Therefore tech analyst are already discussing the Apple iOS 8 Features, Rumors, Concept and Whishlist. The craze about iOS 8 is subsequently huge enough as along with routine updates, the new iOS 8 is also reported to arrive with pretty exciting features.

When is new iOS8 update coming out for iPhone 5S and iPad

The whole industry is having its fingers crossed for iOS 8 and iPhone 6. Unconfirmed sources are feeding them with so-called leaks and speculations. It’s likely however that some of those rumors will turn true. To get an idea of what features could be expected from iOS 8, we need to give a look at the rumors.

When is new iOS8 update coming out for iPhone 5S and iPad?

Though we are not really sure about the exact iOS 8 release date. But after the first glimpses of new iOS8 at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014 on June 2-6 in San Francisco, the iOS8 beta 1 SDK for iOS developers is available. The public release new iOS8 platform is expected in the early October 2014 along with the next generation iPhone 6 Release Date.

Apple is scheduled to release the an array of new products in the fall this year that includes new iPhone 6, iPhone 6C, iPad Pro, iPad mini 2014, iPod touch 6 and an amazing iWatch. In the tech circle, rumors on the possible specs and features of these products are running high.

iOS 8 will be used in iPhones, iPads as well as the iWatches which is going to be released this year for the first time. There are rumours in the air that iOS 8 will come with a Healthbook app which will keep a vigilant eye on the user’s vital signs starting from heart rate, sugar level, blood pressure, hydration level and many other important aspects. There are rumors that this feature has been specially introduced for the iWatch. So wear your watch while heading for a workout session or a party and you will know how many calories you have lost or gained in the process. We have also heard the Healthbook app will regularly inform you about the medicines that you need to consume daily.

Though we have not received any confirmation about the rumored health app from the manufacturers themselves, but we are quite sure about it as the M7 chip have been used in the iPhone which can capture motion data, acts as an accelerometer, compass and gyroscope. All these are required for measuring the vital signs of the individual.

Apart from that we also expect the iOS 8 to come up with better and much more advanced security features. Lately, we have heard Tim Cook to highlight about the ever increasing amount of commerce that is conducted through iOS platform and thus they are planning to add on to its security features for the benefit of the iGadget users. Touch ID was introduced in iOS 7 and we expect more in iOS 8. However, along with the introduction of this improvement we also expect Apple to bring about some modifications such as multiple accounts so that at least some apps of the iPhone remains accessible to the users near and dear ones. As too much personalization can turn out to be a threat for the users as well.

Some improvisations are also needed in Siri, the voice activated virtual assistant accessible from the iGadget. A female voice giving direction to the users will be appreciable or else it becomes really monotonous for the users as they have been hearing to the same male voice for a couple of years.

It’s high time that Facetime is updated to provide the users with group video chat facility. Sypke is already providing this facility and so it’s time for the Apple developers to pull up their socks for including such features in iOS 8.

It will be appreciable if Apple gives more independence to the users with regard to controlling its control center. The users should be given the option to decide which apps they want to keep in the control center and which one they want to remove.
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