htc ONE update 4.4 Android kitkat coming out in 2014

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Android kitkat 4.4 update for htc ONE, htc ONE mini and htc ONE max phone users in US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa is coming out in early 2014.

htc had never been the best for software upgrade to their handsets, but the Taiwanese company is trying its best to change this impression and live up to the expectation.

htc Android 4.3 update had rolled out quickly. Now htc has officially confirmed to be in frontrunners to follow Android 4.4 kit kat upgrade plans.

While htc update schedule points to an end January 2014 release date for htc ONE update on Android kitkat, users who have got their handsets from Google Play store, would have their software update earlier.

A press release from HTC mentions about the Android 4.4 roll out across EMEA with Sense 5.5 from end January of next year. The Press release also mentions about mid November dates for the update for the Google Play Editions.

htc ONE update 4.4 Android kitkat coming out in 2014

htc ONE update 4.4 Android kitkat coming out in 2014

htc ONE Google Play Edition update is coming out by the end of this moth. That would also be when Samsung Galaxy S4, the Google Play Edition update arrives. However, there are other methods on how to update htc ONE to Android 4.4 kikat earlier. Which requires little technical know how for individual update.

htc ONE Android update

Normally with an Android handset the smartphone maker has to make changes to their UI skin first, making everything compatible with the update. It is then pushed to the carriers, who then add their junk to the system and it is then pushed to the user, after getting verified by Google.

This is a lengthy process and can be the reason users don’t get their update for several months. Sometimes Google will not accept certain changes to the UI and sometimes carriers will decide not to push out the update because of the size or customizations that may not favor their apps.

The HTC One is still the flagship device and continues to sell well, despite htc’s poor third quarter. The HTC One Max and HTC One Mini will also be getting the Android KitKat 4.4 update within the next few months, making the whole brand updated until the next big Android update.

Android Kit Kat 4.4 does bring some notable changes, most importantly the ability to run smoothly on devices with as little as 512MB of RAM. In a time where 3GB of RAM is starting to become a thing, we are glad to see Google slashing for the budget end community.

The new update also offering more battery life due to low-energy sensors and a less heavy OS. Google has added SMS into Hangouts and also added a fitness app to track walking.

There are still no htc one update news for Android kit kat update on carrier networks like Verizon, Sprint, At&t and T-Mobile.
Android kitkat htc ONE update 4.4 release date
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