Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Altius Release Date, Specs and Price

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See Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Altius expected Release Dates and Price in US, UK, Australia, India and Pakistan.

Samsung smart watch features amazing specs at affordable price in comparison to Apple iWatch and Google Smart watch.

Samsung Galaxy Altius release will get the rivalry among Apple, Samsung and Google to further heights in new product lines, beyond Smartphones and Tablets front.

Samsung has officially confirmed that it is working on its Galaxy Altius Smartwatch Phone, that is to be released in the course of the year.

The making of smart watches is considered a breakthrough in the tech world for the sole reason that they will not act as normal watches. These smartwatches are more than guaranteed to deliver most of the features smartphones are able to deliver today, with even enhanced usability, user friendly interfaces and ease of use, making them a potential must have personal gadget in the near future tech world.

Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Altius Release Date, Specs and Price

Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Altius

Lee Young Hee, Executive Vice President Samsung while talking to Bloomberg confirmed:
We've been preparing the watch product for so long. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.
Samsung Smartwatch Concept is not new as the Korean company released its first Samsung Watch SPH-WP10 in 1999, which was considered a huge flop, since it was a normal watch having ability to make calls with using its integrated speaker and microphone. Samsung made its second attempt in 2009 with some advancement by releasing Samsung Smart Watch S9100 that having an LCD screen, MP3 Player and Bluetooth.

Samsung has learned its lessons and has made convincing improvements on technological as well as marketing perspectives. Probably that's the reason this time, Samsung plans to use its Galaxy brand popularity for its new Smartwatch product, which is named Samsung Galaxy Altius putting. A Galaxy Series Smartwatch also hints that this time Samsung smart watch will be running more powerful Android operating system, which is a way better than Samsung Bada OS.

Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch Release Date

As for the Samsung SmartWatch release date, there are no official word available so far, but Samsung is planning a global SmartWatch release by March 2014.

Samsung Smartwatch Price in US, UK, Australia, India and Pakistan

It is still early to speculate about the price of the new Samsung Smartwatch as we are still in the early days of its rumors. One thing for sure is that one will need to folk out a god amount of money for a watch. This is enhanced by its extraordinary features that are yet to be seen in any watch.

Leaked images for Samsung Watch clearly suggest that with this smartwatch you will be able to make and receive calls and messages with these smartwatch. Which means the new Samsung Smartwatc will cost around $150 in US and you can have and idea of it price by converting it in the local currency of the country you are living in.

Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy Altius smart watch release is the third attempt by the company to get a breakthrough in the smartphone market. With Samsung already won the title of best smartphone maker in the world and getting more and more innovative every year, we expect superb features from Samsung Galaxy Altius smartwatch as Samsung has earned a reputation of releasing superior quality products with top-notch specs.
  1. Black and white leaked Samsung Galaxy Altius pictures shows that Samsung is trying to bring Windows Phone 8 UI like titles and gadgets windows on a customizable home screen for Galaxy Altius watch.
    Samsung Galaxy Altius Pictures
    Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch screenshots show Windows Phone-style tiles for a music app, an email app and what looks like a map icon. Something resembling a scroll bar at the bottom presumably allows you to swipe across to other icons, while a Wi-Fi icon at the top suggests a data connection

  2. Galaxy Altius will feature a 1.5inch screen with a screen resolution of 500x500 perfect for any wrist watch.
    Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Altius Release Date, Specs and Price

  3. Samsung having collaboration with Google on the use of Android makes it most likely it will feature an Android Touch screen interface.

  4. The smart watch is rumored to come with an internal memory of 235MB that will be perfect for storing a good number of apps. Some sources seem to claim the device will have a 16GB user accessible flash storage

  5. Galaxy Altius will have a music player. Samsung Altius will feature advanced features such as a music player with the ability to play MP3.

  6. Samsung Smartwatch equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS will also be able to show you emails on the watch screen as it will be wireless internet enabled.

  7. Samsung smart watch also seems to have Maps app in built in it. The smart watch purported screen short also had a scrollbar on the bottom indicating Samsung willingness to make this watch include more Smartphone like features.

  8. Samsung Galaxy watch will feature S-Voice, its own speech control system, combined with Google Now predictive technologies as part of Android. It could make for a compelling way of interacting with digital services.
Samsung Altius could also be the official accessory for the next Galaxy S5 and other upcoming Smartphones. These are some of the expected Samsung SmartWatch features but many more are expected to be on board to make sure it is able to compete hand in hand with iOS based Apple iWatch as well as its Android based competitors.

Watches that can integrate with smartphone, saving the bother of fetching the phone from pocket, have been into rumors for a while. However, Android SmartWatches market is not going to be an easy walk for Samsung. Sony Android Watches and Android I'm Smart Watches and already strong and established brand in Android Smartwatches niche and will give furious competition to Samsung Android Smartwatch, Galaxy Altius.

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