iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 Specs Comparison

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Review Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs comparison to know which phone is the best.

Samsung and Apple being highest mountains in the mobile phone industry, launch new versions of different devices each year, leaving just a percent or two for the like of HTC, Sony or Nokia. Starting from the very little point in the technology, both companies were able to expand their technology in the mobile phones they produce.

Both the companies are coming out with their best smart phones. Apple will feature with new iPhone 6th generation. Samsung will try to take that down with its Galaxy Note 4th generation.

The best battery powers, best displays and best graphics have helped both Samsung and Apple companies to reach this high level in the smartphone industry. As they hold stable positions in the smart phone industry, they have become competitors between themselves. Because of that both the companies always try to make the best product with the best technology than the other.

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 Specs Comparison

The big fishes of the smartphone world who have dominated the entire user base with their top quality technology, smart features and price; are once again ready to encounter.

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 Specs Comparison

Both iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 are top runners for the crown of Best Smartphone 2014. Lets review iPhone 6 vs Samsung Note 4 specs step by step:
  • Display
    Apple iPhone 6 comes with large 4.7 inch Retina display screen. Rumors say that the Apple’s iPhone 6 will have a 5.5 inch display of unbreakable 2K QHD. The display will be made out of sapphire glass which is meant to be unbreakable. But till now Apple phones have been very fragile. And also the rumors say that the iPhone 6 will have a special coat on the display to enhance the clarity of the graphics and there by a good clear display will be provided. The display of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is supposed to be a 5.9 inch PLS LCD. And also it will have a screen which has an auto adjustable screen up to 4K. This means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will surely have a very clear graphical user interface.

  • Camera
    This supremacy of the flagship phone or phablet can not be established without a marvelous camera. The Apple iPhone 6 features the 10 MP Resin Lens camera to replace the hybrid IR lens of iPhone 5S and 5C. The Samsung Galaxy S5 features an excellent high quality camera with 16 MP total HDR mode. Samsung Note 4 shares the same stunning features of Samsung S5 camera to fight the race.

  • Processor
    Both phones have the best technology stuff in term of processors and chipset. The new iPhone 6 features 64-Bit quad-core A8 processor which is an advanced version of A7 chip. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset. Therefore matchless performances are ensured with the ability of multitasking. So So a great percentage of efficiency can be expected from both phones.

  • Memory
    Apple iPhone 6 features 3GB RAM while Samsung Note 4 support a RAM of 4GB. Thus Samsung device takes advantage in memory department.

  • Storage
    While both handsets comes in 16GB and 32GB model, Samsung Note 4 takes lead here with ability to extend memory upto 32GB further with micro-SD card.

  • Software
    Running Android 4.4.3 Kitkat Samsung Note 4 features an app which will detect you writing on the locked screen with the S pen and will perform according to that. Apple iPhone 6 on the other hand, hosts iOS8 update and ability to synch with iWatch having features like HealthBook beside other iPhone Health and Fitness Apps available on iTunes.

  • Price
    Apple iPhone 6 price in USA is expected around $699 for an unlocked 16GB model.

Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Note 4 Verdict

The battle of flagship to conquer the smartphone world’s throne is all ready to take off between the stalwarts, Apple and Samsung. The users or the future customers will surely face the dilemma over choosing one of them as both the phones are actual gems of the pioneering technology time we are living in.

I might personally want Apple iPhone 6 to win this race, but the human mind is highly conquerable by the conditions and particular circumstance and of course the cost to pocket matter most.

Despite of huge differences in usability and style, both iPhone and Galaxy phone brands enjoy massive fan bases. It is very hard to say that which phone wins this battle as the decision is subjected to personal taste and preferences.
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