Apple WWDC 2013 Rumors and Predictions: iPhone 5S, iOS 7, Macbook Pro

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View next Apple WWDC 2013 rumors, predictions and new products like iPhone 5S, iOS7, iRadio, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Pro and iMac.

Apple World Wide Developer Conference is one of the most anticipated events of the year, usually held in June, aimed at introducing new software, hardware, notebook and computers.

Other Apple product releases coming up next are:
  1. Apple iPhone 5S, Apple iPhone 6 phones
  2. Apple iPad 5, Apple iPad Mini 2 tablets
  3. iPod Touch 6G, iPod Nano 8G PMP players
  4. Apple iWatch, Apple iGlass accessories
Apple WWDC 2013 is no different as Apple is expected to debut its much talked about upgraded versions of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Pro desktop.

The upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference is scheduled on June 10-16 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, for a week where everything will come to a standstill in terms of the tech world. This means no apple event will take centre stage during this week other than the WWDC expo.
Apple WWDC 2013 Rumors and Predictions
Apple developer event starts with a keynote address, that is will be delivered by the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, although Apple chief designer, Jony Ive has the key responsibilities now, of both product design and user interfaces.

WWDC 2013 Rumors and Predictions: iPhone 5S, iOS 7, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, Apps

WWDC 2013 is surely going to be a huge hit this year and what is to be expected during this Apple week include the announcements of:
  1. Apple Mac OS upgrade 2013

    Apple has already confirmed that it will be introducing annual OS X upgrades. This essentially puts it under pressure to deliver attractive new features sure to make users want to upgrade.

  2. Apple MacBook Pro 2013

    Apple analyst Ming –Chi Kuo suggests that Apple is going to do away with non Retina MacBook Pro line and move on to Apple MacBook Pro 2013 with Retina Display with cheaper price tags. This move is aimed at increasing the sales of the higher end laptops through the lowering of prices.

  3. Apple MacBook Air 2013

    Kuo also suggested that Apple will introduce a new MacBook Air at WWDC 2013; the new MacBook will not have a retina display as it is still difficult to match the high density screen to computer with such thinness. Kuo did suggest that MacBook air will most probably be powered by Intel’s next Haswell chips.

  4. Apple Mac Pro 2013

    WWDC 2013 could also act as the release venue for the upgraded version of Mac Pro Desktop which is still Apples traditional tower. The computer has not experienced any upgrades in the past three years; Apple CEO Tim Cook did announce that it will receive major upgrades this year.

  5. Apple iMac 2013

    WWDC 2013 might also see the launch of the new iMac which is the ultimate next generation device with a multi-touch Retina display. It will essentially run on iOS when horizontal and OS X when vertical.

  6. Apple iOS 7

    iOS 7 operating software is also rumored to be on the pipeline during this event. The new OS is sure to be the real deal perfect for getting information quickly and with style. iOS 7 will come with dynamic icons for battery optimization.

  7. Apple Siri

    Apple is to continue the production of siri to make it more attractive and useful, its capacity is sure to be extended to cover the capacity of control applications for Mac. Apple Virutal Assistant application feature will get an upgrade and enhancement, making it more accurate, improving the support for regional and international languages as well as accents.

    It is also claimed in other sources that Apple intends to pop siri support and Maps in the next edition of OS X, this announcement is aimed at the WWDC conference.

  8. Apple Maps

    Apple is also set to make a series of improvements in its native Apple Maps app with better street view and other enhancements.

  9. Apple iRadio Streaming

    Apple (AAPL) seems to be moving closer to making iRadio a reality, probably on WWDC 2013. Apple iRadio streaming is expected to be a free personalized 'Pandora-like' radio service that could be exclusive to iOS devices. This would help Apple sell more of its own mobile devices if the streaming service was exclusive to Apple.

  10. Apple iPhone 5S

    This event is highly anticipated as analyst are speculating this might also serve as the even for the launch of a new iOS device notable iPhone 5S. Apple iPhone 5S is sure to roll into the market with the latest upgrade of Apple Operating software iOS 7 just as it happened with iOS 6 on iPhone 5 last year.
During the WWDC conference there may be an offering of a set of API’s to developers to enable them voice their apps on the Mac and iOS. At Apple WWDC 2013, it is also expected that Apple TV SDK will be released to developers, as this new product will allow developers to create apps for the television set, reported to be coming out in November, 2013.

You’ve got to be ready for WWDC tickets which usually get announced during the last week of April. The tickets usually sell like hot cakes thus early booking is a must.
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