Apple iPhone 6 Features, Specs and Rumors 2014

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Checkout Apple iPhone 6 Features, Specs and Rumours round up 2014, including Apple iPhone6 Release Date and Price.

Apple iPhone 5 out in the market and iPhone 5S on the way to launch in mid 2014, let talk about next upcoming iPhone 6th Generation features and release date.

Apple iPhone 6 Rumours been swagging around that, once after answering Samsung Galaxy S4 with iPhone 5S, which is basically upgrade to its 5th generation smartphones series, Apple plans to hit hard at Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with its next generation iPhone 6 in coming November, 2014.

With Cupertino company working on new iPhone 6 launch, there is definitely another gadget being anticipated that could be potentially an Apple of everyone eye.

Apple iPhone 6 Features and Rumors 2014

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iPhone 6 Features and Specs 2014

If you currently own Apple iPhone 4S or 5 and eying at Apple iPhone 5S coming out in July 2013, then you can look up the expected sixth generation Apple iPhone 6 features and specifications to decide whether to upgrade your device to iPhone 5S or skip directly toward next generation iPhone6.

Of course, there will be significant changes in iPhone 6, concerning the specification especially the size, display, physical appearance, processing power, memory, storage and price. Lets analyze all these iPhone 6 features and specs expected in the following:
  1. iPhone 6 Design

    iPhone 6 design is one of the most talked about feature of new iPhone6 around the Web. Apple iPhone 6 will features an elegant look and feel with premium design and finishing. Some iPhone 6 rumours are suggesting that the iPhone 6 will features a Curved p-Si display screen design including a look similar to Sony Xperia Arc. Theses rumours originated when Apple contacted the G-Tech and Fuji Crystal, the lens technology companies, with a requirement of equipment for polishing curved glass. This curved design concept is also expected to come in the iPad. It is also said that Apple has purchased 200 to 300 glass cutting machines, specialized in cutting curved glass. The curved glass design was expected to arrive in the iPhone 5, but withheld due to some difficulties.

    The other thing in terms of design is body of the iPhone 6. Apple has been granted a patent, which indicates that the future iPhone versions will be made from a single piece of metal. The patent tells us that the iPhone body is cut from a single metal piece, which will be much lighter and thinner compared to current and previous iPhones. The metal body of the iPhone will include an incredible curvy and contemporary design with the sides rounded and with a curved bottom surface.

    The current iPhone 5 sports an aluminum and glass body, which gets interrupted by the camera and flash on the back, while on the front there is unsightly light sensor and front-facing camera.

    New iPhone 6 will come with a seamless design where all the sensors and the camera holes are completely invisible under the PDLC surface. Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) material layer have ability to change opacity upon detecting electric current. Apple is going to make use of this patient to have a layer under glass which becomes transparent while camera lens, flash) or Fingerprint scanner is in use, otherwise remaining non see through, giving iPhone 6 a look of continuous design of perfect beauty.

  2. iPhone 6 Form Factor

    Apple is putting enormous amount of efforts on the sleekness of next generation iPhone product. The iPhone 6 with have a modern, lightweight, and thin look with some surprises in terms of shape and materials, as Apple hopes to push the envelope and fend off attacks from Android smartphone devices manufacturers, who will be the main competitors of iPhone 6.

  3. iPhone 6 Display

    Apple iPhone 6 display screen is expected to be 4.8 inches full HD Retina Display + IGZO screen. Thus the display and screen size of this product will be much bigger than the previous ones.

    There will be an iPhone 6 home screen with five rows of icons, since Apple store library is growing on a daily basis with constantly addition of newer applications.

    Another most important change in iPhone 6 will be an edge to edge screen to accommodate larger display. A complete removal or physical home button in iPhone 6th Generation is also being considered, in order to accommodate bigger screen within a moderate device size overall.

  4. iPhone 6 Processor

    Apple A7 processing chip, which is even faster than the ubiquitous Quard-core processors will rolled out with sixth generation iPhones. In other words, A7 processor contains a superb fast chip which is the upgraded chips of iPhone 5 A6 chips. So you can conclude that when you like the speed of the iPhone 5 then definitely you will exceed your liking to this newly iPhone 6 products.

  5. iPhone 6 Camera

    The iPhone 6 might be the first iPhone to cross the 10 million pixel threshold with its camera. It contains more megapixels both for the rear and front camera, a 13MP Camera to be more specifically. Of course, the more vivid front camera will allows you to use to get a better video call experience. Therefore, if you were amazed of the Apple iPhone 5 Camera features then the iPhone 6 has an even better new different form of the camera itself.

  6. iPhone 6 Storage

    In addition to the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, Apple plans to include another version of the iPhone 6 with a storage capacity of 128GB. Indeed, only the Apple Company can come in this kind of idea that all their products equipped an inbuilt storage system only. Though 128GB only means that more music, videos, pictures and lots of application can be store as long you want to. You might not anymore need the help of SD cards. Through the inventions of Apple you may enjoy more featured with no SD cards at all. However, it will cost at a considerably higher price tag.

