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Amazon Kindle Phone release date is expected in 2014 rather than 2013, since company is readying Amazon instant video for Android, Price Scanning app and a Siri like application Evi to the Amazon Kindle Phone features mix.

Amazon Kindle Fire tablet was huge success, wining half the Android tablets market. A Kindle SmartPhone launch seems quite logical next step, that puts its Amazon Content Portal in the center, enabling user to do shopping on the go.

More evidences are coming out every day that the Amazon wants to play in the same field of Apple, Samsung, Nokia and RIM. Recently Microsoft has also been hinted to bring a Microsoft Surface Phone.

Amazon Kindle Phone Release Date, Price and Specs 2013 or 2014

Kindle Phone Release Date 2013

Amazon Smartphone makes a lot of sense for the company, however its main goal is not to sell phones but to sell media and dry goods through its online store.

The company already has its shopping app preloaded as crapware on many Android devices. Amazon could easily use these add slots to leverage its content over Android devices. Then making and supporting a smartphone of its own does not seems to be immediately necessary. Instead spending 2013 on building, testing and focusing on the refinement of Amazon Instant Video for Android and Amazon Price Scanning application looks to be company's priority, which is also a step towards ultimately launching its own handset.

Thus, we see no Amazon Kindle Phone coming out in year 2013.

Kindle Phone Release Date 2014

Reports by Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal state that the Foxconn is already testing Amazon Phone prototypes and the Amazon handset release date could fall in late 2013, a time slot where Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Note 3 and Google Nexus 5 releases are also expected.

However, Amazon Kindle Phone Release is not as easy as it is thought by many. The smartphone market in U.S. is extremely tough for the new players to enter. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile makes and control the major carriers networks, either forcing phone vendors to go along with their software strategies or outright rejecting products that do not align with their immediate business goals.

Amazon will require to do well negotiated agreements with all the stakeholders from manufacturers to carriers for its Kindle Phone launch. Let's see how it goes.

Several sources, including Taiwan Economic News has reported that Amazon signed an agreement with Foxconn for manufacturing the smartphone, which will come out in Q3 or 2014.

Kindle Phone Price in US

Amazon did sell its kindle tablets at considerable discounts so as to grow the device base from zero to hero.

How much Amazon Phone costs is very important. It a key point that how the retail company will be willing to go to market with their new Smartphone, with such price range that can win it a considerable market share. As Kevin Chang, Citi Group Analyst concludes:
For a normal brand like HTC, they need to price the product at $243 to make 30 percent gross margin. If Amazon is actually willing to lose some money on the phone, the price gap could be even bigger.
It is highly anticipated that Amazon Kindle Phone cost must stay in $200 range, making it one of the cheapest smart phones of the market, to have some advantage over brother Android devices.

This also means that the Amazon Phone price could sink as low as $150, though Amazon would surely make up the difference somehow, like it does with the Kindle Fire. Thus, Amazon Kindle Phone price point is expected to be $150 to $200 in U.S.

Amazon Phone Specs and Features

There has not been any official information available on Amazon Kindle Phone speculation, hardware and features. Yet, it is sure that the new phone will perform well and will reliably stream content and be integrated with amazons various media with cloud services. The Smartphone will feature better resolution to be able to stream videos reliably.
  1. Display
    Amazon kindle Smartphone will feature a 4.7inch display which will essentially put it at par with other glamorous Smartphone’s such as iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4. The display is slightly bigger than the previously planned 4.3 inch display. This Smartphone is aimed for casual Smartphone users who do not wish to spend a fortune in a phone. The increase in screen size is in response to the growing in demand of a Smartphone with bigger displays.

  2. Processor and Memorey
    Amazon Smartphone will come with an improved and better processor able to allow higher levels of multitasking without any hang ups, an improved and stronger RAM is also sure to be in the offing.

  3. Operating Software
    Even though Amazon and Google have been on each other’s throat, it is rumored that Amazon Smartphone, will still run on android operating software it is also highly rumored that Amazon might start stocking Google tablets like Nexus 7 in its stores

  4. Amazon Kindle Phone Price Scanning app
    Amazon Kindle Phone Price Scanning application will make it easy to scan prices when you are in a retail store, so that user can see and compare if Amazon sells the item cheaper.

  5. Amazon Evi and Ivona
    TechCrunch break the story that Amazon had acquired the "Evi", the Digital Personal Assistant app, for $26 million, last year.

    Evi is a Siri like service made by with text and voice recognition capabilities. It can process 1 billion facts, analyze, understand, learn and help decision making. Evi will essentially add Amazon phone a great value for the users, if it can give intelligent shopping and good book recommendations.

  6. Media services
    It goes without saying that Amazon will surely do a good job in integrating its cloud storage, web based MP3 service and streaming of video collection on their new device. It is a must that Amazon will up its game with its media services to allow user better interaction with its other services.

  7. NFC in Amazon
    Amazon Smartphone will come with the NFC feature transforming the Smartphone into a powerhouse shopping device. It will essentially give users a super easy method of comparing what they are looking for against products in the amazon’s database. Amazon Phone will also feature NFC payments to users Amazon account and allow users to pay for products using their phones, not their wallets.

  8. Network connectivity
    It is no secret that Amazon needs to capitalize on its brand recognition and ensure it is one of the strongest forces in the Smartphone business. As the saying goes “go big or go home” Amazon will essentially go with a chip that supports both GSM and CDMA for non 4G LTE services. This will be beneficial in allowing user’s the ability of switching carriers without any hassle

  9. Battery
    The battery has been a major issue with latest Smartphone’s, its battery is sure to be given an uplift to ensure it is able to provide longer battery life when in operation. Wireless charging is a feature that has been implemented with the latest Smartphone’s of which Amazon Smartphone will surely feature it to ensure it is able to shrug off competition.
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