MacBook Air 2014 Release Date, Rumors, Specs and Price

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View MacBook Air 2014 Release Date, Rumors, Price and Specs review from retina display to battery life.

The new MacBook Air 2014 update has been the talk of town and has taken quite some time since Apple unveiled it at the WWDC in June 2013.

Finally, now its seem that Apple is all set for the highly anticipated new MacBook Air 2014 launch.

The new MacBook Air is the real deal for anyone in need of a high display resolution at the back of a slimmer and lighter MacBook Air frame.

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MacBook Air 2014 Release Date, Rumors, Specs and Price
Apple is reportedly working on the ultra slim 12 inches MacBook Air and low-priced iMac to be launched this year according to an intensive research note on Apple's product roadmap for 2014.

MacBook Air 2014 Release Date

It is only in October last year that KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo was heard speculating the release date of MacBook air as the second quarter or third quarter of 2014. With Apple having launched the MacBook at the recent WWDC event in June last year, all directions seem to be pointing to June this year as the probable release date for the hyped device. To keep MacBook more of an attractive preposition, there is a high possibility the device could hit the market as soon as June.

MacBook Air 2014 Release Date, Rumors, Specs and Price

MacBook Air 2014 Specs Rumors

With Apple Worldwide Developers Conference around the corner, it iss likely we are going to see the 2014 edition of Apple slimmest notebook with a Retina display, Thunderbolt 2 support and with more new features. Here are all the rumors we have heard so far about the new MacBook Air 2014 specifications:
  • MacBook Air 2014 Redesigned
    A redesigned casing is a must with the MacBook Air considering Apple have in their own hands the services of the famous designer Joni I’ve. This should probably see MacBook Air ditching the tapered body design and going for the more exquisite carbon fiber exterior.

  • new MacBook Air 2014 Retina Display
    MacBook air is expected to feature a Retina display standing at 11.88 inch with a high screen resolution of 2732x1536 pixel making it one of the highest in the industry at the current standards. Apple has in the recent past, been relying on retina display for its devices and this trend looks set to continue with MacBook Air.

  • MacBook Air 2014 Intel Chips
    Apple is thought to be preferring launching MacBook Air with its own home made A-series chip ditching the traditional Intel chips that it has often used. There has also been some speculation in the recent past that MacBook could have some sort of crossover between the iPad and the MacBook.

  • MacBook Air 2014 Buttonless Trackpad
    Apple having already been issued a patent number 8,633,916 could essentially signal the utilization of a touchpad that utilizes force sensors and actuator feedback. The button less design essentially uses sensors and actuators that mimic the function and tactile feedback of the track pad found on MacBook product lines. The technology being utilized at the moment has an integrated button design but the new technology that Apple will use in its products will rely heavily on sensors to track finger movements and the clicking from the user.

MacBook Air 2014 Price

Apple in 2013 launched a cheaper version of the Macbook in the name of MacBook Pro something that looks set to happen with MacBook AIR. MacBook Pro launched back in 2012 started at high price tag of £1449 the price was later reduced to £1249 few months into sale.

It has been quoted from many quarters that the new MacBook Air 2014 price might start at £849. Ming Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst seem also to be of the opinion as he successfully predicted it last year.
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