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Read about Apple's new Macbook Pro 2014 Release date, Specs and Price.

Apple is set to launch its new MacBook Air 2014 and MacBook Pro 2014 with Retina display technology, which continues to receive good reviews in the industry. Retina technology remains one of the best technologies around.

Apple is reportedly about to launch an ultra slim 12 inches MacBook Air 2014 and low-priced new iMac 2014 this year.

The Cupertino company is also preparing to roll out a low-end MacBook Pro 2014 model that spots an internal optical drive as well as a thicker legacy design. The yet to be released MacBook Pro is rumored to be included a solar charging panel, this should be enough to provide the laptop with unlimited power supply.

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Apple is working on a MacBook Air Retina having a 12-inch display and a novel design that will be almost equal in size to the 11-inch MacBook Air, but probably even slimmer with a touchpad design.

Macbook Pro 2014 Release Date and Price

There are some Macbook Pro rumors suggesting we can expect the new update on or soon after Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2.

However, Apple Macbook Pro 2013 was released in October. The roadmap regarding releases of Apple devices in 2014 suggests that the company will release the MacBook Pro 2014 Retina around the same time this year, running Mac OSX 10.10

With certainty, no one can tell when the new MacBook Pro 2014 is coming out. We can expect to see an update of the device during the WWDC. But no one is know the actual Macbook Pro 2014 launch date other than Apple itself.

Macbook Pro 2014 Retina Specs

MacBook Air 2014 will be much lighter and thinner than earlier models, and its ultra delicate internals will be encased in a specifically small frame.

The new MacBook pros will be packing an even powerful processor to give them the much needed processing capabilities. Battery life and overall performance will also be upped. The 13 inches MacBook Pro will come in at 71" in thickness powered with the latest gen Intel Haswell i5 Dual-Core CPU. The battery Life for the 13” has been rated at nine hours when fully charged.

The Macbook Pro 2014 laptop model features 2.4GHz CPU 4GB RAM as well as a 128GB SSD Storage. Some of the supported screen resolutions by the 13” inch model include 1280 by 800 (Native), 1152 by 720 and 1024 by 640. Its 2.5GHZ processor should be enough to provide the much needed processing power.

The new MacBook Pro 13 inches and 15 inches will both feature Retina displays and will also use the fast PCIe Flash memory for storage purposes. Networking of the devices will also be beefed with 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The new MacBook Pro 2014 specs also includes a thermal core with a unified heat sink through which the processor and two graphics boards will be attached.

The MackBook Pro 2013 had eight fans, the new MacBook Pro 2014 will pack only one fan. The laptop will also have four high speed USB 3.0 Port with six Thunderbolt ports.

Macbook Pro 2014 15-inches

The 15 inches new MacBook Pro 2014 will run faster on quad-core Intel Crystal well i7 CPU sure to give it the much needed processing capabilities. The laptop will also pack Intel iris Pro Graphics for utmost clarity and vividness. The device will also offer users the option of upgrading the graphics to NVIDIA GeForce GT750M.

Battery life for the 15" Macbook Pro 2014 has been rated at eight hours with the laptop going up for sale at $1999 against $2199 for the previous version. The Laptop will also pack an 8GB RAM perfect for high levels of Multitasking as well as 256GB in SSD memory.

The 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display will be ideal for professionals with a need of extra screen space that is normally afforded with a 15 inch notebook. The laptop has been slimmed to 1.8cm in thickness with its weight reduced to a mere 2.02Kg

new Macbook Pro 2014 Price

The price for new 13 inches Macbook Pro 2014 is thought to be around $1299 representing a drop of $200 when compared to the previous generation.

There has been suggestion that the latest versions of the MacBook Pro could be fitted with touch screen capabilities. This should give Apple the much needed boost with rival products such as Chromebooks.
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