iPad 4 vs Nexus 10 vs Surface Tablets Specs Comparison and Review

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iPad 4 vs Nexus 10 vs Surface tablets specs comparison is the feature review of Apple iPad 4, Google Nexus 10 and Microsoft Surface Tablet to find the best and perfect tablet.

Google Nexus 10 is produced by Samsung which has been known to produce some of the most glamorous Smartphone’s in the market.

Apple iPad 4 is the 4th Generation tablet just like the other previous versions of the iPad comes from the manufacture mill of Apple while surface is produced by Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface tablet is new addition to the world of tablet PC and with its inclusion, the world of tablet does not get better than between iPad 4, Nexus 10 and windows surface.

You might wonder, whats so special about iPad 4 vs Nexus 10 vs Surface tablet? well, sheer utmost specs and features is what essentially make these three tablets stand out in the market. Lets have a look at them:

iPad 4 vs Nexus 10 vs Surface Tablets Specs Comparison and Review

iPad 4 vs Nexus 10 vs Surface Tablets Specs Comparison and Review

Apple iPad 4, Google Nexus 10 and Microsoft Surface RT tablets have came from the top three top technology makers in the world and so each will be competing for market dominance in the future tablet market. Lets Review their specs to find which one is best in what area:

Size, Weight and Dimensions
Sleek thin tablets are what many people have always been yearning for. In Terms of weight Nexus is the lightest of them all at 603g as compared to iPad 4’S 653g and Surface tablet 680g.

Windows surface tablet stands a height of 10.81inches by 6.77inch with by 0.37inch depth.

Nexus on the other hand is quite small as compared to surface 10.39inch length by 6.99inch depth by 0.35 inch of depth.

When looking for a small tablet then iPad 4 is the way to go in comparison with the other two as it stands at height of 9.50inch by 7.31inch width by o.37inch depth.

Nexus 10 comes with a 10.1 inches PLS LCD display that is able to accord up to 2560 by 1600 resolution of the screen for perfect clarity with a pixel per inch capability of 300. Its sharpness is sure to be at par with some high end Smartphone’s thus ensuring visuals are pretty incredible.

Surface on the other hand offers a larger display system of up to 10.6inch of LCD but has a smaller resolution as compared to Nexus as it stands at 1366by768. It also features a Microsoft Clear Type HD Technology with a pixel density of 148pixels per inch.

Apple iPad 4 is able to give Nexus a run for its money in terms of resolution in that it rolls with a 9.70inch worth of display with a screen resolution of up to 2048by 1536 completed with a higher pixel per inch as compared to surface of 264.

The processor of these three exquisite tabs also stands out as advancement of the latest technologies that are sure to guarantee relatively high speeds and high levels of multitasking.

Microsoft surface RT comes with an ARM Cortex-A9 processor technology specifically the latest Nvidia quad core Tegra 3 T30. This chip essentially features a 2GB single channel RAM with up to 40 nanometer semiconductors.

Nexus 10 on the other hand features the new ARM Cortex-A15 technology in the form of a dual core chip which can be able to clock up to 1.7GHZ. This processor essentially features a 2GB dual channel RAM and a mail-T604 GPU.

Apple iPad 4 on the hand comes with the new A6X chips which are sure to guarantee twice as much speeds as compared to the processors in the previous iPads specifically iPad 3.

Google Nexus is available in options of either 32 or 64GB worth of internal memory storage capacity but does not come with a microSD slot that usually provides the chance of being able to expand the storage capacity.

Windows surface on the other hand is better equipped with an internal storage capacity of 32 and 64GB while also coming with a MicroSDX slot for cards of up to 64GB.

Apple iPad 4 just like Nexus does not come with a microSD slot but able to provide a good variety of internal storage capacity of between 16 32 and 64 GB.

Google Nexus 10 comes with a rear 5MP camera that is able to guarantee up to 1080 worth of HD video with its frame per screens standing at 30. Its front camera stands at 1.9MP. iPad 4 on the other hand comes with almost the same camera standing at 5MP. Surface tablet comes with a 720p Rear and facing cameras.

Nexus and surface tablet are not able to offer cellular data connections thus you would most likely need to connect your phone as hot spot if you need internet connections. Apple iPad 4 in this aspect is able to shrug off the competition as it is able to provide both the WIFI and 3G connectivity capabilities.

The surface tablet from Microsoft comes with a 31.5Wh lithium-ion battery of which Microsoft claim is able to provide up to 360hours of power on standby and 8 hours of talk time.

Nexus 10 on the other hand comes with a 9000mAh lithium polymer battery that is able to guarantee a stand time of 500hours.

Apple touts a double digit battery life of 10 hours for the iPad 4 when browsing the web over Wi-Fi. It's difficult to give you a 'typical' usage figure since everyone will use their iPad for different tasks for various periods of time.

Software: This is an area that will prop up confusion in a consumer’s mind, who has come out to buy a new tablet. These top end tablets run on different platforms. Let us check it here.

Being produced by different companies the software’s that these three devices essentially run on also greatly differs. Apple iPad 4 comes with the new iOS 6 operating software which is able to provide it with access to all apps in Apple store.

Nexus 10 on the other hand runs on Android 4.2 jelly bean that is able to guarantee quick lightning pace, this operating software includes features like Google butter UI tweaks that is able to improve its synchronization and refreshing rate. Jelly bean is able to guarantee up to 700000 apps through Google play store.

Microsoft essentially decided to go with windows 8 on the surface tablet due to the fact that it is designed for ARM processors. Windows 8 also incorporates features like ‘people Hub’ which is essential for aggregating contacts messaging and contacts.
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