iPad Pro Release date 2014, Specs and Price rumors

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View iPad Pro release date 2014, specs, features and iPad pro price rumors doing the round currently.

New iPad pro rumors suggest recently that Apple iPad pro is coming out featuring larger 12.9 inches Retina display and new Apple iOS 8, alongside iPad mini 2014, iPhone 6 and iPod Touch 6G.

Apple is reportedly working on a bigger 13 inches iPad model that is being named as iPad Pro 2014. Apple, the Cupertino company has launched fifth generation iPad Air and second generation iPad Mini in October 2013.

Big iPad pro tablet coming out is confirmed by leaks from an Apple products retailer to the Korean Times, which stands inline with Wall Street Journal claims earlier. Wall Street Journal in July and Barclays Equity Research in October separately reported that Apple is working on a 13" iPad pro tablet.

The device would also have a Retina display with 4k screen resolution. Which essentially means, Apple has principally decide to take the front seat to begin the era of ultra-high definition UHD display tablets.

Regardless of whether the upcoming iPad pro 6th generation comes with Ultra-HD or 4K display, the new tablet hint towards another important development. Which is diminishing line between tablets and PC.

iPad Pro Release date 2014, Specs and Price rumors

Given the increased size of these tablets that makers like Apple are coming up with the time would not be far when the difference between a tablet and a PC would be quite negligible. It is not only size but even in computing speeds that the tablets have seen significant improvement what with them being prototyped for 64 bit operations. The start of large tablets trend, will crunch further the already declining conventional personal computer and laptops market. Which has two further implications:

13" iPad Pro and other same sized tablets with detachable keypad units, will curb the laptop and PC sales. From Operating System Software perspective, the ultimate casualty of the move could be Microsoft Windows OS and its upcoming Windows 9 version. At the moment,Windows for PC still makes a huge portion of Microsoft overall software sales. With the birth of tablet computing and finally with the death of PC computing, the iconic persona of the Windows OS will be over. Therefore, Microsoft is going to have do or die situation, to either make Windows popularize for tablets or get out of the race.

13" iPad Pro Release Date 2014

The iPad 4, iPad Air and both iPad mini all are introduced in fall releases ready for the holiday seasons, but with Apple familiar with what it takes to release an iPad in March, it could well be that the company is planning an early release of what will be, by a considerable margin, the largest iPad to date.

DigiTimes claims that Quanta is going to be a key supply chain partner for the bigger iPad. The company has already received orders for the bigger iPad.

The new iPad pro tablet release date is planned for a Q4 2014 which is pretty standard considering Apple’s strategy of product launches. Apple will hold off the launch of its iPad 6/iPad Pro until October 2014.

iPad Pro Specs and Features rumors

Unwired has been the source to give the name of Pro to the 12.9 inch device being discussed about. The iPad pro will have a uniform look and feel of the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display. The iPad pro will share the same iconic look, feel and finish to the current iPad models, but include that larger screen and perhaps more power than the two currently available models.

It is also expected that iPad 6th generation features an A7 processor clocked slightly higher than the one found in the 5th generation iPad Air. The new iPad pro is coming with 4GB of RAM and 10 hours battery life, essentially to stand as a power house device against the laptops alternatives.

Meanwhile, Samsung too is believed to be in advanced stages of developing a tablet with a Galaxy 13 tablet with larger display. These tablet with larger display area are being targeted at the business community and could open up an entirely new front in the segment that has so far being held to be oriented more at entertainment.
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