Apple iGlasses Release Date, Price and Features

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Apple iGlasses Goggles Release Date, iGlasses Price along with new iGlass Phone features and concept video of iOS-based eyePhone coming out in 2014 as a competitor of Google Glasses.

While Apple iWatch already abuzz, some recent news clearly indicates what Apple has been up to in trying to counter Google Project Glass, which could be the future of smartphones as a personal communication gadget.

Google Glasses or Google Goggles are spectacles wearable on the eyes as SmartGlasses and are taking aim to redefine or completely replace the smartphones, as we know them today.

Apple iGlass is a kind of an eyeGlass or eyePhone, intended at improving the user's communication and viewing experience. Apple has officially obtained the patent name for iGlass which seems to have been filed 6 year s ago. iGlass will also be able to display images and play videos in real-time in addition to conventional text and voice communication with built-in social media sharing features.

Apple iGlasses Phone Release Date, Price and Features

iGlasses Release Date, Price and Features

Apple iGlass Concept differs from Google Glass Glasses, formally known as "Google Project Glass", which is a voice-activated smartglasses device. Apple iGlasses concept is more like an accessory, addition or add-on to be used with other iOS devices; rather than an independent standalone device aimed to totally replace smartphones, like Google Glasses.

Apple iGlass is more like an enhanced features rich eye wearable video display screen as it can be witnessed from Apple Patent no US 7,595,933 B2 filed back on September 29, 2009, under the title 'Head Mounted Display System'. Apple has filed a number of patents on wearable computers. Apple also has multiple patents that show displays embedded in Glasses.

Apple iGlasses Phone Release Date, Price and Features
However, both Apple iGlass and Google Glasses make use of Augmented Reality to process and present information to the user. While Goggle Glass runs Android operating system software, Apple iGlass features iOS operating software as it essentially comes from the Apple store.

Hereunder is the Apple iGlasses Concept Video at Youtube that puts some light on Apple iGlass technology:

Apple iGlass Phone Display Features

Apple iGlass processing power will be handled by iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Apple iGlass display elements will stream via Airplay and will be operated while worn on the eyes. Apple iGlasses features also include an integration of SIRI, the voice assistant software by Apple.

Apple iGlasses will come out with a microphone and an extra chip which will give a boost to its processing power for performing special functions. The additional chip will allow for things like changing channels on the television if streaming is enabled, you would also be able to choose movies through an Apple TV type interface. Hereunder a list of other iGlass features:
  1. Apple iGlass will have a dimensions with lens area 3-4"w x 1.5"h x 2.5-3"deep. It will feature two stereo 1.5" x 1.1" Retina Displays capable of semi-transparency. While its resolution is reported to be 2048px x 1536px, 1390ppi.

  2. With Apple iGlass, users will also be able to set reminders to learn about places and things by only looking at them.

  3. iGlass will be able to provide real-time information such as directions, translations, restaurant reviews, and many other things.

  4. Apple iGlass features two panels for both eyes to produce a stereo three-dimensional effect. Each panel will have a high resolution to qualify as a display in Apple-speak.

  5. iGlass will be able to view through images imposed on the real-world thereby creating one of a kind augmented reality. The augmented reality can be combined with stereoscopic images. Some of the major applications where iGlass will be highly suited include surgery in scans and MRI imaging.

  6. With iGlass Apple aims at solving many problems involved with many wear tech solutions particularly issues related to eye strain. This is usually caused by the difference in distance between the wearer and the peripheral display.

  7. iGlass will allow users to customize different viewing parameters to allow for variations in the eye. Apple iGlass will be able to take bits of information from two incoming images. The first image will be broken down by the device processor into the region's colors and signals while the second image will be reflected in the eye for it to see.

  8. Apple claims that its Augmented Reality technology device will be able to do things like data storage, transfer, combination, comparison, and other forms of manipulation.

  9. iGlass will bring another one kind feeling of being able to take pictures videos with the eyes and be able to transmit all of them to iPhones' iPad's and Macs via iCloud.

  10. Running new iOS highly conversant with maps and directions, Apple iGlass will be the real deal in the future in providing full and exact directions with real-time traffic information.

Apple iGlasses Release Date

While Google has been gearing up for Google Glass launch, it seems that Apple wants to wait and see how people perceive Google Project Glass, what features it brings and what reception it gets in the market.

Apple is known not to move in markets that other companies are succeeding and would only move if it sees space and something valuable in that market space, in the gadget technology market.

Apple wants to build its iGlass into a viable wearable solution that is sure to give Project Glass a run for its money. It is for this reason that Apple iGlass would not be ready to release before Google brings its device.

Thus depending upon the Google Google release date, feature, and feedback, we expect an Apple iGlasses release date in the mid of 2014, most probably July or August 2014.

Apple iGlasses Price

Google SmartGlasses are per-ordered at $1500. However, Apple iGlass price, as they differ from Google eyePhones, is expected to be in a range from $349 to $399 in the USA.
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