Android Wear Release Date, Devices and SDK

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Read all about Google Android Wear OS, SDK, Release Date and AndroidWear Devices coming out in the market.

Android based Sony Smartwatch 2, Tizen based Samsung GEAR 2 and GEAR fit are already out in the market. The Wearable Electronics race is now heating up with Google officially getting into this space that is thought to have almost the same potential as the smartphone industry.

Google Android Wear is an operating system designed specifically for wearable devices. The operating system will be of utmost importance to smartwatches a space that Google is aggressively trying to make its name on.

We have been writing about Google Nexus Smartwatch plan to win a major share in the early wearable devices market, before Apple iWatch Release Date.

Android Wear is essentially a new platform that extends Google’s leading smartphone operating system software into the body starting with Wrist devices.

Android Wear Release Date, Devices and SDK

Android Wear Developer Preview is available that includes Android Wear SDK, tools and APIs that allow you to enhance your app notifications to provide an optimized user experience on upcoming Android Wearable Devices.

Android Wear Features

Android Wear has been designed to provide information as one is on the move, putting the entire world at one's fingertip. It has not been developed only to provide time, but will provide suggestions based on time factoring location, into context-sensitive data. While traveling one, will not need to look out of the window to know how long it would take to reach the final destination. The wearable device has been developed to provide this forms of data at an instance.

The new technology can also tip wearers of any form dangers that lurk. The wearable device thus eliminates the need of having to deep into the pocket for your smartphone to pull out a large map to get the required directions. Thanks to an on-wrist Google now notification, parents will be able to attend a breakfast with their families while keeping a close tab on the total time needed to get to work.

Android wear also handles a stream of daily questions that one might have such as “How many calories are in Avocado” this way you will not need to browse your smartphone for such information. The device also goes the extra mile to provide vital information as when a flight is leaving.

Android Wear Release Date, Devices and SDK

Android wear can also accomplish tasks normally undertaken by a smartphone like calling a taxi, booking restaurant reservations and setting alarms or sending and receiving texts. Google also promises that its Android Wear will connect to various fitness app to ensure one does not spend a huge amount of time scrolling through smartphones for some small but vital information. Android Wear according to Google’s video can also be able to activate music in another device.

Android wear software has been designed to connect straight to android devices like Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5. Owners will thus be able to receive notifications and alerts straight to any of the wearable devices. Android Wear is a fluid replacement to the various firmware’s that come with no wear devices

Android Wear will essentially be worth having especially when one is looking for direction to different places. On its teaser presentation, the wearable device was pictured telling users "4 Stops to Jackson Ave" or "35 minutes to work". The capacity of Google’s Android Wear devices is expected to edge out devices like Moto 360 and LG G Watch.

Android Wear Devices and Smartwatches

Android wear is as of the moment limited to Google, LG and Motorola, who are showing off their respective devices although Samsung, htc and ASUS have confirmed to be planning to launch their Android Wear devices soon.

Android Wear Release Date

All attention now shifts to Google I/O 2014 annual developer’s conference to be held between June 25 and 26 in San Francisco. The event is set to shed more light on Google’s wearable devices with Android wear expected to be discussed in three separate sessions.

The new Android Wear OS Release Date for public is expected to be in November 2014 near around Google Nexus 6 Release Date.
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