Google Nexus SmartWatch Release Date and Specs

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With Google Nexus SmartWatch launch, the technology giant is planning to add another personal gadget on its popular Nexus brand.

Google Nexus is currently one of the most popular and dynamic products line that includes tablets like Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 as well as smartphones like Nexus 4 and new Nexus 5.

Wristwatch Computers dreams will might come true, with addition of this highly anticipated powerful Nexus Smartwatch in Google's superior product range.

Google is currently in the process of working out a marketing strategy for Nexus Smartwatch, readying it to race with Sony Smartwatch 2, I'm Smart Watch, Samsung SmartWatch and Apple iWatches.

Experts have anticipated that wearable computers and technology gadgets will be next decade popular fashion. Google, Samsung and Apple are avidly working to grab these opportunities. Apple recently registered a patent for shoes equipped with sensors and a processor.

Google Nexus SmartWatch Release Date and Specs

It is no secret that Google has been working on a Smartwatch for quite some time, the application of the patent with the United States patent office confirmed these rumors.

Google Nexus Smartwatch Features and Specifications

Google Smartwatch release ambitions were revealed last year, when an interesting patent filed by the search giant got approved. Google Smartwatch patent documentation filed at the US Trademark and Patent Office, gives some amazing clues about the potential Goggle Smartwatch features and functionalities.

The patent documentation tells that the Google Smart watch uses wireless transceiver to connect to wireless networks. Furthermore, the proposed Google watch has a camera and a flip-up cover on it that can display augmented reality information (probably Google want to add some of the Google Glass features on the Google Watch too).
Google Nexus SmartWatch Release Date and Specs

Google Watch is being built by Motorola and is still not a self-contained device. It is able to perform many functions on its own, for rest it will essentially connect as an extension with Smartphone. But Google is also considering a version which will function on its own.
  1. The Google Watch features a tactile UI that can be configured to customize interaction between user and device. This features make Nexus Watch seems a piece of cake.

  2. Google Nexus Smartwatch features a dual screen with a flip up display and a camera on the front.

  3. Google Smartwatch features dual touchPads. The first touchpad will be located on the side of the base, while the second touchpad is located on the second side of the base. The touchpad’s will allow one to interact with the smartwatch features without necessarily having to touch the face of the watch thereby obscuring its display. The patent filed outlines that the two trackpads will be able to support touchpad functions and will not be limited to pinch stretch and scroll. The touchpad will allow effects such as tapping pinching and stretching of gestures, according to the patent the touchpad might also be removable. With this kind of innovative feature, we would love to see how it feels like.

  4. Google Watch shares some of the Augmented Reality features from Google Glass.

  5. The Google Smartwatch will be able to control Google TV device by acting as a remote controller.

  6. Google Smart Watch supports speech recognition and Google Voice commands program like Apple Siri and Samsung S-Voice. It will make the Google watch more interactive.

  7. Google Nexus Smartwatch is also sure to run on the latest Android Operating System making it more users friendly.

  8. The Google Smartwatch Software is developed by Android teams thus it is expected to allow for connectivity to other Google products especially Android Smartphone.

  9. Google Smart watch will feature a Google Now that is sure to keep it going. Google Now is perfect for providing the right information at the right time and is expected to be the home screen of the watch perfect for checking things like schedules flights and reminders.

  10. The Smartwatch is also expected to include a good range of apps that will make it highly interactive and must have in comparison to Smartphone’s. Some of the Apps that this smartwatch is expected to feature include Gmail, Google Maps and Google Calendar. If Google Glass Voice activation matures in time, then we are sure to see Google smartwatch feature the upcoming Google Babel messaging.
Overall, Google SmartWatch sounds like a pretty comprehensive little device, certainly more advanced than the smartwatches of today. We are pretty curious as to how Google plans to introduce this kind of smart-watch to consumers.

Google Smartwatch Release Date and Price

For Google Smartwatch release, obviously the details are still pretty slim at this point. With not much screens, prototypes or mockups came out so far. So all we can do right now is just sit and wonder When does Google Smartwatch come out? and what Google Smartwatch will be like?

From Google's perspective, Google Glass Release is a priority since other devices are dependent on the features has on board. Though it does not seems that the Google Glasses are that far away, but might still take a year. It has already been confirmed that Google Project Glass will release to the public in 2014, though the first wave of the device would go under the "Explorer Edition" brand.

We expect Google Smartwatch coming out in the market, after the 3 to 6 month of Google Glass launch, probably in November 2014. Because of company research and development costs and supply chain limitations, Google Nexus Smartwatch will most likely have a slow global roll-out with and pretty high price tag, similar to how the company is pricing its Google Glass.

So, it is just a matter of time before we see what Google SmartWatch has in store for us.
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