iPhone 5S Release Dates and Price in US, UK, India, Australia

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New iPhone 5S Release Dates with iPhone 5S Price in USA, UK, India and Australia.

Apple iPhone 5S is coming out with iOS 7 to the markets worldwide this fall 2013. To see what's new in Apple's latest smartphone operating system, please checkout iOS 7 Features List.

There are clues that production of the Apple iPhone 5S is on the way, but relatively slow due iPhone 5 and iPad Mini production deadlines pressures.

Apple, the Cupertino company is working hard to expedite the certification process for parts and materials of iPhone 5s, one of the main bottle neck in the production process of new handset.

iPhone 5S rumors and news are flying high after Apple has been reported to release multiple iPhones in year 2013, breaking its own custom of yearly iPhone launch, in a bid to stay in competition with upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphones i.e Galaxy S IV and Galaxy Note 3.

Apple iPhone 5 had commanded millions of sales all over the world but the rumor buzz has essentially shifted to its successor which is thought to be iPhone 5S. With clocking of each second specs and features are essentially on a roll thus making this dynamic market of Smartphone’s to be highly competitive. Apple has always been known to be up to the task and would not be a surprise to see the kind of eccentric features that the new iPhone 5S is sure to roll out with, in September-October 2013.

Apple iPhone 5S Release Dates and Price in US, UK, India, Australia

iPhone 5S Release Dates 2013

Chinese magazine, 'Commercial Times' reports that Apple will soon enter trial production for the iPhone 5's sequel, the iPhone 5S. Apple iPhone 5S launch to the market is expected in the late 2013.

Another daily, DigiTimes say that Apple is preparing for iPhone 5S Release in December 2013, with 50,000 to 100,000 units. We think that this could be true for Apple iPhone 6 but not for iPhone 5s. Because after anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch in 2013 Q1, Apple would have to bring an iPhone 5's update, to stay in Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 competition with its rival, Samsung.

Apple iPhone 5S, the new version is expected to enter mass production in the first quarter of 2013. With Apple iPad 4 Release Date nearly catching everyone off guard it would not be a surprise to see iPhone 5S rolling into the market as early as September 2013.
  • iPhone 5S Release in USA

    There are reasons to believe that, Apple iPhone 5S Release Date in US will be in the last week on September, 2013. United States fans will be able to get their hand on the new iPhone 5S in October 2013, almost three weeks after the official iPhone 5S unveiling event.

    While none of them have officially announced any iPhone 5S release date; Verizon, Sprint and AT&T will all get the device as earliest as launch. All three carried the iPhone 5 and own 4G LTE networks available for iPhone 5S 4G usage. After a couple of weeks, new iPhone 5S will also be available with T-Mobile and US Cellular.

    Apple is also planning the iPhone 5S launch on pre-paid carriers in the United States like Cricket and Virgin Mobile, that will allow consumers to buy the new iPhone 5S without the need for a signature on the contract.

    This is good news for shoppers that want to avoid the long lines at Apple Stores and go for a slightly less insane waiting experience at a store closer to home.

  • iPhone 5S Release Date in UK, India, Australia

    Within a month of iPhone 5S availability in USA market, the new handset is expected to be shipped to 47 countries, including UK, India, Australia as a global roll-out.

  • iPhone 5S Release Dates Worldwide

    Apple will roll-out new iPhone 5S to most of the countries like Russia, China, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil and Philippine, in the first wave. While smaller countries like Kenya, Male, and Botswana will have to wait further till December 2013 to be able to get Apple’s latest smartphone product.
Apple iPhone 5S shipments will expedite it pace in October 2013, starting from iPhone 5S September unveiling, Apple is estimated to ship its 7th generation iPhone 5S smartphone to over 100 countries by the end of 2013.

iPhone 5S Price in US, UK, India, Australia

Apple has been quite consistent and predictable is iPhone pricing. Every time a new model of iPhone is release, it is priced same as the outgoing model. Apple iPhone 5S price is also inline with this trend.
  • iPhone 5S Price USA

    Contract free model of new iPhone 5S price in USA is $649 for the 16GB model, $749 for 32GB model, $849 for the 64GB model and $949 for the 128GB model. While on two year carrier contract, iPhone 5S will be available for $199 with Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.

  • iPhone 5S Price UK

    An unlocked iPhone 5S price in UK is expected to be £529 for the 16GB model, £599 for 32GB model, £699 for the 64GB model and £799 for the 128GB model. Contract prices will be released by the individual providers.

  • iPhone 5S Price India

    The new iPhone 5S price in India is expected to be Rs 45500 for the 16GB model, Rs 52500 for 32GB model, Rs 59500 for the 64GB model and Rs 66500 for the 128GB model, in Indian rupees.

  • iPhone 5S Price Australia

    For Australian users, iPhone 5S 16GB will cost $799. While iPhone 5S 32GB and 64GB models prices will be $899 and $999 respectively, all in Australian dollars.

With some having a new look and feel on their wishlists, Apple iPhone 5S is expected to only be a modest update from the iPhone 5 to stay in competition, before 6th Generation, Apple iPhone 6 handset arrived in stores in October 2013, with a new design that would be sure to bring lots of excitement and fineness as compared to Apple 5th Generation iPhones.

For now, we know something about the look, but argued that it has the same look with easier planning. To know exactly what new iPhone 5S Specifications will have, we have brought an exclusive iPhone 5S Review.
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  1. @aditya
    For Apple to stay in competition with Samsung, an new iPhone in 2013 is inevitable. Apple iPhone 5S will come out as an update to 5th Generation in the mid 2013, while Apple iPhone 6th Generation may debt by year end.

  2. You never mentioned NOKIA Lumia. Much bigger screen, Zeiss lens, Great battery life, NFC, world maps with turn by turn directions and many other features too numerous to list.


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