iPod Nano 2013 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs

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View new iPod Nano 8th Generation Review of iPod Nano 8G coming out in 2014. Apple iPod nano 2014 features and price is being passionately discussed over the internet by Apple iPod Nano lovers.

Before going into details of the new Apple iPod Nano 8th Generation launch date, it is noteworthy that Apple iPod Nano is the most famous digital entertainment and media player designed and marketed by Apple in iPod line after Apple iPod Touch.

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When does iPod Nano 8th Gen coming out in 2014?

iPod Nano 8th Generation Review and Price 2014 The iPod Nano first generation was introduced by Apple in year 2005 as a replacement for the Apple iPod Mini. Apple iPod Nano has witnessed six generations launches successfully since its launch.

Now Apple plans for 8th Generation iPod Nano Release in fall 2014. New iPod Nano 8th Generation Release Date is evident from the gadget upgrade pattern Apple follows for its devices new models.

Apple iPod Nano 6G was released in September 2010. Then Apple skipped the 2011 and with an iPod Nano 7th Generation launch in 2012.

Apple is is going to follow the same pattern for ">iPad Nano 8G Release Date that it skipped the 2013 and we are directly going to see new iPod Nano 8G launch in October 2014 with or soon after Apple iPhone 6 release.

iPod Nano 8th Generation Rumors Review

Apple plans to make the new iPod Nano 8th Generation not just a mini music player, but a lot more than that. According to AppleInsider.com, iPod Nano 8th Generation features a camera sensor, more games and wallpapers/screensavers support. The current sixth generation iPod Nano device does not come with a camera and users can’t install additional software in addition to what comes with the device.

Most of the new iPod Nano 8th Generation Images leaked on internet are actually prototypes, which can give rough ideas of what Apple is up to, but again only Apple know that what iPod Nano 8G features and specs it is going to ship finally. But there are strong hints that a 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera and a Bluetooth wrist watch case might come out with upcoming iPod Nano 8th generation. However it is yet be seen that whether the new iPod Nano 8th Generation Camera will produce high quality images or the camera is merely a feature to make the user buys the new iPod Nano 8G.

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