  7. iPhone 6 Battery

    The iPhone 6 might be the first to use the organic radical battery (ORB) technology developed by Japan's NEC, which is more environmentally-friendly than current lithium ion batteries that have dangerous heavy metals. ORB also boasts an absurdly fast recharge time (about 30 seconds) and higher energy density (will be able to pack more power into a smaller battery).

  8. iPhone 6 Wireless Charging

    Apple has been experimenting with the new feature that enables the user to charge the iPhone wirelessly. With the increasing popularity of Qi, the inductive charging, which uses electromagnetics to wirelessly charge a device, it has become almost essential for Apple to bring wireless charging capability in next generation iDevices. Samsung has few phones in the market that have already been packed with the inductive charging technology.

  9. iPhone 6 NFC

    Debuted on the Samsung Nexus S and most likely implemented on the iPhone in the 6th generation product, this newest hardware addition enables contact-less communication between a phone and objects similarly embedded NFC capabilities. This should eventually enable things like paying via credit card by holding your phone over a terminal for a second, or paying for things from vending machines using your phone. The technology is similar to Bluetooth although it uses less energy and establishes a connection far more quickly.

  10. iPhone 6 Siri

    Apple iOS 7 will take Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) software to the next level, from an Information Assistant to Artificial Intelligence Decision Support System that is capable of taking action. Currently, when you asked for movie times, Siri fetches up a list of films at local cinema. It also has the ability to check movie timings but can't make ticket booking. The next update to Siri in iOS 7 will enable it to take actions like buying a movie tickets by through voice order. To work, new Siri features may require additional Apps to be installed to complete the task successfully, like 'Fandango' that will place the movie tickets buying orders.

  11. iPhone 6 iOS 7

    Apple is sure to come up with a new operating software for their new iPhone and it is a high possibility that iPhone 6 may run on a new iOS 7, which is major release, bringing more than 15 new amazing features to your Apple's mobile operating system.

New iPhone 6 Rumors 2014

After listing almost every iPhone 6 feature that is highly expected to be on-board with new iPhone 6th generation, we'll grant ourselves leave to discuss some of the least possible but highly wished iPhone 6 features:
  1. iPhone 6 Projector

    There are few rumours that the iPhone 6 will feature a built-in projector facility enabling users to project a video or image on a flat surface at a short distance. These rumours are based on an Apple patent which hints that Apple might have been working on a Pico-like projector for iOS devices and how these projectors will work with a shared workspace in presentations. New iPhone 6 Projector is said to include advanced gestures that will be able to interpret shadow and silhouette gesturing associated with presentations in a darkened environment. However, we do not give much weight to the possibility of an iPhone 6 projector to be included.

  2. iPhone 6 Holographic Keyboard

    iPhone Holographic Keyboard idea was introduced in a cool iPhone 5 concept video, from where it stormed the rumour mill. New iPhone 6 Holographic Keyboard is said to be a pico projector, which could holographically project whatever the iPhone 6 screen has on it, along with a holographic keyboard, which would dramatically expand the functionality of the iPhone’s narrow keyboard. Considering that the iPhone 5th generation hardware had no bases for such capabilities, Apple while transition towards iPhone 6th generation hardware specs has nothing closer to these rumoured technologies, at the moment. Therefore, the ideas like pico projector and holographic keyboard seem like pipe dreams at this point.

  3. iPhone 6 Flexible Display

    There are number of wishful iPhone 6 Flexible display rumours. Apple has a patent filed in March but published last September 2012, which described tactile keyboards, flexible displays, laser microphones and speakers built into an iPhone. An iPhone Flexible displays would allow for easier holding and typing, while the highly advanced tactile screens would create buttons when needed, to give use a feelings of actual physical keyboard letters while typing or touch.

    Although, thank to fluid electronics, Flexible Display Screen, Batteries and Electronic Circuit Board have been successfully developed, its still a wishful thinking that Apple would bring out a Flexible iPhone in this year or at-least in iPhone 6th generation. However sure, a flexible iPhone generation within next two year seems not to be a surprise at all, if the whole charm of a flexible bendable wearable SmartPhones did not got stolen by Google SmartGlasses, Galaxy Glasses and iGlasses :-)

  4. iPhone 6 Solar Charging

    It is also rumoured that Apple has been working on solar charging of devices. However, we do not any point for solr charging buit-in in the iPhone 6. Apple does not need to integrate costly solar panel in the device itself. Because separate solar charger are already available in the market for iPhone and iPod devices. You can try your hand at a solar-powered charger designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, that works under sunlight and charge device using conventional cable connector.
Therefore, if you knew that Apple products has truly of great quality then you will never regrets anything once you purchase it. Remember that the Apple Company is well-known and popular in the market for having the best products and even though the competitors there are still followers that like to have this kind of brand. It is proven to be of high standards at the same time durable in nature. Advice is, know the product very well before you will plan which one to buy. Be sure that all the benefits are present to this product.

Generally, if you enjoy the latest iPhone models of Apple, obviously, you will also anticipate the newest features of iPhone 6. Rest assured that it will become one of the most patronizing and best selling items in the market once it will launch soon. You can also checkout Apple iPhone 6 Release Date and Price forecast, we have discussed earlier in separate dedicated article.

Apple iPhone 6 Features and Rumors 2014
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